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To the people who voted for third party candidates as a protest vote instead of voting for Hillary, those of you who wrote your fave celeb’s name in as a joke instead of voting for Hillary, and every single person who didn’t exercise your right to vote because you assumed Hillary would win: you put your personal pride above the well-being and frankly lives of millions of people around the country and the world. Think about that.

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Having the All might protection squad ship Toshinori/Inko is really cute but.. what about Izuku? Would he know about it, would everyone leave him in the dark? Would he know, how would he feel about it, isn't he apart of the squad?

I imagine that, at first, the rest of them would be a bit hesitant to tell Izuku - that is his MOM after all, and it seems kinda, idk, rude? to try and get their friend’s mom with someone. And when they finally tell him, his reaction is hard to judge. He is silent, but wide-eyed, and asks for some time alone to think. (they worry™)

… And then the next day he comes to school in COMPLETE SUPPORT OF IT

they are all Super Confused because they had been prepared for him to quietly ask for them to stop (and they had decided that, if he did, they WOULD), but… No?? He didn’t??? He’s really supportive and happy and seems to like the idea and “OKAY WELL I GUESS EVERYTHING IS GOOD AND WE CAN JUST KEEP DOING WHAT WE WERE DOING, RECOMMENCE THE CAMPAIGN”

But Izuku’s thought process is a little something like this: He is conflicted at first, because this is his mom and his teacher/idol/mentor. He really cares for both of them, sure, but his mom… Well, she’s his mom, she knows pretty much everything about him and took care of him since he was born. And then there’s All Might, who is his idol, who he wants to do his best for/be the best in front of, who he wants to excel for and make Proud.

anyway, he also thinks about what is happening to his mother’s life now. How, with him leaving, she is left at home alone, and how (for both of them) a lot of their time was spent together. He thinks about his mother grocery shopping by herself, and eating alone in her quiet apartment. He thinks about how happy she is whenever he comes to visit.

He thinks about how she practically glows, now, whenever All Might comes with him. (he’d have to be blind not to notice that, though he doesn’t really know when that happened)

He decides that this would actually… This would work. It would be nice. They are happy, and there isn’t much that Izuku can do for his mother now, as it is. This would be a very positive and happy outcome.


*cue mental (and maybe outward) screeching and flailing for a bit*

But then he realizes that he hasn’t had a father figure before. He doesn’t know what it’s like to have a father figure. And he wonders if, maybe, he kind of already sees AM like that…?

*cue more embarrassment* (probably buries his face into his hands)

but it makes sense to him, a bit, b/c their relationship is less teacher and student (amongst many) and more mentor & protege and they spend a lot of time together? he unwillingly equates their training a bit to the AMERICAN!! idea of father/son baseball/sport bonding, eating AMERICAN!!! burgers together and doing that manly father-son bonding thing. [stereotyped u.s. habits to the max b/c you know izuku probably did some research on all might’s connection to his highly AMERIKA!!! U!!! S!!!! A!!!!!! theme]

Anyway, several more mental debates and non-sequiturs later leads him to his final decision. The fact that so many people at school already support/spearhead the operation helps, and he is just as (if not more) enthusiastic about it.

He still feels like it may be a little, well, selfish? or something, doing this. That doesn’t make much sense even to him because he knows his reasons for supporting this, but it’s probably because he feels so happy about it. Because he really does care for both of them, and…

It would be really, really cool/nice/awesome for All Might to be his dad


The moment just before this is literally showing us that Black Lady wants to make Neo-Queen Serenity kneel to her, it’s very explicitly showing us that Black Lady wants to steal Mamoru away not because she wants to bone her dad, but because she’s jealous of her mother and wants to be elegant and graceful and mature like her, so she wants to have what her mother has.

They’ve made the explicit point that Chibi-Usa has felt like a third wheel between her parents before, that she’s spent the entire arc being terrified and feeling like she has no safe haven, except for Mamoru, who has been kind to her.  Her relationship with Usagi is difficult, because she sees Usagi being kind and caring and having all this emotional support, she sees Usagi growing into the woman her Mama is, and she wants that for herself.  She’s so envious, but she also feels like a burden to Usagi, she feels unwanted and left out in the cold from everyone.

Of course she wants to take the person that makes her feel safe and loved, of course she wants to take the person that is a symbol of her envy towards both Usagi and her mother.  She’s a child twisted into an adult before she was ready and she desperately wants someone to hold onto, someone who loves her and makes her feel safe.  With the way Wiseman manipulated her into turning against her mother and Sailor Moon of course she’s going to hang on with everything she has to the one person she feels she can trust, the one person who has always been kind and supportive to her, that she’s always been able to trust.

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