NEW COMMISSIONS POST FOR THE SUMMER, with a shiny (literally shiny, I use metalic inks on those) new traditional option for those who like to own originals!! 

for more examples of my work, check out my art tag!!

I will draw: ocs, fan art, detail-heavy elements (hair, dresses, armors, wings, etc), mildly suggestive stuff and tasteful nudes (such as mermaids, dryads, etc), stylized gore, stylized mechanisms, animals as companions only

I won’t draw: full nsfw, excessive violence, tim burton’s style (no more, sorry), full mechas, heavy anthro

I reserve myself the right to deny a commission for any reason.

Unless otherwise asked by the commissioner, I reserve myself the right to post the commissions on my social networks and/or use them in my portfolio and retain commercial rights on fan art pieces (selling prints, making merch).

All prices are in US dollars. All payments are to be made via paypal and upfront, but please do not send me anything before we’ve discussed and agreed on the commission. Each piece should take roughly 1-2 weeks, but the time can vary depending on the amount of characters, detail, etc. Please let me know if there’s a deadline to be met.

I’m opening five slots this time!

1. full
2. full
3. open!
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5. open!

email me at if interested or for any questions or an estimate!! 

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Thanks so much!! ♡

Have you guys heard of Indulgences yet? 

If you’re a Christian who’s sinned, Indulgences can help you reduce your punishment in purgatory! I’ve been using them and they REALLY, REALLY WORK. 


Anyway … I just hope that Harry and his lovely family are feeling loved and supported. I hope they are having the privacy they deserve to grieve in peace. I hope that they know that many of us are keeping them in our thoughts and prayers. I hope life gives them a break. I hope they know that their love for each other and their strength inspire us to be better versions of ourselves. I hope both: life and people give them the love and the respect that they deserve 💚

“The live-action movies’ expert use of CGI make them seem magical, in a way that reminds me of why I enjoy the original movies so much, and are an advantage to seeing these movies brought to life this way. Like Cinderella’s transformation scene, or the opening to The Jungle Book, or the ballroom dance scene in Beauty and the Beast. Sometimes they’re effective enough for me to ignore some of the issues I have with the movies in that moment.”


V Lockscreen [ pastel ]                                                                                                                                                                                                → note and reblog if you use them.  ♡                                                        → don’t repost please

Romantic Gestures - Haechan

Taeil  -  Johnny  -  Taeyong  -  Yuta  -  Ten  -  Jaehyun  -  Mark  -  Haechan

A/N: Little things he would do purposely and subconsciously to/with his S/O

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  • putting his hand atop your head 24/7, whether it be making fun of your height or affectionately tussling your hair
  • using aegyo because he knows you secretly adore his greasy antics
  • teasing you affectionately, but not letting anyone else
  • sending cute messages when he knows you’re down
  • sharing heartfelt thoughts and emotions in private
  • seeking your advice on issues beyond him
  • getting a bit bashful from your candor/honesty of your thoughts
  • always telling you to eat a lot and well
  • surprise visits from him
  • introducing you to his friends/members so you feel a part of the squad
  • saving goofy photos of you [using them to blackmail you or as memes]
  • patting™
    your shoulder, your cheek, your hand, etc…
  • trying not to let you see him cry ever because he feels he should be ‘strong’ for you
  • always letting you be first;
    first through the door, first to be served food, first in anything but video games or competitions
  • asking to do homework together
  • gushing
  • bragging about you to others
  • pushing you to be your best

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Imagine you finding out mika is intending to leave and save krul. Crowley and mika were standing in front of the mansion's door when yuu spotted them and thanks to his enhanced hearing he heard crowley warning mika that it's a trap and that they want to use him which mika is well aware of. Yuu tells mika not to leave and that he shouldn't let them use him and they're argument is among the lines of my next ask :D

