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In 1996, Boulder, Colorado was rocked by the mysterious death of six-year-old pageant queen, JonBenet Ramsey. Two decades later, director Kitty Green returns to audition local actors, unpacking how each remembers and relates to the ill-fated Ramsey family. A darkly moving exploration of crime, guilt and personal bias, Casting JonBenet expertly blurs the lines between documentary and drama.


Christina Bothwell (American, b. 1960, New York, NY, USA) - 1: Force Of Nature, 2014  2: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair, 2011  3: Octopus, 2010-2011  4: Octopus Girl, 2003-2006  5: I Fell Into A Dream, 2005  6: True Love, 2010  7: Octopus Girl, 2015  8: Flightless Woman, 2007-2009  9: Together Forever, 2012  10: Evolution Is A State Of Mind, 2008


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Last night there was a candlelight vigil held at the Magic Kingdom at park close to honor the victims of the Pulse massacre. It was unofficial and not sponsored by Disney in any way. And yet, Disney showed their solidarity and respects in a uniquely Disney way. 

 After the nightly “Kiss Goodnight,” the atmosphere music was shut off and all of Main Street was cloaked in dead silence as hundreds of people held candles, phones, and glow sticks into the air. And then, in an unexpected show of support, the colors of the castle changed from red to yellow, then green and blue and finally purple. 

 Disney also allowed working cast members to attend in costume and even shut down a few of the Main Street shops. Emporium cast members, who lost one of their own in the shooting, stood directly in front of the castle with a heart made of glow sticks. Inside the heart, among the candles, were trinkets and small things that cast and guests left to show their respects such as stickers, celebration buttons, maps, even Photopass cards and Mickey ears. 

 As guests exited the park, they were handed rainbow Mickey pins or Mickey love pins by working cast members. And cast members who left through the tunnels were handed rainbow Mickey antenna toppers. 

 I cannot put into words how comforting and important it is to see Disney showing their support for the LGBT+ community. They didn’t have to acknowledge the vigil at all but they did and they made it more magical than anyone expected.

I love the fact that James and Tyler are so comfortable with their sexuality and that their characters being gay doesn’t affect the way they interact with each other off set. It’s refreshing to see that. God knows some straight men shrivel up with fear because their masculinity or sexuality is being threatened. It’s also nice to see they don’t treat an on screen gay relationship any different from an onscreen straight relationship.


Patrick J. Adams shares his experience as a Suits director.

“The episode itself was a blast to direct,” Adams tells EW, noting that it was “strange” not having Torres on set. “She’s been a part of our family for so long. While I think it’s good for the show to have something like that — a kick in the pants, something dramatic that affects all of the characters really dramatically — it’s really hard to lose a member of your family like that.”

Damn feels.