This post was triggered by something that @roachpatrol​ said over here about the expectation for girls to be sweet and clean and harmless:

Holy shit, if I was eight years younger and wandering into fandom for the first time, I can guarantee that the culture right now would’ve fucked me up and ground me down and taken away all my healthy outlets.

Picture: you are a girl at the tender young age of mumbledyteen. Up until this point you have been taught that all dark thoughts are literally hand-delivered into your head by the devil, and that the only correct method of dealing with negativity is to ignore them and pray harder. Concentrate on what is good and righteous and pure to the exclusion of all else, this is how you be a good person.

You are also a fully-functioning human being, one who can feel stressed or lonely or angry or any number of bad things. Mostly, with emotions that are still working themselves out, you feel this rumbling, white-hot white noise under everything, all the time. Sometimes it rolls in like a thunderstorm and everything else gets drowned out, and sometimes it’s only quietly muttering in the distance. Either way it’s always there, and the sound shreds uncomfortably at the inside of your brain.

When you were younger, before you were in charge of your own media consumption, your brain would shred up a myriad of saccharine stories to try and match the noise of the shredder in your head. Bad things happening, people getting hurt, characters trapped in unhealthy relationships of all kinds.

Fanfiction, the product of a hundred thousand other mumbledyteens whose brains are all screaming the same way, makes something in your brain go ping

Unfortunately, if the planet had ever been united on any single message, it was probably that no matter how you feel: 1) your feelings weren’t unique 2) they didn’t matter 3) they didn’t matter because they weren’t unique, they were shared among millions of hysterical, worthless teenaged girls just like you.

Fandom was confirmation of the first, but (with some hiccups along the way) outright rejection of the last two. Fuck you, our feelings do matter, and this is a story just for us.

A disclaimer: these aren’t good stories, otherwise they wouldn’t have to be defended. Their flavor of topic is not within societally acceptable bounds. Fictional characters have sex and get tortured and raped and abused, but their screaming harmonizes with the pitch of the shredder when it’s burrowing deepest.

As a teenager I never thought that my feelings were important enough to deal with, but these stories let me look at them sideways. Audience catharsis is the whole point of tragedy, after all.

And hell, these days I’m a happy, healthy adult who barely even has the urge to go looking for whump fic when I’ve had a bad week. I’m not going to forget just how much bad stuff that fic helped me air out, though, not ever. (Not to mention that thanks to all of those abuse!fics, I can recognize an unhealthy relationship at 500 paces, even if the fictional abuse was depicted as something loving and romantic. Abusers in real life don’t go around with helpful warning tags on their sleeves anyway.)

But holy shit, can you imagine if I’d found fandom as it is today.

Yes, your church is right, your family is right. Horrible things in stories are only there because they were written by horrible people, and they’re only popular because horrible people read them. The very concepts they address corrupt everything they touch.

That shredder in your head, the one that takes innocent cartoons but then shits out sadness and mayhem? That’s disgusting, you’re disgusting. How dare you think about minors having underaged sex, you minor? How dare you consider another person getting hurt? Your feelings don’t matter, they aren’t unique, they’re shared with all kinds of worthless shitbags just like you.

Every ounce of what you read and write and enjoy is going to be weighed for sin and tested for purity. You know, just like the rest of your life, except this time there’s no deity who’s handing out second chances.

Maybe that’s what bothers me most about all of this. It’s the same petty fandom bullshit as always, but “you’re wrong for liking a ship because IT WILL NEVER BE CANON” is a hell of a lot easier to laugh off when you’re young than “you’re wrong for liking a ship because YOU’RE AN ABUSIVE PEDOPHILE AND IF SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS IT’S YOUR FAULT FOR PERPETUATING IT.”

My fault, my bad thoughts, no outlet for any of them. The message to repress all the bad things so I can look like a good person, but my brain is so full of unprocessed shit that it’s solidified. Nobody actually saved any real children, but my brain sure is getting a second dose of fucked-up.

Are the people getting attacked going to be okay, will they be able to go and address their braingremlins somewhere else? I’d also ask if the people doing the attacking are okay, with all of the denial and repression they must deal with, but it seems like they’ve got venting pretty well handled by taking it out on strangers. 

Hey, c’mon, calm down friends. I bet I’ve read a story that’s got a character screaming at just the same pitch you are.

