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Any initial thoughts on the U20/U18 camps? I was a little surprised that it was Freeman, rather than Bauer, who got called for the U20s, though I may be underrating her; also interested that they're leaving Horan with the U20s, at least for now. Any obvious omissions, for you?

Well! This all depends on how you read the early camps. My guess on Bauer is that they’re using her leadership to transition/integrate the U18s. Continuity and all that. It’s really hard to guess when we don’t have coaches, though. With the overlap, I essentially count it as a U20 megacamp. There are some U17s/U18s from the past couple of years that are trickling into this U20 roster (Farrell and Meier, interesting to see them again!) but notable omissions of Sarah Robinson (who missed out on U17s with health issues), Dani Weatherholt, and Laura Liedle. Possible explanation for the last two is that they have school commitments they have to honor, or perhaps they’re being given a shot at the U23s.

So far as Horan being in U20s, she’s got it timed pretty perfectly. She can pull double-duty if the coaches want, because the next U20 WC doesn’t overlap a senior tournament. She can potentially do the U20 WC in 2014, senior WC in 2015, and then Olympics in 2016. Cox (Lopez) would be comparable, having played in the U20 WC in 2006, senior WC in 2007, and Olympics in 2008. I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention that she played in the U19 WC in 2004, which Horan could have paralleled perfectly if she hadn’t been injured in 2012…

Whew, sorry for the novel. I just get really excited over U20s!