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Only when Republican lawmakers allow guns at their rallies will I listen to their arguments about gun control. And no, I don’t mean only they are allowed to have guns on stage, I mean everyone in the audience at their rally is encouraged to bring a gun. For safety. We know they don’t do this. Why not? Why do they ban guns at their rallies? It’s almost as if they don’t trust strangers not to assault them with weapons. It’s almost as if they know the danger of speaking in front of a room full of armed strangers. They will send thoughts and prayers to victims’ families after a mass shooting, pocket millions from the National Rifle Association, then ban guns at their rallies. Because guns are dangerous and they know it. 

What Will It Take?

  • 1999 Columbine High School Massacre: 12 Students And One Teacher Murdered
  • 2007 Virginia Tech: 32 People Murdered
  • 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School: 20 Children Between Six And Seven Years Old And Six Adults Murdered.
  • 2016 Pulse Nightclub: 49 People Murdered.
  • 2017 Las Vegas: At Least 50 People Murdered And Over 400 People Wounded.

What Will It Take For America To Have A Conversation About Gun Violence? We Need To Restrict Access To Military-Grade Weapons.

No One Advocates Taking Away The Right To Defend Oneself Or The Ownership Of Hunting Rifles Or Shotguns. 

But These Mass Murders Need To Stop!