It helps to read one of those and harmonize your voices, I promise.

Why we all need ...

an Aries: To support us in difficult times and make us delirious in good times.

a Taurus: To bring us back to earth and make us feel safe.

a Gemini: To spice up our lives and give us a smile.

a Cancer: To be there when everything collapses around us (and make us a nice little dish when we are hungry).

a Leo: To motivate us and challenge us.

a Virgo: To help us and give us valuable advice.

a Libra: To make our lives more enjoyable and make us feel special.

a Scorpio: To help us better understand ourselves.

a Sagittarius: To inspire us and help us discover the truth.

a Capricorn: To help us in our work and show us what true dedication is.

an Aquarius: To bring us to our limits, to take us into the unknown.

a Pisces: To make us understand what we really are capable of.

(sorry if there’re things that aren’t really english :’)  )



I always find myself questioning the things I do, even if I was the one who opted to do it from the beginning. I frequently ask myself whether I’m doing the right thing. Whether there’s any good in the things I choose to put myself in. The school I go to, the activities I join, the events I attend, the friends I choose to keep. Are my decisions going to benefit my future or are they just a waste of time? I wonder if I’m really doing anything right these days. You see, I have always had this fear in me. This fear I can’t specifically explain. I often am afraid if I make the wrong choices, especially when I have to make big important life decisions. What if my plans don’t work out? Who will I be in 10 years? Will I ever really figure it out?

I hate self-doubt. You know when they say we are our own biggest critics, they’re hella right.

Sometimes, the plans that I have for myself, are not exactly the plans that Allah has for me. I get myself in a relationship, and it ends tragically. I take up a course I thought I’m good at, and later fail miserably. I apply for a scholarship, but then find out I was rejected. I plan to graduate on time, but got sick and am told to defer my studies. All these circumstances, it all leads to self-doubt. Will I ever be good enough for anything?

A few days ago, I was reading Surah Al-Kahf and stumbled upon a verse that struck a chord with me. It was so beautiful I made it my phone’s wallpaper lol. The verse goes:

إِلَّا أَن يَشَاءَ اللَّهُ ۚ وَاذْكُر رَّبَّكَ إِذَا نَسِيتَ وَقُلْ عَسَىٰ أَن يَهْدِيَنِ رَبِّي لِأَقْرَبَ مِنْ هَٰذَا رَشَدًا 

“Except “if Allah wills.” And remember your Lord when you forget & say “May my Lord guide me to what is right” (18:24)

Perfect timing. This verse isn’t only a do’a but also a statement of optimism. “Asa” according to the arabic language is a verb used to express hope. Subhanallah, Allah is teaching us that the most fundmental thing we need is His guidance. He is teaching us that in the end, He knows best what is good for us and all we have to do is give our best in the things we do. The rest is Allah’s job. I learnt that if we do what is good, our effort will never go to waste, even if things don’t turn out the way we want it. Our compensation is with Allah. 

The verse screams optimism. It says “when you forget” because whenever something bad/failure befalls us, we tend to lose hope. We are bound to feel lost & confused. Been there a lot of time. So this powerful verse is telling us ‘no, don’t give up, hang in there and ask Allah to guide you’. He created us, He created the stars and the universe, so He definitely knows what is best for us. Whatever happens yesterday, stays there. If we have failed in the past, that failure should not dictate our future. 

“Amazing is the affair of the believer, verily all of his affair is good and this is not for no one except the believer. If something of good/happiness befalls him he is grateful and that is good for him. If something of harm befalls him he is patient and that is good for him” (Saheeh Muslim #2999)

So I guess we will never really have all the answers, but it’s perfectly okay, What we do know is that we can always ask Allah to guide us to what’s the best for us.

As long has we put our trust in him, we are in good hands.

Try to get rid of me in an overseas big city? We'll get rid of you instead.

(long story. tl;dr at the end)


Back in 2011 me and my immediate family traveled to Saudia Arabia for Umrah, or what’s known as the lesser pilgramage. You visit Makkah, make rounds around the Kaabah, pray with all your heart and soul, you get the picture. My dad and I were excited because we were all about going on a spiritual journey and casting away the problems of the world - but as it turns out, some problems just wouldn’t leave us.

