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Kia takes the top spot in USA TODAY’s Ad Meter

No one had a better night than Tom Brady, but Melissa McCarthy and @kia came close.

Her slapstick shtick for Kia won the 29th annual USA TODAY Ad Meter competition in a crazy commercial where she gets bounced out of a boat by a rampaging whale, among other ecological calamities.

The 60-second spot, called “Hero’s Journey,” is about an eco-warrior called on to save the whales — and the trees and the polar ice caps.

There’s always gonna be someone who says you don’t have what it takes. That you haven’t earned it. And you can let yourself be defined by the skeptics or you can prove them wrong. Achieve everything they say you can’t. So, I go out every night and give everything I’ve got. Fighting for what matters to me. My reputation, my livelihood, my family.. To those that doubt me, I don’t hear you. Because I know the truth…
—  Roman Reigns in We The Bold

Branchelier of the day, Appalachian variations


The Appalachian is such an appealing fixture that it has inspired a few spin offs from our original style.


The Mini Appalachian is a smaller, 24” wide, 4 light version.  Perfect pendant lighting over a bar in this restaurant setting (The Bridge Tap House and Wine Bar, St. Louis).  The fullness of the branching gives the Mini Appalachian a hearty, substantial feel while the smaller scale accents and adds to an already robust setting.  Shown also in this photo is our Briarwood style. 


The Appalachian XL is another version of this great classic.  Like the name implies it is bigger!  42” x 42” with 6 lights. Perfect for when you need just a bit more. The big brother of this series it boasts the same full branching of our regular Appalachian, but more of it, while maintaining a fit, elegant look.


‘Franco American - ‘Sonic the Hedgehog Pasta’’


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  • Sonic the Hedgehog pasta from Franco American! It’s the way to go!


New Zealand joins the list of “Spacefaring Nations” as Rocketlab launches their first Electron small-sat launcher on May 24th 2017!  The rocket is black due to the carbon fiber body, with the white bands being ice from the fuel.

From what I can gather at this time, the vehicle made it through ascent, stage separation, 2nd stage ignition and payload fairing jettison.  After that, it sounds like there was a 2nd stage failure, so the vehicle didn’t make orbit.  Nonetheless, this test passed all the major milestones for vehicle flight and easily made it to space (though not orbit).  All in all, a tremendous first flight for Rocketlab and hopefully the first of many launches to come!



[X360 / PS3] [USA] [VIDEO, COMMERCIAL] [2008]

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  • Duke Nukem is… Turok! (In this awfully generic-looking  reboot.)

Extraordinary is the tenth and final track on Prince’s 22nd album The Vault… Old Friends 4 Sale. Two weeks prior to the album’s release, Extraordinary was released as a promo-only single in the USA, but no commercial release was planned. Soon afterwards, it was included as the second and final track on a Japanese promo-only single of The Rest Of My Life. In 2002, a live version of the track was included as the fourth track on the first disc of Prince’s first live album One Nite Alone… Live! (along with Xenophobia, Avalanche, Family Name, Raspberry Beret, The Everlasting Now, EyeBlue.png Wanna B Ur Lover, Diamonds & Pearls, The Beautiful Ones, Nothing Compares 2 U and How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore from the same show).

While specific recording dates are unknown, basic tracks were recorded in September 1992 at Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA (during the same set of sessions that produced Down, Holly Don’t Care, The P, The Halls Of Desire, Paris 1798430, Uncle Sam, Super Hero and a remake of Shhh). The song was originally intended for Rosie Gaines’ planned solo album Concrete Jungle, and she recorded vocals for the track, although Prince reclaimed the track before the known configurations of Concrete Jungle were compiled in 1993.


Loooovveelly jazzy versions of this during my ONA tour, but this one is good too Boyfriend! 💜

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‘Tootsie Pop - ‘How Many Licks / Video Game’‘


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I’d Rather Not Stop by Mabry Campbell


‘NBA Live 2003′

[PS1 / PS2 / XBOX / GCN / PC]

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  • Yeah, I don’t recognize any of these players. But that one white guy in the blue long-sleeve looked a lot like Chad Kroeger….

‘Sneak King’

[XBOX / X360] [USA] [VIDEO, COMMERCIAL] [2006]

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  • From the studio that brought you ‘Glover’, comes ‘Sneak King’! It has the graphics of ‘Goat Simulator’, the terror of ‘FNAF’, and your daily calorie and salt intake.