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Why America needs to think about their neighbors once in a while

I’m turning this reply into it’s own post because I am truly baffled by how many of my followers are coming out of the woodwork as Trump voters.

So to all those lovely people who voted for Trump, here is how you screwed the majority of Latin America over:

So, you looked at the stance on issues both major candidates had and decided Trump was better for your country.

Without once taking a moment to think about the 33 countries you are screwing over with your astoundingly selfish vote.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Maybe you should research a bit on the role the US plays when it comes to aiding all the goddamn drug cartels (including Mexican drug cartels like Cartel del Golfo and Colombian drug cartels like el Cartel de Medellin).

Let me explain how your ignorance has fucked all of us over.

Thanks to the US’s dumbfuck lax gun control laws, they easily became the #1 weapons suppliers of all our drug cartels. It’s extremely common, household knowledge in Mexico that if you need a gun, you can sweettalk the corrupt officials watching the US border and you’ll easily get one or fifteen.

If you looked at the issues as thoroughly as you claim to have, then I guess you know full well by now what Trump’s policies on gun control are, huh? Even better, many republicans share these same wonderful views on gun control and thus this means the supplies of guns to Latin American countries will keep on being steady and endless.

“But why should I care,” you say, “Why should I care about any of that if I’m voting for my own country, not South American ones?”

Well here’s the thing, my dear sweet, extremely sheltered and selfish American:

You share the goddamn American continent with us, us latino people who suffer every goddamn year from drug wars fueled by the US and primarily FOR the US as they also are our biggest clients in terms of drugs.

If your goddamn country ONLY affected Mexico negatively, then maybe I could let your selfishness pass as it would only affect one country.

However, it affects all fucking 33 countries south of your goddamn border.

I wonder, will you have the balls to say that the fucking United States is more important than the well-being of 33 countries?

And that’s even without getting on the fact that your newly-elected, brilliant president doesn’t even think global warming is an issue.

So thank you for your ignorance, thank you for having your head so far up your own ass that you fail to to take into consideration all the countries you’re affecting with your votes.

Thank you for contributing to our drug wars, our femicides, a possible nuclear war, the possible collapse of global economy, the lack of funding for environmental issues and the loss of funds for Nasa.

No wonder the rest of the world thinks Americans are nothing but ignorant fucks when we have such prime examples as these voters.

I wonder when these types of Americans will finally stop licking their own asses and realize how much their fuckups affect millions of others the world over?

When will you finally realize you share the planet with the rest of the world and thus owe it to all of us to think about everyone else once in a while?

Even more embarrassing, too many of you don’t even know truly how much you are fucking us all over and you’re often much too sheltered and scared to actually face the facts and understand the thousands upon thousands of deaths the US is responsible for down here south of your border but you choose to remain willfully ignorant for your own peace of mind.

You’re all “Oh no this is too horrible, I can’t read/watch this!” When this is the reality so many Latin Americans have to live with on a daily basis, you selfish, ACTUALLY privileged twats.

I can provide links and sources for all my claims as well but fair warning that they are in spanish and contain very graphic images, because both the US media and most Latino media censor these issues and thus we have to rely on conflict-zone journalists to risk their lives for us.

Also if any of you want more info on all of these, you can always shoot me a message! I do have to warn you that everything I will provide you with will be depressing as all fuck though.

What the language or dialect of each country is known for.
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Italy:</b> The only language spoken faster than Spanish<p/><b>Germany:</b> The only language where one can say "I love you", but it won't sound like it.<p/><b>England:</b> The most formal and sophisticated language of them all(like the people)<p/><b>U.S.A:</b> The language that doesn't follow the rules (like the people)<p/><b>France:</b> The only language where you can make someone fall in love, while cursing them out.<p/><b>Québéc:</b> The only language/dialect where a priest can preach to a crowd of people, while cursing them out.<p/><b>Spain:</b> The only dialect that you HAVE to use vosotros.<p/><b>Latin America:</b> The only language you suddenly know how to speak, when you're angry.<p/><b>Portugal:</b> The only language/dialect where the vowels are there...but..not.<p/><b>Brazil:</b> The only language/dialect where even the old people use slang<p/></p><p/><b>Esperanto:</b> The result of a language orgy<p/></p><p/></p>

Amalia Ulman, b. Argentina 1989, raised in Spain, lives in UK 
Excellences and Perfections:
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Amalia Ulman
Excellences and Perfections:
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Amalia Ulman
Excellences and Perfections:
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Amalia Ulman
Excellences and Perfections:
caaaaaaaant wait to hav abs #work #it #bitch
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Amalia Ulman
Excellences and Perfections:
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The Telegraph says:

In April 2014, a young Argentinian-born artist called Amalia Ulman uploaded an image on her Instagram feed. It consisted of the phrase “Part I”, in black letters against white, accompanied by an enigmatic caption that read “Excellences & Perfections”.

