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I felt like a single warrior against a multitude. How I loved you with every inch of my being. I used every weapon I could to defend you. But unfortunately the crowd was right. You left me heartbroken and empty.You hurt me without even flinching.And I stood there feeling foolish; for defending someone who wouldn’t even fight for me back.
—  Choosing Battles // Conee Berdera
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My voice was raw from screaming. My lungs burned from the frantic run upstairs to my door.

He was coming for me. Fuck!

I tried to think, tried to breathe, tried to ignore the churning nausea in my stomach.

Finn…Father Finn…no. No, not Father Finn.

A demon. Incubus.

My soul. He was eating my soul as he…

I gagged, but swallowed it back. No, I can’t. I can’t. He’s coming.

I started barricading the doors, locking the windows, and dug up every crucifix I could find. Over every entrance I marked a cross and prayed over every one of them. With the crucifixes I collected from my mother’s effects, I surrounded myself in a circle with them, sharpened a few into crude points for use as weapons. My father’s gun sat at my side as well.

All the while, I recited Hail Marys, pleading to God for forgiveness and seeking His aid, hoping against hope that the demon lied about His absence.

I can’t die like this.

Not like this.

- excerpt from Sins of the Father: Serpent and the Dove (coming this weekend)

“Good to be bad,Bad to be good.

A time when it was bad to be good was when i had to give away all my weapons to my parents. It was after I got into serious trouble with the law so my parents wantd to take all forms of weapons that I had away. It was bad not because I might use the weapons, just because I paid good money or spent a lot time making them. It made me feel that all that time and money was wasted. But since weapons are dangerous and my parents didn’t trust me, I suppose it was for the better.”

Written by Eric Harris on 21st September 1998.

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Hi! I wanted to know about writing fight scenes where everyone is fighting with a gun?

Fight scenes with guns usually are shorter than sword fights because guns are more deadly, so the key is to make it fast paced and/or short.

If you want to elongate the scene, however, here are a few tips I suggest:

1. Have it in a place where there are a ton of barricades/barriers so everyone doesn’t die in one second.

2. Give characters bulletproof vests.

3. Make a limited supply of bullets an issue for them (they don’t have infinite clips!)

4. Make it a surprise attack

5. Make an uncountable amount of enemies- it takes more time to shoot more people

6. Know the basics of gun handling as well as how to describe getting shot. Also know which kind of guns they’re using. Pistols? Rifles? Assault weapons?


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do all ultramen use beam attacks as a finishing move?

While it is the most common finishing move for Ultra Heroes and all of them have the ability to use beam attacks, it is not always their finishing move.  

In fact, Ultraman Leo was pretty well known for being a better hand to hand fighter than he was with his beam attacks. One of his most famous moves was the Leo Kick, which he later taught to Ultraman Mebius!

It was a lot like a Rider Kick from Kamen Rider but at his size it was a devastating finishing move, especially as he channeled his energy into his foot!

He can also charge his hands with this energy for the powerful Leo Chop!

He is also skilled at the use of weapons, particularly his gigantic Nunchaku!

Speaking of weapons, he is not the only Ultra to have a finishing move involving a weapon.  Ultraman Jack from The Return of Ultraman has a javelin weapon that he once turned into a cross to finish off a giant vampire!

That’s not even mentioning Ultraseven and his Eye Slugger.  This is a blade attached to his head that he can throw at enemies to slice them apart.

  His son, Ultraman Zero has two of them known as the Zero Sluggers!

He can also pull them off, enlarge them and combine them to form the Zero Twin Sword!

So, while beam weapons are the more common finishers, some Ultras prefer to get up closer and personal to finish a foe or even toss a weapon from a distance rather than use their beams. This is just a small sampling of the other finishing moves Ultra Heroes have!

I will admit, those beam finishers are always my favorite though.  That iconic pose, those cool effects, the resulting explosion.  Very cool each and every time.

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Thanks for the question!

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Headcanon that the only two who can use weapons are Princey and Morality. Roman obviously uses a sword, and Patton learned to shoot a bow and arrow as a camp councilor or something.

Roman has tried to teach the others, but Morality kept getting distracted, Anxiety refused, and Logan just wasn’t very good, too stiff in his movements.

Morality has never tried to teach anyone. He thought the chance of something breaking or some getting hurt was too high


took me 5 million years to actually do this but heyyyy these are my final concepts of some characters for an RPG idea I got! Had to do them for my final assignment for Games Studio and I just destroyed my sleep cycle getting them done but I’m p proud of the end result.

The basic gist of the idea is 4 teens go and save the world a-la Earthbound-style!  They channel the powers of more traditional fantasy-style RPG characters to turn everyday items into useful weapons of combat, and they can only be brought out in the special battle dimension where they can fight the bad guys!!

my dnd character is literally so bad like i dont mean the actual character just every single ability ffffuck my rolls are bad. like hey everyone this is my ranger with great survival skills who, apparently, is dying by the hand of some incurable illness bc of my shitty constitution roll… at least her dex is okay since that’s what im gonna be using for ranged weapons *lays down on floor* sigh

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Hey there! the ingredients i'm using are a yoyo and a round shield. Thanks! (ps this is a super cool blog)

Shield && yoyo
You make the smokey quartz. It’s a large Yoyo but on the end of the yoyo is an obvious shield on each side. It works just like a Yoyo and is a pretty useful weapon
Shield || Yoyo
It’s a shield that you can use normally but I is attached to a string so you can use it in a Yoyo way! Like captain America but it’s easier to get the shield back.

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dazai fighting one the boku no hero characters headcanons

Let’s see, if Dazai had to fight with a bnha character, then I would match him with  Aizawa Shouta… because have the ability to cancel out abilities ahahah. Yeah. Good luck. I been writing a lot right now @-@ I really apologize if im lacking.


  • Both can pretty much cancel out peoples abilities, so that would be quite challenging for the both of them.


  • Will use his scarf/Capturing Weapon to capture and prevent from Dazai doing anything to him, his scarf is a weapon against Dazai at any time unless he is without it.
  • He uses his goggles because he doesn’t want the enemies to see who would he be nullifying next, so for Dazai, if would be a little hassle if he doesn’t know where Aizawa is going to attack on him.
  • He is very skilled at close-range battles and while using his white scarf weapon around with the enemies, he has many techniques up his sleeves and will beat Dazai with everything he’s got. He’s quick on his feet.
  • He can only cancel abilities if he’s looking at someone, his eyes becomes dry if he uses it for too long, etc etc.


  • He is also skilled at fighting, so he would most likely dodge Aizawa’s attacks and punch/kick him whenever there’s a blind spot chance. 
  • Dazai would try his best to knock Aizawa’s goggle because he has no cluse where’s he’s even looking and as well as getting rid of his Capturing Weapon because it’s preventing him from getting closer to him sometimes.
  • Dazai’s only disadvantage is he can only nullify Aizawa’s abilities by skin contact, so he would have to be very close to Aizawa in order for it to be canceled.

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