I’m skimming through the headlines about Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia 

 They all focus on Trump dancing, Trump’s bow/curtsy, Melania/Ivanka wearing abayas, and fail to mention that Trump and Saudi Arabia just signed a 110 billion dollars arms deal in which will go towards massacring more civilians in Yemen.


Gregoire Tillery gave up his job in corporate America and spent all his money on buying a food truck (which broke down on him immediately).

Luckily, due to perseverance, a friend with a lot of followers and some incredibly delicious chicken and shrimp recipes, he has made it onto the prestigious Canal Street. Playing old school tunes and advertising demos by local talent, We Dat’s Chicken and Shrimp is a hub for the community, where Gregoire has given free food to kids in the neighbourhood.

Full video here

So #MissUSA2017 was crowned, the winner was Miss District of Colombia who said “healthcare is a privilege not a right” and “I’m not a feminist because I don’t hate men” and still won. She now represents women in America internationally, an anti feminist and anti healthcare woman now is supposed to be a role model for Americans. She won over Miss New Jersey, a South Asian girl who gave the best answers on stage but lost. I’m in shock