Okay! So today I went to Us Cellular so my brother could get a new phone and while I was there I was using pokevision to find Pokemon near me. And low and behold a Snorlax shows up. Knowing that all the employees played Pokemon go I announced it to everyone. So all the employees and my brother leave the building to get the Snorlax. Which was incredible. 
Also while I was there the girl working there told me there are pictures of Nicolas Cage all around the building. Apparently there was one under the letters on the wall…

This was the best experience of my life god bless the local Us Cellular building.  

It’s been over 4 years and I still think about Forward Unto Dawn and how wonderfully unique its portrayal of Thomas Lasky was.

This is a 16 year old who lost his brother to the war with the Insurrectionists and has no idea how to deal with it. He tortured himself every night by rewatching Cadmon’s last messages to him and constantly replayed the same chess game they had going.

He had to deal with this all by himself, on top of his worsening physical condition - his allergic reaction to cytoprethaline, the drug used to prevent cellular damage during cryo sleep - which qualified him for medical discharge.

And yet, despite having every reason to, he did not hate the Insurrectionists.

He made himself unpopular with his peers (who verbally and physically harassed him) and his teachers because he dared to question the war between the UNSC and the Insurrectionists. He dared to understand things from ‘the enemy’s’ point of view and argued that the UNSC has very much been at fault - which obviously isn’t going to fly in a prestigious UNSC military academy meant to prepare the next generation for way against these people.

This did drive him to negatively impact his squad as a whole as he disregarded orders and ignored his classes, which is obviously bad - but he was a teenager who was dealing with grief at the loss of a close family member (his only close family member, as Audrey was constantly away due to having her own duties to the UNSC and she’s implied to be a single mother) and his physical health practically by himself.

He still had the courage to stand up to his peers (despite the immense pressure there was to fit in) and say that what the UNSC was doing wasn’t right, that the violence between both sides was something that needed to stop.

And that’s Lasky in a nutshell.

In a universe where you’re a supersoldier typically fighting against technologically superior aliens, this shift in tone and scale with Forward Unto Dawn and Halo 4 accentuated a much quieter kind of heroism which got the Reclaimer Saga off to a much more mature start.

It makes me wonder what kind of role Lasky would have played if 343 had actually followed through on the human Great Schism that was set up for Halo 5 with the rise of the New Colonial Alliance…

Hey you

Yeah you

Davey Jacobs wants you to finally finish that summer reading/online class/essay that’s been hanging over your head.

He’s already done with it and would be super happy for you if you actually did it before the last second.

Katherine Plumber is slumped over at your side, affirming to you that, yes, it does indeed suck, and yep, she’s been there, but you have to do it, and she’ll be here to give you moral support through your baby steps.

Spot Conlon cuts off your wifi connection so that you’re forced to focus.

Racetrack Higgins is totally ready to tattle on you to him if you dare use the cellular data on your phone.

Crutchie Morris believes in you and tells you to get comfy with your book/computer and fix yourself little snacks every once in a while and not be too hard on yourself that you didn’t do it before.

Les Jacobs thinks you’re super cool and awesome and amazing.

anonymous asked:

So, you obviously read fanfic, but I was wondering - do you listen podcasts or podfic?

I don’t, very much. It has to do with our broadband service.

We live way out in the country in an area where there is no “wired” or fiber broadband available. This means all we have available to us is cellular, which we buy from our provider in 20-gig chunks that (theoretically) are good for a month, but (in reality) last us about a week to ten days per chunk – what with two computers and two tablet devices using up the bandwidth at any given time.

This means that online streaming services like Netflix are an unaffordable luxury – not the services themselves, but the bandwidth that would carry them. A few days’ worth of Netflix would burn through a ten-day’s supply of what (for us) is basic Internet usage in short order. …So I’ve had to make it a habit not to get hooked on any services or bandwidth usage that would put an unnecessary burden on the bandwidth we need to do our online business at a basic level: and this means, among many other things, podcasts.

I look forward to the situation changing at some point in the next couple / few years – either due to broadband conditions here improving, or us moving – but in the meantime, no podcasts for me. Such is life.

My kinda love

I want that early Sunday morning kinda love. Where church isn’t the place I worship. I want that pay 80 dollars for a matching t shirt that we never wear kinda love. I want a you’re meeting my parents so trim your beard and your hair kinda love. I want that even though I don’t really care tell me about your friends kinda love. I want that what are you doing? It depends kind of love. I want that crazy let me clone you using your split ends kind of love. I want that call me when you get home kinda love. Knowing damn well that I’ve already used up all my cellular data on my phone kinda love. I want that I’m not hungry but I’ll steal some of your chilli cheese fries kinda love. I want that if I share my food with you and I don’t cry you know it’s real kinda love. I want that tell my friends about you so they tease me kinda love. I want that you just texting me pleases me kinda love. I want a cliche kinda love. I want that you have flaws but I’ll accept them anyway kinda love. I want that I don’t believe in anything but you still make me pray kinda love. I want a silent I don’t have anything else I need to say kinda love. I want a pacing back and forth while you’re typing your message kinda love vowing that I’ll never exercise. Then I do it again as I exercise my freedom of speech as you make it so hard to do as you leave me speechless kinda love except for some mild extremities as if you were holding me down like I’m holding you down as my blood rushes to some of my extremities namely my hand that’s in yours and I just grip tightly as if I was applying pressure to a perfuse wound. That’s my kinda love. I want that correct me to show that we both have power kinda love. I want that don’t say my. Say our kinda love.

