us wnt soccer team

Get ready, America!

USA is heading to the World Cup! It seems like only weeks ago that the Men’s National Team inspired the nation during its World Cup run in 2015. Building on those exciting matches, it is now the Women’s National Team’s turn to bring something special to the World Cup in Canada.  

In addition to the CENTURY 21® System sponsorship of the U.S. National Soccer team, C21® will air commercials during the following 2015 Women’s World Cup matches. Two of the three U.S. Women’s National Team starting group-stage games will air live on FOX and the third on FOX Sports 1. Their success in the group stage matches will advance them into the elimination rounds of the tournament.

CENTURY 21 commercials will air during the following dates and times:

FOX Sports 1
6/8  7pm ET: Pregame Show
6/8  7:30pm ET: USA vs Australia

6/12  7pm ET: Pregame Show
6/12  8pm ET: USA vs SWEDEN

6/16  7pm ET: Group Match Bridge Show
6/16  8pm ET: USA vs Nigeria

FOX Sports 1
6/22  7pm ET: Pregame Show
6/22  8pm ET: Round of 16 Game

6/26  7pm ET: Quarterfinal Pregame Show
6/26  8pm ET: QF Game

6/27  1pm ET: QF Pregame Show

6/30  7pm ET: Semifinal Pregame Show
6/30  8pm ET: Semifinal Game

7/5  7pm ET: Final Pregame Show
7/5  8pm ET: Final Game