As soon as we landed in Jeddah’s airport, our plan was to take a taxi to Makkah and get the Umrah done while we were still gung-ho about God. However, we were instead diverted to our relatives’ house in Jeddah, where we discovered that 4 or 5 of my mothers’ relatives and their families had gathered up and spontaneously crashed in my grandfather’s house for one giant family reunion. Naturally, my dad and I, as well as my maternal grandfather, were really upset over this development as my mom’s side of the family is full of … for the lack of a more polite word, the shady folks. Most of them I was on good terms with, but once I realized that my least favorite Uncle and Aunt had come with the crew, my enthusiasm just deflated like a balloon.

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The artificial intelligence boom is here. Here’s how it could change the world around us.

  • A future with highways full of self-driving cars or robot friends that can actually hold a decent conversation may not be far away.
  • That’s because we’re living in the middle of an “artificial intelligence boom” — a time when machines are becoming more and more like the human brain.
  • That’s partly because of an emerging subcategory of AI called “deep learning.” It’s a process that’s often trying to mimic the human brain’s neocortex, which helps humans with language processing, sensory perception and other functions
  • From allowing us to be understand the Earth’s trees to teaching robots how to understand human life, deep learning is changing our world. Read more (5/26/17)

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anonymous asked:

but how do we know that dean "made" the mixtape for cas, maybe dean made it a while back and had it laying around before he gifted it to cas, btw i ship destiel, i just think that our reading of the scene; ya know (dean giving cas a mixtape that he made specially for cas) is too good to be true :(

Hello, lovely!

Well, you have to look at the scene itself and everything around it to know what the scene is actually trying to communicate, right? Aw yiss!

So what does the scene tell us?

Well, not only is the Mixtape Exchange centred around Cas playing Dean (I mean, the fact that Dean later ties his own fury over Cas lying to him to the mixtape itself by using the word “played me” is kind of amazing to me) but more than that, the scene is the first private scene between them in… the entire season? 

And what was their last face-to-face moment? 

Originally posted by thedauntlesshufflepuff

That’s right, it was Cas telling Dean “I love you”. 

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The girl no one noticed 2 || D.H.

A/N: I wrote a little second part to this story. This week was so damn stressful for me and I’m just glad it’s Friday now.

Word Count: 1.1K

POV: Dan


“Who are you?”

I couldn’t stop staring at her or at all those amazing things in her room. A small smirk played with Y/n’s lips. She knew that most people would never get to know her well enough to see this side of her. There was barely anybody who knew her like this and that was the way she wanted it to be.

What I didn’t know was that she had decided that I was worthy enough to find out a bit more about who she really was. Little by little.

“Do you want to order some food now?” she asked instead of answering my question and unlocked her phone.

We decided to get some pizza and after it arrived we devoured it sitting on her bed. We even started talking about school, complained about teachers and we also talked about our favourite bands. I couldn’t stop mentioning how amazing her room was and how much I loved Green Day and playing video games.

After eating as much as she could Y/N asked me if I wanted her last two slices of pizza and I gladly took them.

“We should probably start with the assignment.” Y/N then said, holding her full belly.

It took us  three full hours to finish our presentation on the book. I tried to distract her a lot and constantly fooled around but I think I was also helpful from time to time.  

“Can we please play The Last of us 2 now?” I pleaded, after Y/N had written down the last sentence. She put away all of her notes and pens and finally closed her book.

I was stretched out on her bed, feeling extremely exhausted. I was in desperate need of a break and some fun. After concentrating for three straight hours my brain had become useless.

“Fine.” She gave in, unable to hide a smile as she turned on her TV and PS4.

“Catch!” She then shouted after she had thrown a controller at me. Since she didn’t warn me early enough I wasn’t able to react soon enough. The hard controller hit my chest and I yelped in pain. Y/N stuck her tongue out at me and giggled, making it impossible for me to be mad at her.

She sat down next to me on the bed, we both had a controller in our hands. As we were fighting zombies our knees and shoulders accidently brushed a couple of times but I didn’t want to move away and neither did she.

I felt like electricity was rushing through my body every time we touched and it was a feeling a had never experienced before.

I totally forgot that time was something that existed while being with her. While we were having fun playing, it was already getting dark outside. At 7pm there was a knock on the door to her room. The sudden noise made me jump in fear because I was focusing so hard on escaping from a few zombies. Sitting in a dark room wasn’t helping either.

