“Ruthless Ruth”, a B-25 from the 499th Bomb Squadron, makes a skip-bombing attack against a Japanese escort destroyer south of Xiamen, China. The ship was the Type C Escort Ship CD-1. She suffered 44 dead from her crew of 136 during the attack. In the last photo you can see the survivors bobbing in the water or climbing over the side of the hull as CD-1 rolls over. April 6, 1945

1.95" Spine-On-Spine Koneprusia Trilobite - Spectacular!

This is a truly spectacular specimen large Koneprusia trilobite from the Timrhanrhart Formation near Foum Zguid, Morocco. It was prepared by the best preparitor in Morocco and the results are incredible. This trilobite has small spines on all of spines! These secondary spines are rarely preserved as they are so easily destroyed during preparation. Preserving them requires using fine, low-pressure air abrasives and a lot of patience. This trilobite is only about 2 inches long but took 130 HOURS of preparation time.

It’s very aesthetically presented on a natural looking piece of limestone and is not only an incredible fossil, but a true work of art. There is NO RESTORATION on this specimen. 

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Pop somehow evolved into being a four-letter word. It’s ridiculous. Everything is pop music. It’s just as clichéd as playing a guitar. We try to be as interesting as we can be, and have our songs be as good as they can be, whatever they are.” And as for Fall Out Boy, he said, “We are a pop punk band,” then added, “just not a ‘pop-punk’ band” with full use of air quotes.
—  Patrick Stump (2005)
Pentagon budget 2017: USAF postpones retirement of 'devastating' A-10 | IHS Jane's 360

The US Air Force (USAF) has postponed the retirement of its Fairchild-Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II ground attack aircraft as a consequence of its continued need on the battlefield, it was announced on 2 February.

Previewing the upcoming release of the Pentagon’s fiscal year 2017 (FY 2017) budget request, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter disclosed that the A-10’s retirement will be deferred until 2022 on account of its “devastating” performance against the Islamic State in the Middle East.


Garrett Morgan did not invent the gas mask.

This is the annual post where I remind everyone that Garrett Morgan did not invent the gas mask. His design, while being effective at mine rescue, was invented in 1916. If you remember, the 2nd Battle of Ypres was in 1915, and the German GM-15 mask already existed, aside from various other industrial respirators dating back to the 1700′s. If anything, Morgan created the basic idea for a hose mask, the overall design of which would have been very dangerous in use against heavier-than-air war gasses.

Please spread this around, the factoid currently circulating is incorrect and a discredit to the actual inventors of the first gas masks.

For the record, respiratory protection devices have been around for centuries. The following image dates from 1799. Full article here.
USAF to continue A-10 ‘Warthog’ wing production
The US Air Force has not only ditched long-standing plans to retire the hardy Fairchild Republic A-10 attack airplane but is launching a follow-on wing replacement programme to keep the combat veteran flying well into the next decade.

The US Air Force has not only ditched long-standing plans to retire the hardy Fairchild Republic A-10 attack airplane but is launching a follow-on wing replacement programme to keep the combat veteran flying well into the next decade.

On Tuesday, defence secretary Ashton Carter announced plans to keep the “Warthog” that first flew in 1972 for another five years, with a revised retirement date of 2021.

The same day, the air force released a draft statement of work regarding construction of slightly updated versions of the A-10 enhanced wing assembly currently built by Boeing and Korean Aerospace Industries. Boeing’s contract includes 173 wings with options for 69 more, but the air force confirms that ordering period ends in September. Boeing has said those wings, based on 3D models of the original thick-skin wing design of the 1970s, could keep the aircraft flying past 2040.

According to contracting notices, the A-10 thick-skin urgent spares kitting (TUSK) wing assemblies programme could deliver up to 120 complete wings at a rate of 10 to 25 units per year over a five-year contract period. The air force’s fiscal year 2016 budget includes funding for the first wing and three low-rate initial production units.

“Wing assembly will include all structures, fairings, flight controls, systems, electrical harnesses, and hardware that makes up a complete wing from tip to tip,” the statement of work explains. “Excluded will be weapons mounting pylons, landing gear, countermeasure and classified systems.”

The first and subsequent wing assemblies are to be installed on operational A-10Cs and will remain there once certified, the document adds. The air force maintains 284 operational A-10C with an average fleet age of 34 years and 77% mission-capable rate, air force data shows.


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Members aboard FDNY fire boats were among those who helped rescue passengers and secure the plane after Capt. Sully Sullenberger heroically landed US Airways flight 1549 on the Hudson River (which many call the Miracle on the Hudson) six years ago today.