Mika: like how you’re not telling those humans use you for their own selfish reasons? Yuu: this is different- Mika: how? How is this different? Yuu: I’m trying to bring our family back, mika!! Mika: what’s dead should stay dead yuu-chan. Yuu: like how you are right now?! Mika teared up and yuu realised what he just said but mika left before he could apologise to him

Yuri!!! On Ice Headcanons


-Yuuri lived alone in the States while attending college?
-You know that boy learned the art of the sale
-Yuuri and Pichit saved coupons and used them like crazy
-Once the store actually owed them 5$ after a shopping trip for winter clothes
-Yuuri goes shopping with Victor for the first time and Yuuri’s SHOOK
-First off, he doesn’t have any coupons for the places they’re going
-Second, this place doesn’t give out coupons???
-Third, when he tries to haggle Victor’s just like
-“This is yours now”
-“Lemme spoil you!”
-That’s not to say Victor’s bad with money
-He can spend so much BECAUSE he’s so good with it
-Victor the shrewd business man is scary
-He makes a cut of the profits for most of his promos
-Plus he keeps on top of the stock market
-He even invests in property around St. Petersburg
-Basically, everything he touches turns to GOLD
-Not that you wouldn’t expect that
-When he finds out Yuuri isn’t saving for retirement
-He starts diversifying Yuuri’s portfolio ASAP
-He wants Yuuri to be 100% set for life
-Just in case…

Batch Request: Ego

“Wow, watch out, we have a very important person among us!”

“I gave them one compliment and I could practically see their ego inflate.”

“It’s not my fault none of you can appreciate such a fine specimen that is me.”

“If they knew I was hiding from them, they won’t let it go. They seem to think that everyone must like them.”

“Apparently they’re sulking because I didn’t agree with them.”

“Where do they even keep all that ego?”

“I just want people to appreciate me as much as I do. As is deserved.”

“Your jealousy of my everything is seeping through.”

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I know that this is 100% a cat trait but like when cats do the fluffed up sideways crab walk and they're all arched and it's so funny to watch well that but for some reason when derek gets startled in his wolf form he does the thing and stiles falls over laughing because wtf even is that derek omfg

this is way too cute and made my day ahhh imagine the amount of floof with a wolf

Originally posted by rileyraiyne

((i can’t write but here have this? this got way out of hand, idek))

Okay but I love this so much because we have that grumpy cat picture with Ty and because I do see Derek as more of a cat person and I don’t even remember why right now (I know I had a proper explanation for this) but I see it. I see Derek being the special wolf who is liked by cats while they hate everyone else and Derek is PROUD of this, he is, and he will flaunt the cats and use them as his guardians because they will immediately hiss at any other kind of were around. Not to mention that if we go with kid!Sterek AU and Derek sneaking stray cats into his room as his loyal companions, they will keep his family out of his room but they won’t mind Stiles coming in and hanging out with him - and my mind is totally leading to a cat lady Derek Hale thing right now, Derek taking in strays all over, sick kitties that he nurses back to health and then finds good homes for, even convincing the sheriff to take an older cat home who then becomes John best buddy when he sits in front of the tv in the evenings drinking his non-alcoholic beer

Aaaanyway, Derek definitely picks up on the cat mannerisms and it actually helps him finally beat Laura in play fights for once, at first simply out of surprise, then because it makes him quick on his toes and agile. He gets teased a bit of course because “YOU’RE A WOLF DEREK ACT LIKE ONE” but he doesn’t care, he’ll take anything he can get because Laura has a few years on him and an automatic advantage, plus his cats are AWESOME okay and he loves them and everything they do is awesome

Also, picture Derek always with a cat on his shoulder – at all times, he lets them climb up his clothes, resulting in lots of holes in jeans and shirts which Talia is NOT happy about