“Come in.” Y/n shouted, after she had recovered from the shock. A little squeal had actually left her mouth as the knock on the door jump scared us.

A middle-aged woman walked into the room. She had the same hair colour and height as Y/N.

“Honey, I am h-“ she started but stopped as her eyes landed on me. There was surprise written all over her face.

“I didn’t know that we have a visitor.” She smiled, her eyes were filled with curiosity. I guess Y/N didn’t invite a lot of people over to her house.

I got up to introduce myself to Y/N’s mum. “Hi, my name is Dan.” I politely said, shaking her hand.

“Y/N never told me about her charming boyfriend.” Mrs Y/L/N raised an eyebrow and smiled.

I could hear Y/N groan in the background. I glanced over my shoulder to look at her. She was still sitting on her bed, her cheeks bright red.

“Muuumm!” she groaned in embarrassment much to her mother’s amusement.

“We- we are like uhm. We are not uhm dating.” I stuttered, not sure if what I said even made sense.

“Sure.” Mrs Y/L/N said with a wink. “Why don’t you stay for Dinner, Dan?” she then added and I gladly accepted her kind offer.

“Sorry for my mum, she’s just excited that I invited somebody over.” Y/N apologized as soon as the middle-aged lady had left the room to prepare dinner.

“Yeah.. don’t worry.” I awkwardly told her, as I plopped down next to her on the bed again.

“I don’t know why she thought we are dating.” Y/N added, avoiding my eyes.

“Right? Crazy idea.” I continued, scratching the back of my neck.

“Totally.” Y/N agreed, looking up from the ground.

And then it happened. In the matter of a second. I saw the beautiful colour of her eyes shortly before our lips got so close they were touching. We were both surprised by our own actions. It felt like my body was a ticking time bomb that exploded as soon as her lips finally met mine.

The explosion tore down a wall somewhere inside my body that had previously captured some of the most fantastic emotions and they were all free now. I had never felt like this before. It was the first time ever that I felt that wholesome.

It was like my brain was smiling while our lips moved against each other.

Her hand quickly travelled to my cheek as she deepened the kiss.

I had never thought it was possible for my heart to beat that fast, but it did.

Then the downfall. The low after the high.

“Dinner is rea-“ I heard somebody shout. Y/N quickly pulled away. Her mother stopped in the middle of her tracks. She was halfway through the door still holding the door handle.

“I’m so sorry.” She genuinely apologized as Y/N buried her face in her hands out of embarrassment.

“Dinner is ready.” Her mother quickly repeated before she headed out of the room.

As soon as she left we suddenly busted into laughter. Both of our cheeks were bright red and it was such an absurd situation. We had kissed! And then her mother interrupted us… We were too speechless to say anything, so we laughed. And that was enough. 

After we had calmed down we walked downstairs to not let her mum wait too long. On the way, I shyly took Y/N’s hand.  

As soon as we sat down on the dinner table Y/N’s mum looked at her daughter and then at me.

“Not dating, huh?” she then asked, cocking one eyebrow.

Underage Littles

I support underage littles.

I don’t know how many times I will make a post around the subject, and I am well aware that in two months I will not be sharing the same situation with “underage littles” anymore… But, seeing as people cannot be nice in my ask box… LISTEN UP, KIDS.

If you don’t support underage littles, unfollow me. Go ahead and follow back if you want after July 27th, when I turn eighteen, but leave all drama at the door. I am so tired of age regression being taken as a kink, or a lifestyle only for adults. For that reason, I will not publicly say I am a part of any community. I’m just a little.

I don’t need mental help, I’m actually quite stable. My age regression DOES NOT involve you in the slightest. I am not asking for your support.

What people need to do in order to help themselves is DO WHAT IS BEST FOR THEM. People age regress for SO MANY REASONS. Do not put a freaking blanket over all of us.

As long as a minor is a “teen” and not trying to experiment in kinks with an adult, I’m fine with it. It ISN’T my business. You should probably look into that belief system. If it doesn’t involve you and doesn’t hurt anyone, it isn’t your problem. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. If somebody isn’t drowning, don’t try to save them. As long as both people are mature enough to consent to said relationship, and boundaries are set, what is the problem?

I guess we can exclude the fact that time is man-made and has no actual impact on the maturity, experience, or capability of a person. I’ve seen more than some thirty-year-olds and some ten-year-olds have seen more than me.

