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I thought it was kinda strange that you made money off of drawing Dan and Phil's faces.. I mean, your art is cool, but doesn't it bother you that like half of your success comes from their fame?

if you are judging me online, then yes majority of you guys are D&P fans.
I don’t intentionally draw D&P for money. I draw them because I like it.
Its just so happens you guys want my phanart so I sell it
and I really appreciate it cause it does help me in a lot of ways

I don’t call my online life a success.
I just came here to have fun and stalk meet people.

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*whisper* dad glasses

aka my favourite kind of glasses



What even is this and what does it mean? I’ve been getting it for a long time. And it pops up every once in a while. I was finally fast enough to snatch it and????
Because I’ll check my messages and this is never there. And neither are the ones behind the “please wait for me…”
Is it a glitch??? Is it cryptic 707????
It’s giving me the heebee jeebies

so if the fact that the Student Council studied Shakespeare and experienced jellied eels while abroad wasn’t enough proof, consider this:

who wants to speculate that this painting represents the London Eye?

now I wonder just how many pictures they had taken in costumes while away (and I want to see every single one).

accidentally fell headfirst into rubberdoop hell in one night yesterday. mistakes were made

my mom buys like these special crabs/lobsters every now and then but like they’re from some guy’s apartment. right now we’re waiting in the parking lot because he isn’t here yet but it’s so fucking weird. like we’re waiting for a dealer to come by with The Stuff™. the underground crustacean market


It kills me when people say Americans don't have culture

I mean yes, we definitely do not have anything near what Europe has. No competition. But there are cultural lines.

Take my home, the Ozarks and Appalachia as a whole: we have our own folk magic, herb and animal lore, clothing styles, folk songs, instruments, and myths. We have our special ways of planting and hunting and living that is unique to the area and passed down from generation to generation. That’s ours, and we’re proud of it. I’m proud of it.

I agree that our National identity is a mess made up largely of authority issues and consumerism, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t culture close to home.

I would just like to clarify and stress the fact that what I mentioned in this post is not an attack on sq. 

Some of the comments to my post have anti-sq sentiments and some of the tags are “anti-sq”. 

I’m NOT implying that all of SQ fandom believes this. This vileness was just that one person and the people who engaged with her in that post positively. Just the assholes. 

Even anti-CSers have reblogged that post so I’d appreciate if people wouldn’t talk shit about the entire sq fandom for that one person’s comment. 

Thank you 

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The deal with Zetsubou-hen is a bitter, tragic situation where I'm not 100% if there WAS a way that could appease everyone. It would've been impossible to actually portrayed the descent into despair within 12 episodes outside of a "cheat" method due to time constraints, but the SDR2 cast was basically a tool for getting promotion. Best I can think of is that they just presented Hinata and Nanami, and didn't pretend the others were anything more than minor characters.

Yeah this is my point and that’s why I think it would have worked better to just tell everyone that the anime they’re getting is set in the future with the new DR3 cast and the DR1 survivors and to deal with it.

Then the SDR2 survivors’ appearance later on could be a) fleshed out more so they’re a part of the story the way Togami, Fukawa, and Komaru are, and b) once it was revealed, all the people who wanted to see those characters and only those characters could have jumped on board.