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Riley and Ryan curry chronicles 💛💙

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‘Salute’ the women of Team USA

I don’t need to add anything.  Enough said.

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USA once again won olympic gold medal at Rio 2016 ! congrats !!!
I’m sorry I didn’t draw all the players (miss Paul George, Harrison Barnes and Kyle Lowry).

Appreciation Post: “Maya The Magnificent”

Maya Moore, or “Maya The Magnificent” as many knew her as during her days at UConn, is an American professional basketball player for the Minnesota Lynx. She was drafted in the year 2011 and has been striving in the league ever since she entered it.

3-time WNBA Champ, 4X All-Star, Finals MVP, Rookie of the Year, Scoring Champion, Regular Season MVP… you name it - she got it.

Also the most individually decorated and winning-est college athlete ever during her time with the University of Connecticut with 2 NCAA Championships and a record unbeaten streak of 90-games.

Let’s start out simple with her b-ball greatness -

The girl can shoot and hit one of the most iconic and greatest shots in WNBA history in The Finals last year - also SHE’S COLD BLOODED. Watch (x

Had a monster game v the Atlanta Dream in 2014 and dropped 48pts(!), 2nd most pts in a game in WNBA History by a player (most is 51pts)

Hustle play Maya! Doesn’t take any plays off, EVER.

She’s even got some tricks up her sleeve (look at BG’s face!!)

I’m convinced she’s not human..

Yup she can dunk even tho she’s only 6′0 btw that’s her as her alter ego “Betty Lou” :D

She can play defense too ;) 

Now to make it a lil fun…

MVPs being all cute and adorbs (EDD’s face when Maya struggled opening the mirror case lmao)

Maya on the bench reacting to teammates’ shots is the greatest thing since sliced bread

That one time she couldn’t let go of a basketball bc she didn’t play it for like a day due to media takes for the Olympics (look at how she grips onto the ball… SO CUTE)

So Maya has many skills and one of them is she can play the drums (also oh heeeey swinnnn)

Honestly this post can go on forever so I’ll just stop here (for now.) Please appreciate this wonderful human being that deserves everything great in this world because she is walking GREATNESS!!

Last thing, DAB ON ‘EM