PRACTICE. How would you know not to play with fire if you haven’t ever been around it? Why not teach teens safe practices and signs of abusive partners before they end up finally being deemed old enough to participate and dive in cluelessly? Do you just throw a child into deep water or teach them how to swim first?

Again, July 27th, people.

This is how Leila Khalid views/viewed “western leftism” and it’s so, so incredibly accurate. I made it a bit easier to read:

“The training schedule was exacting, but occasionally left us time for a little fun. We were “entertaining” a group of foreign students and trying to lead a Bedouin kind of life in order to politicize our Bedouin population. The students had been attending an international solidarity meeting in Amman held under the auspices of the General union of Palestinian Students. Most were graduates of the 1968 university upheavals in the West. We found it very amusing that they honestly believed they were making a “revolution” if they undressed in public, seized a university building, or shouted an obscenity at bureaucrats. I was initially opposed and refused to talk to them, even though some believed in violent revolution, because I didn’t want to be another experimental “guinea-pig” to Westerners.

I finally relented and I am glad I did. I hadn’t met Western “revolutionaries” before. It turned out they represented an unfamiliar cultural rather than a political phenomenon. Some seemed to have read the history political literature of the left, but most regarded the Marxist-Leninist leaders disdainfully, with the exception of the “Young Marx”, who held some sort of fascination for revolution. Some Americans were quite serious and believed in the historic mission of the working class and were making plants to integrate themselves with the masses. 

What astonished us most about this group was that they were opposed to nationalism, a doctrine we hold dearly as a colonized and dissipated people. Some believed in violence for “the hell of it” and in students as revolutionary agents of history. But the majority were inclined towards guerrilla theatre as a means of “making revolution”. They performed a little for us.

As they were departing I was rather struck by a French anarchist student who proclaimed “Let chaos reign” and by a German who echoed the same sentiment. I exclaimed that the Palestinian people were an example of a society in chaos without authority and leadership, which as a result, was left at the mercy of the Zionist oppressor. I asked them what could they prescribe for us in order to overcome our kind of “alienation” -beards, long hair, and toy guns? They merely paused, they smiled, they reflected, they inhaled and passed their joints on in universal wonder.”

Diamonds & Shutters Part 2

Part 2: Regrets

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Summary: College!AU. Jensen is a baseball player and (Y/N) is a photographer, they are best friends and roommates until someone in Jensen’s life leaves him disconsolate and anguished but (Y/N)’s secret stops her from immediately mending Jensen’s broken heart.

Word Count: 1276

Warnings: Drinking, Lanuguage, I think that’s it

A/N - This is part two my entry for @frickfracklesackles #Natalies1000MovieTropeChallenge #Natalies1000FollowerCelebration The prompts I chose were College!AU and the quote: “I knew it was a great mistake for a man like me to fall in love” from The Great Gatsby, which can be read in PART 1

A/N - As promised as soon as I hit 1.3K I had to post this. I am slowly falling in love with this series and it is only the beginning.

You were frantic, Jensen had left the apartment just minutes after he had told you about Amanda cheating on him. With Jensen’s mind not in the right place, you knew that there was a small chance that something terrible could happen; either he would do something he would regret or something so stupid, so reckless, that he could injure himself without thinking.

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Marco Head Tutorial

I finally got the time to make this tutorial. As I’ve mentioned before, I am terrible at explaining myself but if this helps you guys even a little bit I will be satisfied. So lets get cracking!

First I will start by saying it is important to have references if you want to draw something accurately. If you try to draw something by memory with little to no practice/research before hand, chances are the drawing will not come out as good as you wanted it to be. Therefore, I included a reference picture of Marco here with guide lines over it to help us.

As you can see I drew a circle that roughly fits inside Marco’s head and divided the circle into 1/3′s. This way I can clearly see how his face is laid out and its’ proportions. For instance I can see that Marco’s right cheek (our left) comes out of the 2/3′s of the circle and ending a bit lower than 2/3′s of the opposite side of the circle. So lets start with that.

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Awakening - Part 3 *Peter x Stark!Reader*

Prologue Part 1 Part 2

Requests Open~~  MasterList *Always updating with new chapters*

When the dude in the spandex showed up, you can guarantee that both Matilda and I were surprised. “Who the hell are you?” I questioned, still in shock. 

