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Matthew Anderson| 1| USA.

You really seemed to like my last post about Matthew Anderson and I decided to make another post about him.
I was thinking of making another one for Antonella Del core by Italy…

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Nathan Chen’s Short Program at the US Nationals 2017.

Le Corsaire by Adolphe Adam, Léo Delibes

Choreo. by Marina Zueva

TS 62.07 + PS 44.32

Overall 106.39*

Ranked 1st [Before FS]

*He broke Jeremy Abbot’s 2014 US Record of 99.86, and is the first to break the 100 mark in the SP.

One Nation, One Team, 23 AMAZING WOMEN.

Watch here for all 23 videos.

The women’s One Nation, One Team, 23 Stories videos are the most heartbreaking but inspiring. Thank you to each of you ladies for giving your all to this country and making young girls, even me, feel like we have a chance to be something wonderful.

So many of these ladies grew up in the nicest homes when they were younger and they hold family as a really important rock in their lives - I know not all of us have that chance, but if you do, hold that close. That’s the first thing I learned from all of them. Family IS first.

Why are women such strong soccer players? I didn’t think about this, but so many of them had to deal with having children and coming back. No offense to the men, but…do you build your own organ, house a living thing for 9 months, and squeeze it out of your body? Coming back after that must be difficult. You can’t workout for an amount of time a pro player should not miss out on. If that made sense. I am in such admiration of that.

The women also have to struggle with the fact that the men honestly just get more attention. And I haven’t helped that much, unfortunately. I’d like to change that! Last year, when Landon Donovan scored a really important goal that set a record for “most goals a US player has scored”, hordes of angry fans reminded us that Abby Wambach has scored many more. She is ALSO a US player and I think people forget that sometimes.

Thank you Hope for showing us that you can start out one way and go the complete opposite. From striker to keeper in this sense, but you never know where you’ll go in life.
Thank you Sydney for showing us the power of moms and how important it is to keep your word.
Thank you Christie for showing me that anyone can be a leader and that sometimes, being quiet is GOOD. It makes you appear more intelligent.
Thank you Becky for showing us the importance of constantly learning and opening ourselves to new cultures - be part of the nerd squad without fear!
Thank you Kelley for showing us that it’s important to leave our comfort zones because you never know what can happen - you can become a national soccer player.
Thank you Whitney for showing me that it’s ok to be competitive, it’s almost necessary to get you far.
Thank you Shannon for reminding us that we CAN overcome things, that even if the body is weak, our minds can be stronger and we can get past it - and that it may seem like people don’t understand, but when you need people’s support they will give it to you.
Thank you Amy for reminding me just how freaking strong women are, and that when people tell you that you can’t do something, you DO IT and prove them wrong.
Thank you Heather for having the most amazing game face and telling us that we all need one - mine is the classic stick-out-the-tongue.
Thank you Carli for showing us that practice makes BETTER, and that soccer should be about having fun.
Thank you Ali for reminding us just how darn lucky we are to be alive and that, wow, things do happen for a reason.
Thank you Lauren for showing us that our injuries and pains don’t define us, but they make us stronger.
Thank you Alex for committing to this lovely sport, that confidence is key, and talking about making opportunities for younger girls.
Thank you Morgan for reminding us to fight through - when people tell you that you’re too small, too weak, find someone to encourage you, set goals, work hard, and want it. Oh and, before you go to bed, write down 5 goals on your mirror in dry erase marker.
Thank you Megan (for having a different spelling than Kling) for showing the importance of siblings, especially sisters, and the goodness of bacon.
Thank you Lori for telling us to break out of our shell - and when we find the people who really encourage us to do that, you’ve find your best friends.
Thank you Tobin for always smiling so adorably and having the brightest personality on the team - you complete them (and us)! And you can’t grow without challenging yourself.
Thank you Ashlyn for being aggressive and earning everyone’s respect by being tough, having the coolest tattoo sleeve, and telling us it’s okay to struggle because it makes us real. Use your voice - more of us have that than you’d think.
Thank you Julie for having the same sport run in your family, kinda like mine - reminds me how it brings siblings together. Sometimes you need someone else to remind you that you’re good enough, and it’s ok. But always thank them.
Thank you Abby for telling us that our failures don’t define us, it’s how we overcome them that matters, and what we can learn from the failures.
Thank you Alyssa for showing us that teammates, friends, sisters, etc, need to support EACH OTHER.
Thank you Meghan for being from the amazing city of Pittsburgh! And for being 5′2″ - the best things do come in small packages. You’re tough, amazing, confident, and focused - we admire that so much.
Thank you Christen for telling us to have fresh starts - and not to put so much pressure on ourselves because it’s a team effort.

Thank you, ladies, for making us determined, passionate, excited, loving, supportive, crazy, and for being so beautiful on the inside and out - because why not have both??

We watch soccer because the players inspire us. They make us proud. They show us that anything is possible, dreams come true, and hard work makes your dreams come true - and that it feels GOOD.

I find it so easy to support to the USWNT because I love this country (I know there’s issues now, oh lord, there’s so many, but I know we can break through. I hope), and these women are who I aspire to be. They talk about how important their family is, they talk about how “there’s more to life than soccer”. And it’s true. Soccer is the reason they’ve all come together, but they will eventually do so much more in their lives.

Here’s to the women who remind us to support and love one another, have fun, and WIN.

I’m tired of the word remind and show ugh. Also none of them women have the same names unlike the Brads and Matts of the men ooh see they’re something special