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you know whats interesting? both chris and steve rogers in mcu are objectified for their body/looks. like steve is called a “specimen” in the apple store, which, gross. and then his face after the guy says that is soooo like “hmm. yup. thats me i guess”. and in tfa hes a prop for people to take pics with. and then chris says in an interview “what a great question! thank you for not asking me how i workout” like im so used to women being treated like sex objects for the answer of questions like “ooohhh wasnt your costar HOT? ;)” that when it happened to chris it took me a second but ive come to the conclusion that its just as gross and damaging thank you for your time

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Actually, ONE TIME the unexpected gay ship became canon and rodeo off into the sunset! The Legend of Korra! ONE TiMeEeee! Wow, I can't believe us sapphic women aren't satisfied with that, one whole time! We're so greedy. Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled program of hets everywhere making out after .03 seconds of screen time together while everyone and their mother ignore any toxicity and squeal "relationship goals! Endgame!"

Ha! You’re right, Legend of Korra did the impossible and god bless it forever for that. Although let’s not forget they still had to do it pretty bloody subtextually onscreen to spare the delicate feelings of any watching homophobes.


I’m willing to bet he doesn’t say this about the countless Black Men who date White Women and have the nerve to run their mouths about Black Women on the daily? Nothing about her is contradictory.

Let Black Women live. Having an interracial relationship doesn’t make you any less of who you are. Her culture is her culture. So someone tell him that the answer to his question is a hard “No”.

a visual representation of my inauguration day anxiety