Sticking to that growing up together au idea (because I love them as best friends so much), imagine Stiles does not know about the Hale secret, but of course he suspects, and he comes up with the wildest theories, including a werewolf theory because he has heard them mentioning the full moon, and where is that dog that they seem to have but also not have??? Derek’s not allowed to tell but he jokes about it and Stiles kinda believes it, because it all fits, Derek is really sensitive to scents and always makes that scrunchy face when he smells something Stiles can’t, and the collective hearing in the whole house is so good Stiles has learned not to ramble when he’s there, and Derek actually kinda growls when he’s angry and he totally has puppy dog eyes, but as Stiles grows he doesn’t believe in magic anymore and he gets more and more into the idea that humans invented all mythology unprompted, wanting to blame evil creatures for all the terrible things mankind does. Derek is nothing like the werewolves in the movies and in his online roleplaying game after all. He might be super strong sometimes and very playful and wild at certain times but he’s cute and has a dimpley smile rather than a toothy leer and he’s the first one to jump up and tend to any cuts or scratches Stiles has rather than trying to tear off his head in crazy blood thirst

Eventually at some point later in their teens, when there have been multiple close calls of Derek almost wolfing out in front of Stiles because puberty is messing with his abilities and control, and because he’s learning the full shift – there’s probably one VERY close call where Derek is shaking and panting and Talia and Peter have to swoop in and escort him away, leaving Laura to tend to an insanely worried, teary-eyed and panicking Stiles – that they decide to tell him. It’s all very nonchalant. Stiles is very clingy and careful with Derek and doesn’t leave him alone, and goddammnit he wants to know what’s happening, Laura promised he would get to know, so Derek has him over to the Hale house after school the next day and leads him to the kitchen where Derek makes them sandwiches while Stiles catches up with Talia. They sit down to eat and right before Derek takes his first bite he goes “By the way, you were right, we are werewolves” and then he just munches on his sandwich as if they were talking about the weather, and for a moment Stiles has flashbacks to his mom((idk why I keep going for alive Hale AUs but stick to Claudia’s illness, I really don’t know)) and he thinks oh god, Derek is starting to lose grasp of reality and will get sick just like his mom. A look at Talia immediately calms his nerves though because she’s still smiling, as calm and bright as usual.

“Um, what?” Stiles asks, dropping his sandwich to stare between them. Derek should’ve known not to bring this up before the food because there’s no way Stiles can think of his appetite when there’s something like this at hand. Talia just gestures to Derek to let him tell the story, but she stays for support. Not that either of them really need it because Stiles is absolutely thrilled and actually jumps off his chair in excitement when Derek flashes golden eyes at him. He proceeds to poke at Derek’s cheek when he refuses to chow him his fangs at first. Derek’s a little shy about it because he’s so used to keeping it within the family but the more questions Stiles asks and the more he raves about it, the prouder and more cocky Derek gets about it

Obviously from then on Derek has no qualms flashing his teeth when he playfully growls at Stiles and he’ll use his claws as can openers just to show off. Laura rolls her eyes at them, and blames Stiles for flattering Derek too much and letting him get a big head about it, while Peter keeps trying to intimidate Stiles and tell him not-so-fun stories about being a werewolf, and Cora just tells Stiles that if he thinks Derek is so cool he should just marry him, Derek cares for Stiles like a mate anyway

Needless to say they’re only just growing into their feelings and both decide to pine obliviously for a while

There’s one thing Derek doesn’t do because he claims he’s not that good at it though, and that’s show Stiles his full shift. Stiles has seen just about everyone’s full shift, Peter is always eager to show off his but Derek refuses is and Stiles is honestly kind of hurt because by all other means he’s basically part of the pack now, like Derek’s two year younger human brother and Laura’s twin. He knows everything he can get out of them all about the supernatural world, and Peter’s partner, who is some kind of druid, is also happy to share information about the more magical side of the world, along with the special currents running through Beacon Hills and the history to it. So yeah, he’s included in everything but Derek’s full shift and Stiles just doesn’t understand why

