U.S. court orders Dakota Access oil pipeline to be shut, emptied
A U.S. District Court on Monday ordered Energy Transfer LP to shut and empty the largest pipeline from the North Dakota shale oil fields within 30 days, in a big win for the Native American tribes who have fought the line's route across a crucial water supply.

JULY 6, 2020

“Today is a historic day for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the many people who have supported us in the fight against the pipeline,” said Chairman Mike Faith of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. “This pipeline should have never been built here. We told them that from the beginning.”
Judge suspends Dakota Access pipeline over environmental concerns
US district judge sides with Standing Rock Sioux tribe and says more extensive environmental review is required

A federal judge has sided with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and ordered the Dakota Access pipeline shut down until a more extensive environmental review is done.

US district judge James Boasberg said previously the pipeline, which has been in operation three years, remains “highly controversial” under federal environmental law, and a more extensive review was necessary than the environmental assessment that was done by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

In a 24-page order Monday, Boasberg wrote that he was “mindful of the disruption such a shutdown will cause”, but said he had concluded that the pipeline must be shut down…


“I have lived in France off and on since the early 2000s, and it has been instructive over the decades to glimpse America’s stature reflected back to me through the eyes of a quasi-foreigner.

"If the country sparked fear and intense resentment under George W. Bush, and mild resentment mixed with vicarious pride under Barack Obama, what it provokes under Trump has been something entirely new: pity and indifference.

"We are the pariah state now, but do we even see it?”

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Father John Misty - Anthem + 3 EP

Four track EP i guess you can call it from American singer-songwriter Father John Misty, the EP contains four cover versions and was released on the 3rd July 2020.


  1. Anthem (Leonard Cohen Cover)
  2. Fallin’ Rain (Link Wray Cover)
  3. Trouble (Yusuf / Cat Stevens Cover)
  4. One of Us Cannot Be Wrong (Leonard Cohen Cover)