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Remember Supercat? Those were good times. Supercat was the best show on TV. Don’t know what this new show is. SuperMono Super ew?  *sigh* 

I can’t even fucking believe that this has to be said but unfollow me if you think bi girls have “privilege” over lesbians, unfollow me if you think we’ll never face danger or that we face “less” danger (or that you can quantify levels of danger without realizing that said levels of danger are ABSOLUTELY based on race, class, and region). Call me a bihet or a bislut or a liberal or whatever I don’t give a fuck just fucking unfollow me lol I’m so tired of seeing this shit, especially from other sapphic women. 

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Do you have any NSFW Fenrys headcanons?

No. Not really. Fenrys is bae, but I can’t of any. And part of my inability to think of any if because of his sexual abuse. I could say that I think he liked to let women ride him and that he enjoys it when women use his body to find their pleasure, but then I think of Maeve, and my brain goes, “maybe old Fenrys, but not this Fenrys.” So maybe he is like Dorian. He needs to be in control. He does not do chains or any kind of bondage kink because it can be triggering. I think he goes slow. I think people expect him to be wild and selfish in the bedroom, but I bet its a very intimate experience that could make anyone feel as if they’re the only one who exists. But then my brain goes, “No, he’s arrogant above all else so he would be a selfish, showy lover.” So then he’d be a top. He’d make his lovers stroke him and touch him, but he would do all kinds of things to them too. He’d probably keep track of their orgasms and have a weird rule that no one leaves his bed without at least X amount of orgasms. 

But at the same time, idk. I feel like Fenrys wants everyone to think he is wild and has had many lovers, but I bet he is selective and slow and oddly…romantic???

there is a ‘yes’ in my every ‘no’
and a 'no’ in my every 'yes’.
i am a puzzle that changes every minute-
like a labyrinth, you’ll be lost in.
i am fierce when you treat me
with too much care
and feisty when you treat me with too little.
let me let you in on a little secret-
even i don’t know what it is that i want,
but don’t ever say that to me,
for i know how to bloom beautifully
just as i know how to burn things to the ground.

Tanvi R - “Us, women”

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I saw your reblog indicating you're comfortable sharing bathrooms with transgender people; as a trans woman I'd like to say that reaffirms my opinion that you're a truly wonderful human being, and it made me smile.


Let me tell you something. New York City has, I can proudly say, not only added signs to their bathrooms saying “you use the bathroom you identify with”, but has passed a bill that will arrest anyone who harasses transgender men and women for using their designated bathrooms.

These are hard times. I won’t pretend that they aren’t. Things are being rattled, politically and socially. And sometimes it does feel like the world around us is falling to unkempt shards. But when in doubt, find the people who do care. Because our numbers are many, and we’re always doing what we can, whether it’s marches, awareness, or allying through support systems, to show how much you matter!

Keep being beautiful and brave, babe!

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Finding women in science shouldn’t be this hard.
Finding women in politics shouldn’t be this hard.
Finding women in technology shouldn’t be this hard.

This campaign for UN Women uses the “Where’s Waldo” device to underscore the scarcity of women in the Egyptian workforce.

Agency: DDB Dubai

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I have a question! I've only dated one girl before but does the lesbian equivalent of top and bottom always involve a strap on? I'm genuinely wondering for any future partners I may have !

No lol but this is a cute question! Honestly a whole lot of women aren’t into penetration at all, or only digital penetration (which is a hilarious phrase to type, much funnier than “fingering” is) and don’t like using strap ons, etc. Women have different feelings about them. I think top/bottom is more of a sexual dynamic than a sexual -role- if that makes sense.

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The people who keep trying to use women without uteri as a "gotcha moment" make me literally cringe. They sound just like the gross baby boomer men who'll call a woman "half-a-woman" if she gets her tubes tied, or has her uterus removed due to sickness. A WOMAN IS A PERSON WITH TWO X CHROMOSOMES. THERE IS NO MAGNITUDE OF WOMANHOOD. THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY TO BECOME MORE OR LESS OF A WOMAN. A STERILE FEMALE IS 100% MORE WOMAN THAN THE MOST MAKEUP-DRENCHED, DRESS-WEARING MALE IN EXISTENCE.

People need to stop acting like men can have any of the experiences women have

So you’ve seen YOLT and OHMSS, now what?

Let me humbly propose to all of you good creators, that we need more content about some women in this fandom. (Especially women written by women.) Unfortunately, canon does not give us an abundance of women. We have made our own and I love you all for it. 

But in these two movies we have some kickass females. 

Let’s begin with Kissy. She doesn’t seen much action in the film, but she is the daughter of Tiger Tanaka, the head of the Japanese Secret Service. There is no way she would not be incredibly well trained and possibly groomed to lead the service one day. We saw she is a capable agent as she swan back to get reinforcements and, unlike many other women, managed to live to the end of the film. 

And my girl Tracy. She does some excellent fighting in the movie and rescues herself and Bond. She refused to live life on anything but her own terms and there is no doubt that she was strong. And you know she has a myriad of strategic connections through Union Corse. 

As this is rare pair month (and Female February?) I’d like to challenge you to write/draw these and more amazing women. Some the classic Bond girls some love. 

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