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Kia takes the top spot in USA TODAY’s Ad Meter

No one had a better night than Tom Brady, but Melissa McCarthy and @kia came close.

Her slapstick shtick for Kia won the 29th annual USA TODAY Ad Meter competition in a crazy commercial where she gets bounced out of a boat by a rampaging whale, among other ecological calamities.

The 60-second spot, called “Hero’s Journey,” is about an eco-warrior called on to save the whales — and the trees and the polar ice caps.

Land ownership is the reason certain groups of people have power and control.

Many of these people have perpetuated intergenerational wealth while simultaneously identifying themselves as impoverished and humble- despite owning large territories, unused resources, and appreciations- which otherwise could be used to provide for the needs of society.

These people claim a right to property and use the law to defend territorial claims. They are almost entirely ignorant of the history of their own land, and willful ignorance protects their sense of entitlement from the guilt they would feel if they were forced to accept the truth of it’s initial aquisition- which is no great secret.

They take pride in the ability to retreat into private territory and secure the means to live in a state of relatively Independence.

The silence of the land and a rustic life bring them a sense of peace. Americana is the name of their heritage. The romantic countryside is their icon.

The privledge of their ideals, unfortunately, has cost a great deal of blood for my people.

okay but quick question to USA tv shows fans: how the hell can you watch your episodes and not be bothered or annoyed by the fact a single episode is cut by MINIMUM 5 COMMERCIAL BREAKS ???!!??

which are MIMIMUM 10 MINUTES-LONG EACH ?!??!?!?

  • how can you guys even remember what tv show you’re watching 
  • how can you even remember what episode you’re in
  • how can you even remember the PLOT after 5 breaks of sometimes super annoying commercials
  • even if you go pee when the commercials come or something how do you know when it comes back to the episode
  • why.
  • USA why so many commercials cuts.
  • it was painful even for a one week stay like I did
  • come to France we have less commercial breaks
  • and love
There’s always gonna be someone who says you don’t have what it takes. That you haven’t earned it. And you can let yourself be defined by the skeptics or you can prove them wrong. Achieve everything they say you can’t. So, I go out every night and give everything I’ve got. Fighting for what matters to me. My reputation, my livelihood, my family.. To those that doubt me, I don’t hear you. Because I know the truth…
—  Roman Reigns in We The Bold

‘California Games’


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Branchelier of the day, Appalachian variations


The Appalachian is such an appealing fixture that it has inspired a few spin offs from our original style.


The Mini Appalachian is a smaller, 24” wide, 4 light version.  Perfect pendant lighting over a bar in this restaurant setting (The Bridge Tap House and Wine Bar, St. Louis).  The fullness of the branching gives the Mini Appalachian a hearty, substantial feel while the smaller scale accents and adds to an already robust setting.  Shown also in this photo is our Briarwood style. 


The Appalachian XL is another version of this great classic.  Like the name implies it is bigger!  42” x 42” with 6 lights. Perfect for when you need just a bit more. The big brother of this series it boasts the same full branching of our regular Appalachian, but more of it, while maintaining a fit, elegant look.


‘Franco American - ‘Sonic the Hedgehog Pasta’’


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  • Sonic the Hedgehog pasta from Franco American! It’s the way to go!

‘Naruto: Ultimate Ninja’


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