Although 28 of Ulman’s followers quickly “liked” the post, few of them realised that it signalled the beginning of one of the most original and outstanding artworks of the digital era.

Before long Ulman was uploading a series of images – mostly preening selfies taken on her iPhone – that seemed to document her attempt to make it as an “It girl” in Los Angeles…

“People started hating me,” Ulman, 26, told me recently, speaking via Skype from her studio in downtown LA. “Some gallery I was showing with freaked out and was like, ‘You have to stop doing this, because people don’t take you seriously anymore.’ Suddenly I was this dumb b—- because I was showing my ass in pictures.”

A promising young artist – selected a year earlier by talent-spotting curator Hans-Ulrich Obrist, co-director of the Serpentine Galleries, as one of the leading lights of the YouTube generation – was swiftly wrecking her career.

Except that, unbeknown to the tens of thousands of people who started following her, she wasn’t.

Almost five months later, Ulman posted a black-and-white image of a rose, which she captioned “The End”. Soon afterwards she announced that she had been staging an elaborate performance called Excellences & Perfections via her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

All those “dumb” pictures of Ulman, half-naked, staring vapidly into the lens of her smartphone camera? They were a joke. The shot of her bandaged breasts, after her operation to have them enlarged? It was faked.

Ulman, it turned out, had been playing a role – or, indeed, several roles. And almost all of the 89,244 followers she had amassed by the end of the performance had been fooled.

“Everything was scripted,” explains Ulman, who grew up in Asturias in north-west Spain. “I spent a month researching the whole thing. There was a beginning, a climax and an end. I dyed my hair. I changed my wardrobe. I was acting: it wasn’t me.”…

When I first heard about Excellences & Perfections, I assumed that it was a spoof lampooning the self-regarding way we all behave on social media. It seemed like a modern-day, digital version of Hogarth’s Rake’s Progress: a sharp diatribe against vacuity.

Not so, says Ulman, who had something more specific in her sights. “It’s more than a satire,” she explains. “I wanted to prove that femininity is a construction, and not something biological or inherent to any woman. Women understood the performance much faster than men. They were like, ‘We get it – and it’s very funny.’ ” What was the joke? “The joke was admitting how much work goes into being a woman and how being a woman is not a natural thing. It’s something you learn.”

Luisa Moreno (1907-1992) was a Guatemalan social activist who emerged as a leader in the United States labour movement during the 1940s. She was responsible for a number of important activities, such as organizing and leading strikes, or writing pamphlets in both Spanish and English, working to improve the status and living conditions of Latino workers in the USA.

She worked as a seamstress in Spanish Harlem during the Great Depression, and organized her colleagues – mostly Latina women – into a garment workers’ union. Her efforts brought together many Hispanic unions with the purpose of improving their pay, life, and status in society. In 1939, she organized the first national Latino civil rights assembly, the Congreso de Pueblos de Habla Española. She eventually gained enough notoriety and influence that she was deported in 1950.

10 things every American should do to know Latín America

1. Get to know its geography: South America and México are certainly not the same thing, yet Latin America and México are.
2. Read latin american newspapers.
3. Read our countries’ history. Regardless of your political views, open your mind to countries that work way different than yours.
4. Get to know our countries’ political situations. You don’t have to be able to name every president by heart, but at least be informed about current issues. Do you know what’s happening in Brazil? Heard about the missing people in México? Ecuadors earthquake? Read!
5. Delete all stereotypes you have in mind about latinos. Really, most of the time they limit your view on us.
6. Read latin american literature. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mario Vargas Llosa, Julio Cortázar, Jorge Luis Borges, Eduardo Galeano, Alfonsina Storni and so many more! Research.
7. Listen to latin american music. Not everything is Shakira or some girl singing half-english-half-spanishcatchysongs. I’m argentinian and our local rock'n roll is simply amazing. Also, brazilian music is really amazing, as well as many other countries’ music. The internet is your ally. Or just listen to Shakira’s first 3 albums, at least.
8. Get yourself into our economical situation. It’s pretty fucked up tbh, but get your own conclusions
9. Learn some spanish and portuguese. Most bilingual latín american people are pretty good at english, so make your effort to learn our languages.
10. Travel to Latin America. I can assure you that our culture is so rich and so varied. It’s your continent too: enjoy it. And learn to love and respect it.

