Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne

The U.S. Army’s first venture into building an attack helicopter from the ground up.  Although the AH-1 Cobra debuted around the same time as the Cheyenne, it was seen as an interim platform until a dedicated attack helicopter could be designed.  The Army project received considerable flack from the Air Force, who saw it as an intrusion on their turf (CAS).  The USAF, on the grounds that the Cheyenne had large wing-like pylons for weapons, actually made the argument that it wasn’t even a helicopter in an effort to get the project cancelled!  

The collective energy generated from the feelings, thoughts, and attitudes of the almost six billion people on this planet creates an atmosphere or ‘consciousness climate.’ Surrounding us like the air we breathe, this consciousness climate affects us most strongly on energetic and emotional levels. An increase in *coherent* thoughts and feelings creates an uplifting momentum in the consciousness climate. An increase in *incoherent* thoughts and feelings creates a stress momentum in the consciousness climate. In other words, coherence or incoherence is broadcast via the consciousness climate much as music or noise is broadcast via radio signals.
—  ​Doc Childre and Howard Martin, The Heart Math Solution

Repair ship Akashi burning after a US carrier air raid (Operation Desecrate One), Palau Islands, 30 March 1944.

Akashi was the Imperial Japanese Navy’s only repair ship designed specifically for the task. The only other repair ship was Asahi, converted from a pre-dreadnought battleship. Akashi was originally going to be the lead ship of her class of several repair ships. The construction of her would-be sister ships, Mihara and Momotori, was cancelled on 11 August 1943.


The Space Between Us/ The 100 Fic

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Every day it’s the same.

I wake up to the low hum of a machine. Most of the time, you can hear a bunch of machines at once, some giving off loud thumps and others softer buzzes. It makes a sort of song when it’s all put together. Not quite music, but a soothing kind of rhythm that often lulls me to sleep. You always hear noises here, up in space. It’s scary really. Knowing that human invention is what’s keeping us suspended in the air.

And humans often make mistakes.

I was in space, floating in the Ark. That’s what we called it; our space station in the sky. Sometimes I would get nightmares about the Ark getting thrown out of orbit, released from its continuous rotation around the radioactive Earth. But then I would open my eyes and Earth would still be there. And we were still twirling around it.

I Woke Up To The Sea

The heart caves in
Towards what it accepts
That too much time has marched on
To come and pass
Between us like wisps of air
And the lulling sea
You can’t stay now, there is only me
For now

Because she’ll come to replace you
As she always should have
My sweet clarity
Home at last

pearl gets a sword to the gut and her reaction is a mere ‘whoopsie daisy!’ before rushing to reassure steven that it’s totally fine, no cause for alarm, please don’t be concerned – all the way up to when her physical form gives way

and only now am i able to make the connection that it’s because her life never held any weight in her eyes, and every time she died, just like this instance, the only thing on her mind was looking out for rose.