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if last year's con was at the Westin but if it was, is anyone aware how the paid wifi works? Can you just purchase like a weekend pass even if you aren't staying at the hotel?

Wifi at the hotel is separate from the wifi in the conference center so even if you pay for wifi with your room it won’t work when you are in the convention area. Like most paid networks these days you join with your device and it will walk you through payment plans/options. 

Wifi in the lobby and other public areas of the Westin is free so if you really need to use it you can pop over (like 50 meters max) and jump on. I personally just used my cellular data (I’m from the states but have Verizon and used the TravelPass) and it worked fine for Tumblr browsing and posting of photo and video. 

ProTip for those staying at the Westin. Starwood Preferred Guest membership (their reward program) gets you free wifi in the hotel areas so go sign up for a membership and give them your number when you arrive so you can get free wifi. 

[HEADCANON] - Clintasha / Domestic Avengers

Jarvis: Sir, Agent Barton and Agent Romanoff are in their own world again.

Tony: *whispers to Cap* I swear to God they were secretly married.

Bruce: Huh?

Tony: Don’t worry big guy it’s nothing to do with you.

Thor: I must say I am enjoying this Midgardian event. I shall take a selfie photograph using this cellular device my dear Jane had given me and send it to her.

Tony: *rolls eyes* You have to press the button to take a picture, meat swing. 

Pepper: Tony don’t be condescending the press is taking pictures.


Natasha: I never knew you liked blue suits, Clint.

Clint: Yeah, Fury says they bring out my eyes.

Natasha: *laughs* Is that why you’re wearing sunglasses?

Clint: I feel more comfortable when people don’t know where I’m looking. 

Steve: Guys can we please act more like a team and not bickering teenagers 

Tony: Yeah snap out of it Legolas.

Clint: U wot m8

Steve: Guys com'on–

Fury: Shut the motherfuckin’ up and pose for the motherfuckin’ cameras like normal people please I do not need this mess in my team.

Clint: … So what plans you got tonight beautiful?

Adventures in Bio

Kid: you should add aliens to the list
Teacher: I will add aliens when they are discovered
Kid: if the government even tells us about them

Teacher: are you writing these notes
Kid: yes
Teacher: you don’t have anything out and you’re not writing

Teacher: why do we use cellular respiration?

Kid: What if the human race changed their hair colour? Would that be natural selection?
Teacher: No
Kid: but like what if we all changed our hair?
Teacher: We would all be dyeing our hair

Kid 2: Can you have a gene that isn’t in your family tree?
Teacher: You can? But the chance is 0.00000-
Kid: it’s like the same as winning the lottery and getting hit by lightning on the same day
Teacher: don’t interrupt me

Kid: why don’t monkeys evolve into humans now

Kid: haven’t humans evolved to build airplanes? So we can fly?

Teacher: because of your brain you’re not more likely to fall in love with horses

Kid: didn’t First Nations use that appendix when they ate bark?
Teacher: that’s an organ in your body

Kid: trees hibernate

New Beginnings {4}

Jared x Reader

Warnings: Maybe Some Swearing?

Words: 2,418

The nerves are strong as Jared goes to the audition. But once Jared stops talking to the reader, she panics.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Alright guys, I know you usually don’t judge me, or at least I hope you don’t, but I know that the audition process is a lot longer than how I wrote it, but I didn’t feel like writing a crap load about Jared auditioning, so I cut it down, majorly. Just, don’t want you guys calling me out on it. But other than that, Enjoy!

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so. sorry, us cellular is not the carrier for manhattan, jsyk. lin did come out at the matinee! really quickly! it was fun and exciting! it was two minutes after they told us no one else was coming out (jon rua and rory had come out and signed earlier)! then the door opened and there was screaming and then there was louder screaming! i tried and failed to participate in the selfwe when he got down by me and i had the bag in my hand and then he was running away! ……. dooon’t expect him to come out again same day and when it’s kinda dark for selfwies, but i’m back here just in case…. one last *inaudible*… before i finally pass it to stagedoor dude

Where it is

The satisfaction of holding
stars in my hands
and knowing my shroud is warm
with universes.

A pinprick reminder;
goose bumps rippling and rising each time
your name flows into

                  (No. Let me start over.)

Adrenaline flooding through the
caverns and tight spaces of the circulatory
system; pupils expanding into
dark blots in a starry patch of sky.

Irises capturing the storms of Neptune
and the chases of Jupiter. The polar ice caps melting
whenever you leave me standing frozen in place.
I am a planet drowning, but my heart still beats.

                      (I think I have it.)

Wild wheat slapping against open skin. The taste
of seasons, autumn flavor masking the hint of
summer’s death. Locusts swarming for days,
settling on a patch of warm sunflowers.

The incredibly human filtering through nature. Winds
screaming through ruins in climax; a crane crooning a lullaby
to the quiet night—
the only sound you’ll ever rouse out of it.

                         (Almost done.)

The cries of a string bass, mourning the loss of innocence
in a used cello. Cellular structures
bending and twisting the fabrics of what was
into what is; the symphony of atoms. A pebble

among pebbles among rocks and trash on a beach
that houses weathered stone and whispering dune.
It is the spice that keeps me beating
heart eyes for a galaxy. Home.

–”Where there is love, there is life.” Mahatma Gandhi 

Happy birthday Muhan ( fluffysehunexo )! I can’t believe I’ve only known you fir around a year. We’ve had so many memories, both good and bad. Lets cherish the good ones and forget the bad ones. Thank you for introducing me to exo (ik u regret it). Thank you for making me laugh when I’m sad and always being there. You deserve the best birthday ever!! ~Iris