“Name’s Spiderman. You haven’t heard of me?” He sounded slightly surprised and……disappointed? I tried to rack my brain, but the name wasn’t ringing any bells. 

“I’m going to kill this ass.” I heard Matilda shout about the soldier and both Spiderman and I quickly turned to face her. 

“No!” We said in sync and I could see Matilda was losing her patience. Suddenly, the man…boy? He sounds like he could be my age.  I thought when he sprung into action.

 He shot out a web and snatched the mans gun away and went to prepare to jump forward to kick him when I noticed Matilda’s expression. “Oh no no no no.” I cursed and grabbed Spiderman, pulling him back. 

“Hey! I have to save your friend” He shouted in surprise, looking at me as I forced him back, but I shook my head. 

“No. I’m saving you from her anger problems!” I protest and point to Matilda who was shaking. “Cause dumb Hydra soldier #301 or whatever thought it’d be smart to stab her.” 

“What?!” Spiderman turned and watched Matilda whip her head around and glare at the soldier as a dark mist formed at her feet.

The black mist surrounded the soldier and we could see him choke and fall to the ground. 

“Holy Shit! What was that?! What did she just DO!?” Spiderman cursed in shock, staggering back, unsure what to do in this scenario. “I’m calling Tony.”

“No, don’t call-” I start, but Matilda teleports back beside us and interrupts me.

“That would be perfect. We need to speak to him” She spoke and I think I saw Spiderman’s soul leave his body. “ And don’t try any of that web shit with me. I won’t hesitate -”

“Matilda! Let’s not threaten our only ally!” I stop her by covering her mouth and turn to him, “Please we need to see Iron Man! It’s a serious matter.” I try to convince him.

“Why should I take you to him?!” He said incredulously and turned to point at Matilda, “She just killed someone!”

“It was a Hydra soldier. Calm down.” Matilda rolled her eyes. She tugged at her long hair. “I can’t even fight properly with this.” Spiderman turned back to me, flailing his arms in an exasperated manner. 

“Who even are you people?” He asked tired and confused. It was obvious this fight with Hydra had been going on for a long time.

“That’s between me and Tony” I answer and giving him a desperate look I plead “If what I believe to be true is true, then he needs to know.” 

Spiderman sighed and muttered something. Probably has a communicator. 
“You’re lucky Tony is super curious.” He tells me and my heart soars.

“Thank You!” I jump and hug him. I feel him stiffen, but he hesitantly wraps his arms in the hug. 

“Yeah. Please just don’t make me regret it.” He whispered and I could tell he was nervous about Mattie.

“I won’t.”

Iron man sent a car for me, Matilda, and Spiderman to get to the compound. I watched as we pulled up to the large complex. This is insane I thought looking around. I glanced over to Spiderman, who was endlessly fidgeting the whole ride. He had taken off his suit, but decided not to tell us his real name, claiming it was because of superhero reasons. He did look to be my age and that made me curious where he came from. The car stopped and we got out to face the compound. I saw Iron Man and some other people standing next to him. 

He gestured for Spiderman to come to him and Spiderman jogged towards him. 

As they talked, Matilda and I fell behind. “Are you doing okay?” I asked her, seeing the blood that stained her shirt, “Is it still bleeding?”

Matilda shook her head, and lifted the shirt slightly. “I heal fast. You do too.” She told me. “The one gift Hydra gave us.” She joked. 

I nodded slowly and looked at the others, “So you know who they are?” I asked. I knew she had way more knowledge than I do, my mind is still scattered. 

They’re the Avengers” Matilda stated and we saw one of the blonde ones next to a man with longish brown hair look back at us. “They’re supposed to save people like us. Hydra’s lab rats.” She looked up at me, “But the metal arm one and the red head is thinking of ways to kill us.”

“Wonderful. At least we may have Spidey on our side” I state and kept a straight front, but on the inside I was freaking out. How am I gonna keep both of us safe. Or them safe from us.

A/N: Here is part 3. Sorry if it was a bit slow, I’m doing extra classes to get ahead in Uni, so balancing it with work is interesting to say the least. We are finally getting to the group dynamics and I decided I want the avengers to be whole, including Bucky, cause the broken family dynamic hurts my soul. Tagging for this series is open! Thanks a bunch!!