So one day he’s dealing with a particularly skittish and troubled kitty and he shifts to try and make her more comfortable that way and he’s fully focused on her. Stiles’ scent and heartbeat are so familiar that he isn’t consciously aware of them growing stronger, if anything it subconsciously calms him, lessening his worry about how much difficulty he’s having with little Cinnamon. He’s got this. He just has to-

“Oh my god, Der!” Stiles’ exclaims in excitement and Derek JUMPS. The abrupt movement startles Stiles in return for a split second but the wolf is staring at him wide-eyed, back arched into an impossible curve, his fur is puffed up all around him, especially around his neck, where he has the most fur, and he’s padding sideways with a sort of hop in his step. Stiles bursts out laughing, doubling over with the force of it, because he has never seen something as unexpected and cute as this.

“What are y- do wolves even do that?” Stiles chokes out between laughter and Derek stops moving as he realizes that there is no danger. But Stiles is basically falling into the floor laughing and Derek wishes he could hide. If he wouldn’t be completely nude after shifting back, he would’ve done so right away, but hell, that would make this so much more embarrassing for him so he pouts in his own wolfy way, pulling his ears back with a grumble. Stiles is trying to contain his laughter at this point, coming closer as he chuckles.

“Are you sure you’re not some kind of cat/wolf hybrid?” Stiles asks, plopping down right next to Derek, who steps back unsure. He’s not built as strong as Peter, doesn’t have sleek midnight black fur like Laura and doesn’t possess the natural grace his mother has. He doesn’t feel as much wolf as they are, which is only strengthened by the tie he has with the cats. He’s totally comfortable with his fangs and claws in his human form but sometimes he feels like he might not fit into the family as much as the other do.

But Stiles doesn’t hesitate to reach out and bury his fingers into his ash-colored black-ish grey spotted fur, running them up to his tucked ears.

“Oh my god, you’re so fluffy,” Stiles tells him. “I can’t believe I had to sneak up on you to get to see you like this. I mean, I wasn’t trying to sneak up, I thought that was impossible with you guys but hey maybe I do have some kind of spark… do you think I could also learn magic?” All the while Stiles is running his hands along Derek’s fur and he finds himself relaxing into it. By the time Stiles mentions how cool his fur color is Derek can’t remember what he was ever self-conscious about. He settles in for an hour of belly rubs and scratching under his chin and ears, eventually ignoring Stiles comparing his low satisfied rumble to a cat’s purring. Cinnamon the kitty even comes out when she sees that the two boys are calm and distracted.

Cinnamon of course ends up trusting Stiles first, and Derek is NOT jealous, he just likes nipping at Stiles’ ankles for fun – as well as revenge for the picture Stiles took of him in bed in his wolf form, a bunch of cats piled up all over him.

((Also this ask reminded me that so called werewolf cats are a thing soooo secretly Derek has a favorite breed, even if he always says breeds don’t matter since there are so many mixed strays, but he has a special fierce love for the werewolf cat even if he’s never met one because they are rare. He doesn’t let anyone call them ugly and will protect them to his last breath. One day in the future to celebrate 20 years of marriage or something, Stiles gets them a werewolf cat whom he dubs Lycaon just for the fun of it – Derek gives him an exasperated look, but his fondness shines through, and Derek forgets to hate the name within 5 seconds))

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It's perhaps a strange question, but you've been around long enough to have an informed opinion. I don't believe I've seen you answer this, either. Do you have a favorite type/style of knife, and if so, why is it your favorite? I'd also like you to answer those same questions regarding swords, and if you have an overall blade preference.

Even during war, I never really carried a weapon for anything more than show. It is true that I have held sword, bow, musket, but never really made use of any of them. Knives however, are another story. I use them more for utility, and my absolute favorite knife was a long bladed hunting knife I took from a gentleman I met to the southwest of Erie. I had that knife until 1965, where I sold it at auction for a fairly good sum, given that it was a knife that was not a showpiece and was only ever used professionally. I took very good care of it and so while it have been whittled down somewhat, it was still something a collector could enjoy. I still sometimes find myself reaching for it.

