• Seychelles: aah~ it's so relaxing fishing on a sunny day- oh! I caught something! Wow, it's pretty heavy- MISTER ITALY??
  • Italy: hehe... hi, Seychelles~
  • Seychelles: ... you guys got stranded in the ocean... again.
  • Italy: yep.
  • Seychelles: ... *deep sigh* fine, tell me their location, and I'll fish-out Mister Japan and Mister Germany.
  • Italy: um...
  • Seychelles: ... AND the Allied Powers too... you guys owe me, big time!

johnkunsol on new year’s day: the fact that we didn’t debut in any of the nct units this year caught us off guard but never accept rejection as failure

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Hello! So, yesterday I played Undertale again and I noticed something about the "hopes and dreams" stuff. The only ones who said that throught the game have some relation with the Royal Family, Undyne and Sans if the memory isn't failing me, I'm curious if that's just coincidence or it's something more. I'm sorry for my bad english!

(undertale spoilers)

The phrase “hopes and dreams” appears most notably in Asriel’s battle, as well as several key points of dialogue said by Undyne. 

» Neutral Route – Before Undyne’s Fight

» Neutral Route – Phone Call with Undyne

» Neutral Route – Killing Undyne

Alphys… Asgore… Papyrus…
Everyone is counting on me to protect them!
In the name of everybody’s hopes and dreams…

» Pacifist Route – Asriel Battle

Sans does not use the phrase “hopes and dreams” or anything like unto it in the course of the game. 

While the phrase is fairly self-explanatory in its meaning, it’s worth mentioning that it is similar in meaning to another phrase exclusive to Undyne and Asriel: both talk, at different points in the game, about “everyone’s hearts” beating as one/pounding together.  Undyne uses the phrase to refer to the entire community of monsters hoping for either safety from the human rampaging through the Underground, or for the freedom of monsters by using the human’s soul to break the Barrier.  

Asriel similarly uses the phrase in a much more literal sense when he refers to the collective wishes of the monster community– right before using those very monster souls to break the Barrier.

The phrase “hopes and dreams” is used in something of a similar way.  Undyne uses it specifically to refer to the desires of monsters to go free, and the phrase appears symbolically during the fight with Asriel as a nod to this sentiment.  Frisk can use Hopes and Dreams as items in the fight, and the song that plays during the battle is itself named “Hopes and Dreams.”  Because of the proximity of this fight to the event wherein monsters do actually go free from the Underground, it is more than likely a way of referring to the sentiment earlier echoed by Undyne.

Small wins

We’re getting a small loan to cover our impending move. (We were saving enough cash to cover the move, but then we moved the timeline up four months.)

I just did our budget through the first half of 2017. It’s all estimated, because I can only make educated guesses about what our expenses will be like when we’re settled. But according to my estimates it looks like we’ll be able to pay off the moving loan and reimburse ourselves for what we’ve taken from our emergency savings for this move by the end of March. And further, we should be able to pay off our car by the end of June. (The power of significantly reducing cost of living!)

After that, we’ve just got a little bit of medical debt sitting on a credit card (a calculated risk to our credit report and it’s interest free until Feb 2018 so don’t @ me, finance tumblr), which we’ll be able to knock out in a few months when the loan and car payments are out of the way.

All of this is to say that we will probably be debt-free by the end of 2017.

(It’s perfect timing, since we’ll need that extra money to support the institutions our incoming government won’t.)


SOMEONE had to do it, i can’t be the only one who’s been thinking about this song since this rollercoaster of a story arc started 



It was about a week after detention that Dena found Sheena at work in the library. They hadn’t really spoken since then, and the whole thing made her a bit uncomfortable. 

After a few moments of careful reconaissance to make sure that some of her friends weren’t skulking about, Dena dropped her books onto the table where Sheena was sitting. 

“Hey. Mind if I join you?” she asked, leaning on a chair while she waited for Sheena’s response.


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I need so much help for my mental illnesses but I can’t be bothered to go see a therapist ever again they’re all really shit and stupid lmao

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