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how did Netflix obtain the rights to Avatar the Last Airbender from Nickelodeon

  • how did Netflix obtain the rights to Avatar the Last Airbender from Nickelodeon
  1. how did Netflix obtain the rights to Avatar the Last Airbender from Nickelodeon 
  2. how did Netflix obtain the rights to Avatar the Last Airbender from Nickelodeon
  3. how did Netflix obtain the rights to Avatar the Last Airbender from Nickelodeon

how did Netflix obtain the rights to Avatar the Last Airbender from Nickelodeon

You ready for this? The most unpopular of opinions? You know what would be super cool and kind of dope for the ATLA liveaction show? No romance. Or heavily downplayed romance. No Kataang. No Zutura. Sokka and Yue can stay but then give the poor boy more time to heal after her loss.

They are kids. Even Zuko and Sokka, the older members of the Gaang who are romance ready, have heavy psychological scars. And are basically child soldiers.

What if we super focus on friendship and platonic support and leave all that sweet, sweet, romance for after the war is finished? When everyone is ya know. More legalish. And emotionally stable/healthy. And the world isn’t two steps from hell.

In before MCU ruins everything again: Tony is delighted to introduce his friend Carol to the rest of the Avengers. They greet her warmly and she’s happy that these people are taking care of her friend. “So how did you meet Tony?” Steve asks, trying to not be incredibly jealous of the way Tony is hanging off Carol’s arm. “Colonel Rh–” Carol begins, but Tony happily exclaims, “She can bench press me!!!!!” “I did not meet you by bench pressing you,” Carol deadpans, and then grimaces, because oh wait, yes she did, kinda. “Look at her biceps!” Tony says gleefully, shoving her arm up so she’ll flex.

Carol is amused by how Steve visibly swallows down his jealousy. “I can still bench press you,” she says. Tony hops and makes grabby hands at her, saying a happy little ‘yay!’ as she grabs him to prove it. She holds Tony up above her head and smirks as Steve shatters the glass he’s holding in his fist. “Impressive, right?!” Tony explains, misinterpreting it. “I wonder if I could bench press you,” Natasha muses, smirking, and holds her hands up. “Let’s find out.” Carol gets the feeling she’s going to get along well with Natasha, at least when it comes to making a certain Captain seethingly jealous.

(“I can bench press Tony,” Steve mutters, and is absolutely not pouting, except for that he is. Carol smirks as Clint and Natasha pass a giggling Tony back and forth–whoever can bench press him most gets coffee bought for them for the next month. “I’m sure he knows that.” “If he wanted to be bench pressed, all he had to do was ask me.” “You’re so fucking dumb,” Carol says, delighted, and reaches out to ruffle his hair. Steve would be annoyed except both Clint and Tony yelp as Clint’s elbow buckles and they both fall to the floor. Thor picks Tony up and bench presses him with one arm. “Rude,” Steve mutters. Carol claps him on the back with a friendly “dumb ass” and then walks over to take Tony from Thor. “Let’s go get drunk with Rhodes.” “Okay,” Tony says happily. Steve breaks his glass again.)

((“You really need to use your words and stop breaking glasses,” Bruce sighs as he hands Steve a towel. “I’m going to be very upset if you break one of my mugs.” He looks Steve in the eye. “And the Hulk has no problem bench pressing Tony.” “Et tu, Brute?” Steve asks, hurt. Bruce shrugs. He’s petty.))


If you’re seeing this then it’s been around 16 hours since I deleted the app and left- It won’t be a long hiatus and I’ll have a queue (maybe not) and answer the odd ask if it’s important, but I need a break.

I’m going to work on things slowly and get them up, like BHEC part 2 that is almost done but I’m not rushing. (If it does get done while I’m off then I may pop it up) I just need some time to focus on other important aspects of my life like school and my friends there who’ve been struggling lately, my family because I miss them and we aren’t as close as we used to be and importantly, my own mental health that has decreased more then I’m comfortable talking about.

Thank you guys for understanding and being so supportive!! You can continue to comment and send asks & rant etc, I don’t mind but I’ll see it all when I’m back!

Hey guys!! It has been an absolute joy sharing art with you all, and despite my past year of art block and life priorities, y’all have stuck with me nonetheless. That means a lot to me, so an art raffle is the least I could do!!!

Thank you for 5000+ followers wow!!
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-raffle ends on OCTOBER 6!!


vickytheicky  asked:

Hi Turquoise! Is there an art movement/style you like the best? (ex. Cubism, pointalism, modern, abstract, etc.) Do you dislike any or have one that's your least favorite?

The Dadaists were clearly the superior thinkers, darling! Those humans truly understood the essence of Meepmorps!

As for my least favourite圬efinitely the renaissance. We get it. You finally learnt how to draw hands. Get over yourself, Leonardo.