GRAPHIC VIDEO: ‘I Think I Hit a Person’ – Cop Driving Twice the Limit With No Lights On Instantly Kills Pedestrian

video of an accident

The prosecutor’s office in Berrien County, Michigan, has released a highly dramatic dashcam video from a police cruiser that hit a female pedestrian crossing the street. The police car was speeding, and had neither lights nor siren activated, witnesses said.

“I need an emergency unit to my location. I think I hit a person,” Benton Township patrol officer Eugene Anderson informs radio dispatchers on the video just moments after the sound of smashing glass and a loud bang is heard as his police cruiser hits a woman.

Based on a squad car video, witness reports and a physical investigation of the scene, Anderson, who was responding to a domestic violence call, was traveling at 64 mph in a 35 mph zone when his car struck the woman, the Herald Palladium reported.

Kimberly Bedford, 48, who was crossing the road at 9 p.m. Sunday, died at the scene. The incident took place in September.

Anderson’s lawyer, Martin Kirk, called witnesses, who testified that Bedford was seriously drunk and was allegedly walking in the road with no regard for traffic. The lawyer argued that there was no reliable evidence proving that the patrol officer was traveling at 60 mph.

Berrien County Prosecutor Michael Sepic ruled that while Bedford did violate pedestrian rules by stepping into traffic, Anderson was still to blame.

“We’re not here to judge his whole person,” Sepic said, according to the Herald Palladium. “If an officer chooses to speed without lights and siren, then he has to accept responsibility for his actions.”

As for the defense claim that cops, when on a call, can be distracted by their oscillating lights and siren while driving, Sepic told the jury:

“If an officer is distracted by oscillating lights and a siren, I think he’d better find another job.”

Last week the former patrol officer was found guilty of causing the woman’s death. Anderson faces up to a year in jail, with a sentencing date yet to be set.


I totally agree with Michael Sepic’s words. His attitude should be an example for the rest of American prosecutors. Cops who contravene the law should not work in police. Eugene Anderson didn’t care about safety when he was speeding with the lights off. Cop who doesn’t respect the law and safety is a criminal and he should be punished as a criminal. I don’t like this trend of cops killing people everywhere.

Condolences to Kimberly Bedford’s family.  

Sanders: African-Americans lost half their wealth because of Wall Street collapse

Sen. Bernie Sanders says by addressing economic inequality, he would also correct racial injustices.

Sanders railed against Wall Street in his response to a question about race relations in the Feb. 11 Democratic debate in Milwaukee, Wis.

“Turns out that the African-American community and Latino community were hit especially hard,” Sanders said. “As I understand it, the African-American community lost half of their wealth as a result of the Wall Street collapse.”
That claim stood out to us. Is it true that black wealth was slashed so dramatically as a result of the financial crisis?
Sanders understood correctly. His campaign referred us to a 2013 report from the National Association of Real Estate Brokers.
“According to the report, African-Americans have lost over half of their wealth since the beginning of the recession through falling homeownership rates and loss of jobs.”


Wall Street doesn’t care about people. They fond of market and finance very much. While the government has friendly connection with Wall Street Americans will be treated not as human beings, but numbers of statistics. Black Americans and Latino Americans will be suffering more than others. Only few leaders made virtual support to these communities and Bernie now is the only candidate that understands the actuality of the issue adequately.

Fellows! It’s our historical duty to make Sanders our President. We must care about ourselves and future of America.  

Ironically, if Hillary wasn’t so very eager to be president, she would probably stand a better chance at, you know, actually getting to be President.

The sheer desperation, man. 

Hey, being driven is one thing. Being absolutely obsessed is another. 

Not matter how smart or sharp or qualified you are, at the end of the day, it just puts people off.