I do have something of a sword collection, from a civil war dress sword to a chinese broadsword, to a katana. I am not particular. I like quality balanced with aesthetics. I also never intend to use them. They are meant for later resale.

I suppose if you had to pin me down on a specific sword, I would say a French short sword. They had lovely balance and a double blade.

yo, to all the people still wondering if they should buy the fitness stuff pack for the earbuds (they’re cute, yes or nah? tell the truth), just hold on. the earbuds don’t work for me and some others people reporting the same issue on twitter mostly.

when my sims used them, they just stand here, shake their heads sometimes but do nothing else. they can’t multitask, they can’t talk to other people or even go somewhere else. i can here the music but they don’t gain any fun from this activity. it even lower their needs. i’m kind off pissed that the item i bought came out “broken” and i just want a patch asap because it’s such a waste. the idea is really neat and i’m so grateful for it but… it doesn’t work.

if i won’t be cc-free i’ll be more cautious about this statement because it could have been a cc/mod conflict or whatsover. but it’s not. i do not have a single piece of cc, mods, etc. i’m clean. so i can guarantee at100% that the item is broke, at least for some people. i’ll report this issue directly to gurus as soon as possible and hope they’ll can fix this for us so we can fully enjoy the pack. tell me if it works for you guys. i’m curious. i’ll tell you more about the pack when i’ll dig it more. now, i’m still discovering parenthood - yeah, i’m a slow player.

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I saw on your list of curse ingredients that dead butterflies may be used as an ingredient. What properties would they possess? Would it be mainly attributes of the Air Element? I have quite a few butterfly wings that I've found and collected, and I'm interested in using them. Thank you!

I am fairly positive the post you are referencing is not mine - not one I have written myself - and therefore I can’t give you a concrete answer. I can offer my speculation as to what they could be used for, but the original poster would likely be better to ask, since they could give you their exact reasoning behind that choice.

Ah. However I see that post may no longer link to the right blog, or they deactivated. That’s a shame. However, I can still give you my speculation as to why butterflies wings might be a potential curse ingredient.

To start with, the absence of life is something that stands out a lot to me. The symbolism for using dead insects in spells could be to “drain the life” out of the target - remove their energy or desires to do anything, or even just their passion for life and their hobbies. If they rot, even better.

Wings in particular are often associated with freedom and lightness. Sometimes curse ingredients are a reflection of their correspondences in regular spells. In the case of wings, a potential use for them as a curse ingredient would be to make the target feel trapped in their own life, unable to get away from their own negativity, or left feeling “heavy” and removed from any happiness or uplifting feelings.

Butterflies have their own unique symbolism in magic as well. It mostly revolves around change and transformation. The use of a butterfly’s wings in a spell could be to show that the target’s life is changing for the worse.

Butterflies have lots of symbolism in mythology and folklore in regards to the soul, and that their wings can be a representation of that (particularly a witch’s soul). Burning a set of butterfly wings and adding the ashes / charred remains to a curse could be one way to “scorch their soul” to damage their spirit and energy.

I would suggest that you do some further research into the symbolism of butterflies in magic and witchcraft, and see if there are any correlations you can draw for yourself. Remember, in a lot of cases, curse ingredients are the reflection of the positive aspects they can carry.

[Butterfly Magic and Folklore]

I hope this gives you some ideas. Again, this is all just speculation, based off some research and ideas that I have, and may not be what the OP had in mind when they added them to the list. 

It is also good to remember that your own associations are just as important in magic, and what you feel about an object and what meaning it holds for you can be just as powerful and utilized in a spell. I very much suggest you also think about what butterflies mean to you, what their wings can represent, and how that may apply to the act of cursing.

Best of luck!