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We Can Have Our Cake

(or, Autism as a Neurotype, Disability, and Disorder)

Recently I have seen a lot of conversation about autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and whether it is a disorder, or a neurotype. The conversation usually starts with one autistic declaring that autism is not a disorder, and usually escalates when an allistic accuses them of not being a real autistic. Or it starts with, it would not be a disability if society accommodates us. And sometimes, it is a disability but not a disorder.

We’ve all had this conversation, or at least seen it.

Of course, it is a neurotype and a disability. That is the point of a diagnosis; to find what is different, to create what we sociologists call an outgroup. Consider, however, that this does not exclude autism being a disorder.

ASD is primarily a social-communication disorder; it describes a group of people in which there are difficulties with certain types of social interaction, including but not limited to delays or deficits social and emotional reciprocity, language, implicit communication, subtext, and more.

The thing is, no matter how much accommodation we receive, no matter how much and how well we cope, we will always be at a disadvantage in this regard. Society could be 100% accessible to us, but the fact that we must cope at all by making use of accommodations – even if society grants them whole cloth – will set us apart.


Because at the end of the day, humans have biological wiring to recognize patterns – it is what the brain does – and allistic people follow biologically driven patterns of all the things that make us disabled. There are patterns to emotional and social reciprocity; there are patterns to the subtext, to the language. Allistics learn these implicit patterns naturally because their wiring dictates it.

“Ah-ha!” you say, “Aren’t autistics wired for patterns?”

Well, yes. But not in the same way, that is the point. When I watch autistics interact in social groups with other autistics, removed from the context of allistic social standards, I don’t see many, if any of the social standards. It does not matter if the communication does not involve emotional or social reciprocity because that is the expectation. Our pattern recognition works just fine, there is just a predisposition to recognize different patterns naturally.

And yes, this supports the idea that we are being pathologized based on an arbitrary social construct. Yes, it supports the idea that society labels us disabled based on social standards that should not apply to us. Absolutely, these things are true, and I feel that allistic society needs to correct these issues.

But even if they do correct these issues, my brain will still be different, my brain will still see difference, and even if I am perfectly acceptable to society standards, I will still need help interacting with society. My brain is, and always will have more to overcome because the clear majority of the world simply does not even perceive the world the same way I do, and that disadvantages me.

Equity is a laudable goal, but it does not change the biological basis that affects how I see and interact with the world. People will always have to go out of their way – even when socially expected – or I will always have to go out of my way to achieve the same social accomplishments.

Think of it this way: as crippled person, I cannot run up the stairs and usually cannot walk up or down stairs. That is a feature of my biology. My body just works that way. Equity means that in an emergency, someone will show up to escort me down the stairs for my safety, or even carry me.

But an able-bodied person can also take the stairs on their own. In a fire, they do not have to have someone carry them down the stairs. In an emergency, they can run down the stairs to escape danger. I must either wait for someone to rescue me, or I must go very slow and very carefully, putting me at greater risk. There simply is no way around this.

It is the same thing with me and social situations. No matter how slow or careful (no matter how accommodating) people are with regards to my social disability, it does not change that I will always have the equivalent of being socially crippled.

What about the stigma? I do believe that there is more stigma attached to the word “disorder” than there is disability. However, I do not believe that changing the name of autism spectrum disorder to autism spectrum condition, or autism spectrum neurology, or any other number of things will lessen that stigma.

The stigma does not exist because of the word we use; the word is stigmatizing because it is the word society uses for us. Call it autism spectrum peanut butter cookies, and peanut butter cookie will become the stigmatizing phrase; society will use peanut butter as an insult because of the association with us.

As a sociologist, I love the idea of changing the prevailing view of ASD to be less stigmatizing, and I believe we can do that. I do not, however, believe that doing so should come at the expense of recognizing disability.

The good news is that we do not have to. It is possible to reduce the stigma with a primary focus on acceptance and secondary focus on awareness of realistic understandings of autism, and it is possible to do it without erasing the disability that is writ in our biology.

We can have our cake and eat it, too.

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anonymous asked:

How do you combine science and religion? They're basically the opposite. I wish I could without feeling one is a lie.

Ahhhhhhh, nonny, nonny, nonny.

The answer is because, truly, nothing fuels my love for & faith in my religion more than science. And nothing keeps me motivated & driven to keep learning and working in science more than my religion.

