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excuse me Magisterium series is about what? like i know i can search on google but its always better to hear from someone who read it

!! !! AIGHT AIGHT so 

the Magisterium series is 5-book series (we currently have 3, with the 4th one coming out this…november?)

Anyways. The series is centered around 12 y/o Callum Hunt or Call, who was raised by his dad believing that magic is Bad, mages are Bad, and the school Magisterium where mages go for magic is most definitely the worst place ever. Most likely he’ll die in it. So when the test for kids to be admitted into the school comes around, he tries his best to do his absolute worst

He fails at failing and passes the test.

So now, teamed up with Tamara and Aaron, Call sets out to try and escape the place while being taught how to control their magic. 

It’s written for like, middle-school ages so expect it to be something similar to the PJO/HoO series or Harry Potter, because if i had to give the book a one-liner it’d be this: “Good kids with terrible luck in magic going thru unfortunate events”

Also, do it for these trio:


not shown: the dwarves coming back and telling their master that they lost their target, causing prince ichi to become so enraged that the remaining butterflies surrounding him burst into flames, permanently destroying the princely aura he had up to that point

(in other words I was trying to get a feel for prince ichi because I figured I’d have fun writing him the most and guess what I was right about that. and before anyone asks, no, I haven’t started the fic yet, and it’ll probably be a while before that actually happens, so consider this to be a prototype scene that’s not guaranteed to make it into the actual fic? like I’m not even sure about this antagonist The Player but I guess I’ll talk more about him tomorrow)

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Every woman knows that Ivar loves every sense about blood; from the look, touch, taste and smell. And a lot of us would actually allow him to have sex with any of us, even while bleeding. But what about eating you out? How many women would allow him to do that?

I feel like you’re trying to shock the Heathen Army with this question, sunglasses guy. You must not be aware of my deep and abiding love for this fic, A Blush So Deep, by our very own @captainpoopwienersoldier, which I will let stand as the definitive affirmative answer to your query. Read it and tell me if it made you blush, eh???

Kinda shook rn, cause I made my palette 37 (+3) swatches!! So, like, I am happy :3 And a lot of the colors look really nice, they are transitions between the original colors…but, some are p cool :33

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i hate it ehen people have super duper long fake nails like????? theyre going to fall off???????? pls stop person ur nails??????

On one hand I get what you mean, but on the other hand if you see someone with nails like that and they’re all still attached, that means that person is talented enough to keep them all perfectly intact while still going about their daily lives, and therefore has So Much Power