One time I was talking on the phone to a guy at US Cellular because I was trying to get my phone switched over

But I couldn’t remember whether his name was Ben or Gabe

So when I went to say thank you I started to say “Thanks Ben” then changed my mind halfway through and wanted to say “Gabe” so it came out 

“Thanks babe”

Let me tell you how fast I hung up

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the longer version of the u.s. cellular commercial i did! :) i just so happened to find this today! got more face time on this one! hehe. check it out!


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CEOs share secrets of connecting with customers in an age of mass intimacy

From The Age of Mass Intimacy

Mary Dillon, U.S. Cellular: Wrote personalized songs to customers who tweeted with service complaints. Internal contest identified employees who were exceptional singers. 70 videos created, tweeted back to individuals and posted on YouTube.

Joe Rigby, PepCo Holdings: Only now, through smart meters, do we have the ability to know when an individual’s power is out. That means more efficient restoration and personal dialogue online.

George Halvorson, Kaiser Permanente: We have no paper. 100 million e-connections with patients last year. 68 million lab results electronically. In one month, over a million users using iPhone app to get lab results in hours.

Dan Jauernig, Classified Ventures: Shoppers on our site can get real-time, online answers from other customers while shopping for a car or apartment.

What it takes for mass intimacy to happen? 

Steve Hasselmann, IBM: Make sure somebody has the mission. Most often it’s the chief marketing officer and the CIO as a pair. 

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I’ve been having a hard time lately, but I sure am lucking out left and right when it comes to customer service!

My phone was suspended because I forgot to pay my bill last month. (DOH!!!!) I didn’t think I was going to be able to turn it back on, but then I got a sale. (YAY!) I called to straighten out my bill and they asked me if I wanted a new phone. I jokingly said I wanted an iPhone, but then quickly explained that I really couldn’t afford one.

So they offered me an iPhone 5c for $25, no activation fee, free overnight shipping, and gave me a special on a plan that’s only a few dollars more than my old one.

I told them they didn’t need to overnight it since I’m going to Mexico, but they did it anyway. “So it will be there for you when you get home!” the rep said. So nice!!

I’m getting an iPhoneeeeeeee! *cries* I’ve wanted one since smartphones became a thing, but could never justify the cost until now. Good-bye, old phone. I will miss your slide out keyboard, but that is all.

I was thinking about getting a pay-as-you-go plan to try to cut down my phone bill… But I’ve already cut down my expenses a lot and gave up my studio. I’m going to let myself have this one nice thing.

Another change

After a lot of thought over the last couple weeks I decided to put in my two weeks at the restaurant.  I wanted that job to be my fun weekend gig where I make some easy cash for my student loans, but instead it brought unnecessary stress and frustration into my life so I decided to be done with it.  

Never without a backup plan I begin a weekend job at US Cellular here in town the first weekend in May.  I have worked for US Cell in the past and like the way they do business, how they treat their customers, and how they treat their employees.  I might not be making quite as much as I was at the restaurant but the peace of mind will be worth it.  

In other news after making my weekly deposit today I have paid more of in April then I did March!  It is looking like I will be able to bring my total debt under $20,000 in the next few days.  

US Cellular Launches 4G LTE

On March 22 USCC launch LTE, for 1st wave markets. Wisconsin, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, North Carolina and Maine are the first markets to launch. The first LTE device is Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE tablet. This tablet is being sold in all USCC markets. So, when LTE come in your market. You can start using it right away. The second device is the Samsung Aviator android smartphone. The first LTE smartphone with 2 band LTE for USCC. But, an 4 band LTE phone will be out in the second half of the year. USCC is going to be the first cellular provider to launch a 4 band LTE smartphone in the industry. The Samsung Aviator will launch some time in april. Two more LTE devices will launch in two months. LTE usb modem and mifi device. 10 to 12 more LTE device in the second half. But, idea what it can be. US Cellular is finally steepen up in the industry. So, let us know what you think?
US Carriers for Samsung Galaxy Nexus revealed!
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Being the first phone to run on Android 4.0, ICS, Samsung Galaxy Nexus had recently revealed the US carriers for the phone, which is a whole list compared to the rumors of Verizon being the exclusive. More »