dasakuryo  asked:

I am seeing the discussion in your asks and I'd like to chime in. One of the things that has bugged me since s1 of the Flash is that Cisco's latinidad is not shown. Aside from a few lines in Spanish here and there, there's no actual care on part of the writers to represent Cisco being Latino. We're three, not one, not two, three seasons in the show and we still don't know from which Latin American country Cisco family comes from (I headcanon him as Colombian, since Carlos is Colombian) (cont)

(As you are a Latinx yourself, I am going to just public this for everyone else to see and read because your opinion on the matter will inevitably be more spot on and valid than mine; I will just add a few notes)
[…] and this is yet another example of USA media treating Latinxs, Latin America, their cultures and their people as an homogenous entity and working under the assumption that all Latin Americans share the same culture, language, what have you.

The Flash has been praising themselves for having a Latino as one of their most important scientists, but they always end up falling into the “well, this non Latinx character is going to solve things and undermine the Latinx intelligence” which is what has been happening consistently with Harry’s character (note by supercanaries: now that you mention it, this even happened with Hartley and he’s in, like, 3 episodes), which without realizing echoes a lot how USAmericans steal and take credit for the discoveries and breakthroughs in science made by Latin American scientists. Plus, as I said, there’s no genuine care of being respectful and portray Cisco’s being Latino. 

The Christmas episode, not a mention to Cisco visiting his family, going to church, spending time with his mum, when for the majority of Latin Americans  Christmas is a time for family, and having lost his brother (his mother lost one of his sons) it makes no sense that Cisco didn’t spend at least some time at their parents place. Because again, Christmas is a time for family, regardless of issues and grudges that Cisco would have tried to bridge given the circumstances. 

Plus, and I think this has been purely incidental, they’ve portrayed Cisco as this anti-machismo character but never address the machismo of the Latinx community. 

Cisco’s latinidad is being portrayed in a really sketchy and lazy way, and the worst part is that they’re doing the very same thing with Cindy’s character now (note by supercanaries: Gipsy, if anyone was wondering, because they didn’t even say her name in the episode if I’m correct). The writers have to understand that making a character speak a few phrases in Spanish is important, but that’s not the only thing that encompasses a Latinx character’s authentic portrayal and they should do their research or … just, like, ask Carlos. Sorry, that was a long rant.

“En la actualidad el triángulo representa las tres ramas del Gobierno: ejecutivo, legislativo y judicial. Las tres franjas rojas simbolizan la sangre que da vida a estos poderes. Las leyes, los gobernantes y los tribunales, hasta este momento, no han servido a los intereses del pueblo. Reemplazar con color negro (que es la ausencia de luz) crea nuevas lecturas. La nuestra es una propuesta de resistencia, no es pesimista, al contrario, habla sobre la muerte de estos poderes tal cual los conocemos, pero la esperanza sigue ahí representada en las franjas blancas que simbolizan la libertad del individuo y su capacidad para reclamar y hacer valer sus derechos”

-Artistas Solidarixs y en Resistencia

anonymous asked:

I really hate how some of my people (latino) tell me I shouldn't be offended when kpop idols do/say something antiblack, as if I'm not racially black myself? As if slavery only happened in the USA and not in Latin America. This goes to AA's too, who forget that being black doesn't only mean being American and say I can't feel some type of way.

It doesn’t matter if you are documented. You have rights in this country.

Hundreds of Central Americans and their supporters gathered in front of the White House on Wednesday, 30 December to protest the US government’s plan to significantly ramp of deportations, beginning on January 2.

As US Steps Up Deportations, Advocates Push for Refugee Status for Central Americans

For my fellow Mexicans, the ones who live in Mexico, I pray that we can find and build the government that we deserve. And the ones that live in this country who are part of the latest generation of immigrants in this country, I just pray that they can be treated with the same dignity and respect of the ones who came before and built this incredible immigrant nation
—  Alejandro Gonzáles Iñárritu’s acceptance speech for Best Motion Picture at the 87th annual Academy Awards

dasakuryo  asked:

But still, white Latinxs are not poc. Any Latinx can experience xenophobia, even white and white passing Latinxs, particularly when accents act as a sign of otherness. I think it's important to address the USA attitude towards Latin America and its people to understand where this is rooted in. Plus, it's not a coincidence that out of non-native accents, it's Latinx accents the ones which are always mocked of by US media and not, for example, European ones.

Yes, all of this. I really have nothing more I could possibly add.