I don’t try to analyse my Gods with the scientific method, the same way I don’t try to analyse my experience of being in love. Even if there is specific phenomenology one could identify, neurotransmitters being released, activity in parts of the brain, that’s not what those things are fundamentally about. Science does not hold all the answers to all the facets of the universe or life or the human condition. And a good scientist must always remember the limits of her theory and her experimentation.

But -

On Sunday night I watched David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II and had tears in my eyes at the infinite diversity and beauty of the natural world. Watching thunder clouds rolling over steppes and feeling filled up with love for Sif and Thor. Every sequence of predators chasing down prey resonating so deeply with the part of me that works with the Wild Hunt. And looking at every incredible living thing shown and knowing - that by the wonder of evolution - we are all cousins - all related - our ancestors are the same.

But everything I learn about molecular biology, the incredible, incomprehensible complexity of every cell in every living organism and how they interact - all hewn out of twenty amino acids, coded by four bases, all evolved from a single cell across billions of years - just increases my sense of awe and wonder and faith in the Gods. This is what they gave us.

As does the stunning beauty and elegance of the laws of physics. The wave equation. Dirac’s equation that knew more than he did. The energy-matter equivalence. Quantum-electro-dynamics, which is accurate to a degree equivalent to measuring the distance between New York and Los Angeles to within the breadth of a single hair. The fact that I can look up at the night sky and see light from millions of years ago. 

This is beauty, this is poetry, this is magic, this is where I find my Gods.

Happier (any of them sad imagine)

Summary: he sees you with someone new, based on Ed Sheeran’s Happier

Pairing: reader x any of the boys

Any Of The Boy’s POV

The cupcake in front of me is pretty. Beautiful, fancy even. Too fancy to eat. Usually I would never think such considerate over something so simple, meaningless, little stuff. But after that day, I learnt something a hard way. 

Appreciate what you have while you can.

Shrugging my head I started to peel off the wrapper and eat it slowly. On the corner of my eye, I saw something. 


She’s waiting for something, I can tell from her constant fidget and checking the phone. She used to do that with me because she thinks ‘it’s awkward just standing there with people passing and not doing anything’ so instead she would pretend to play at her phone or just constant clock check.

As I was about to get up, I was going to say hi to her, well talk how much i miss us.

A guy suddenly appeared and smile when he saw her. Her face lights up and she immediately was in his embrace. He said something that make her laugh. You look happier.

With a heavy heart, I decide it’s best to leave her be. After what I did to her, It’s only fair of me to leave her be, let her be happy. But, I know I was truly happy with her, nobody will make me happier than she will.

 I bump to someone, “Hey! What are you doing here?” my friend asked me. “Oh Hi man, long time no see you!” I smiled trying to shove my feelings away.

After another hour catching up, I am finally home. “Vodka? Whiskey?” I settled for vodka. Anything to make me forget about her. I thought about what I saw earlier. I was really close to begging her back, hell i beg right now if she would even consider us again. But I realised something, a sad hard truth.

You’re happier, both of your smiles were twice as wide as ours.

Pulling out my phone, drunk, honest words, I text her.

I’m sorry for everything, I saw you with him, I’m happy for you. You look happier, you do, but if he breaks your heart like lovers do, I just want you to know, I will always be here waiting for you. 

The Start of Something

shawn mendes x reader

prompt: based on the songs Honest by Shawn Mendes and Ivy by Frank Ocean.

“It’s that I hate to hurt you, but I got to be honest. I can’t give you what you need. You deserve more than I can promise”

“I thought that I was dreaming when you said you loved me, the start of nothing”

The start of something.

The sky was pitch black as the stars danced around and glimmered. The air was cool and our cheeks were flushed. Pointing out the different constellations, lost in our own world. This is how I always want it to be. The 2 of us, enjoying each other’s company, alone. Laughter filled my ears as we laid down on the grass, cracking jokes and being ourselves. The feeling was ethereal. It was almost like I was in some type of dream world. I could dream all night. The feeling deep down is good.

I glanced up at Shawn as I watched him laugh. The way his smile reflected the moon light, how his cheeks would gradually become a deep pink, how his eyes gleamed with joy. I couldn’t help but watch and smile. I guess he had noticed, as the laughter had died down. Shawn looked at me and smiled a weary smile, as if he were trying to figure something out.

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