usa april 2012

Photo © The George Harrison Estate

“[Assembling Early Takes Volume 1 was] a revelation. When you’re listening, George is alive in the room. We haven’t added any snazzy production techniques. It’s George simply performing.
Listening to George’s solo stuff was very different from hearing The Beatles’ masters (tapes). John and Paul were hugely competitive and wanted to be hit songwriters. George wanted to write spiritual songs, and that resonated with a lot of people. His lyrics meant something. He wasn’t being psychedelic or pop. It’s very George. There’s nobody like him.” - Giles Martin, USA Today, 29 April 2012 [x]

George had a deep feeling of searching, of longing, and you hear it in the songs. […]
George was a mystical person. He never claimed to be a saint but often claimed to be a sinner. His reaction was never predictable, so it was fascinating living with a person like that.
He had a great awareness of non-attachment and that was tough to live with. He often said to me, ‘Don’t be so attached.’ You felt he could walk away from anything.
—  Olivia Harrison on her late husband, George, USA Today, 29 April 2012