a starless sky

how long can you pretend that thinking about your death,
more than you think about your future is anything close to okay?
they tried to smile every day,and they would spend hours each night,
trying to find distractions that wouldn’t leave permanent reminders,
looking to find beauty in every goddamn thing they saw, 
and searching for reasons to wake up tomorrow,

bad nights consisted of stained pillowcases, bruises,
and tormenting thoughts that would not be quiet,
they felt like they were rotting, absolutely everything-
was unappealing and nothing was pleasing anymore,
they needed to feel something other than bitterness,
something other than this anxiety that they were drowning in.

everyday they considered all the options that they had,
the thought of leaving was calming yet leaving forever sounded terrifying,
it is horrible, the comfort you find in your sickness, familiar like home,
unable to put this burden on their mother they are back to where-
they started, - dreading  tomorrow and unsure of today.

                              GIVE ME THAT  D A M N  LIST,
                              SO I CAN SINK  MY TEETH  IN …

alright, so i’ve had this blog for little over three months and i never imagined i would have damn near 1k followers EVER let alone within so short of a time-span. i am absolutely flattered, and honored that so many people enjoy my blog and my interpretation of sylar enough to keep me on their dashboards. thank you all so much!

i wish i was talented and/or wealthy enough to do some sort of giveaway – but, alas, i am a mere potato living off of a cafe salary, THEREFORE, i present to you: my 700+ followers bias list.

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anonymous asked:


-headcanon that gansey buys an alpaca farm and names all of the alpacas ronan

-blue uses alpaca wool to start a clothing line

-adam sells the alpaca milk and makes a killing

-noah has a dog named bingo who lives on the alpaca farm with gansey

-ronan is pissed


(Some good and not so good shots of random War Boys)

Overall wearing War Boy I deemed a female named Dodger with Pepper in the gas mask, and Crazy Dude with his hand in the air I named Steeltoe.  No names for the rest…

anonymous asked:

We all hold Ward accountable for his actions, but team just skates buy after saying and doing some pretty terrible things to him. Ward has to own his actions but so does the team. The stuff they said in 2x19 which basically was your trauma doesn't matter. Which after listening to the writers and other actors we know thats how the team really feels, there was no deeper meaning behind their cruelty. So why is Ward the only one responsible? Shouldn't this be an effort from both sides?

Dear nonnie,

Your overall point, I think, is that if there’s to be any sort of reconciliation between the team and Ward then it has been be an effort from both sides? I totally and completely agree with you. That is absolutely what would happen if this was an unbiased show that had a grey narrative rather than “flawless” heroes and “irredeemable” villains. But it’s not.

So, here’s the thing, all of this is only my opinion, you know? This is a subject that lots of Ward fans feel really strongly about (not to mention those who also really dislike Ward) and, just like a lot of people I’m sure, I find it pretty hard to be objective about things. And I’m really sorry if anything I said in my previous post or, indeed, in this one is upsetting to you. Just know that I love Ward, I really do. I don’t enjoy seeing him struggle for understanding and have nobody believe that anything he says is true. I would love nothing more than to wake up and find out that everything 2x10 onwards was a fever dream. That’s not going to happen though.

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