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Competition-winning 4th-grade robotics team told to “go back to Mexico”

  • A group of black and Latino fourth graders from Pleasant Run Elementary in Indianapolis won a regional robotics challenge — and were in turn taunted by lesser-ranked competitors and their parents with cries of “go back to Mexico!”
  • The five-person Pleasant Run PantherBots, three of whom are Latino and two of whom were black, became the target of the racist bullying at both a school auditorium and parking lot at the Plainfield, Indiana, competition, the Indianapolis Star reported. Read more. (3/18/17, 6:17 PM)

The Architecture of Some of the World’s Oldest Continuously Inhabited Cities

What’s so great about the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world? Probably the fact that their societies have been evolving in one unbroken series of eras, with ever-changing values and styles that have, among other things, given rise to architectural memories of their long histories. These cities aren’t like the archeological sites we visit to see how people lived thousands of years ago; they are the exact places people lived thousands of years ago, places where people are still living today, with their rich histories buried under layers of paint and concrete instead of earth.

Identified from the top:

  • Athens, Greece (inhabited since 5000 BC) 
  • Bagan, Myanmar (inhabited since 849 AD) 
  • Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico USA (inhabited since 1200 AD)
  • Poznań, Poland (inhabited since c.900 AD)
  • Kyoto, Japan (inhabited since 794 AD) 
  • Tiruvannamalai, India (inhabited since c.800 AD) 
  • Constantine, Algeria (inhabited since 600 BC) 
  • Flores, Guatemala (inhabited since c.900 BC) 
  • Suzhou, China (inhabited since 514 BC) 
  • Cádiz, Spain (inhabited since 1100 BC)