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CS + Fate

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I thought a long while on what to do for that one because there were so many possibilities to show that they are just destined to be together, but then I started to think of how fate is about getting to the place you are supposed to regardless of the way you take. Kinda in the same way that in the season 3 finale, although Emma changed things, her parents ended up saying the same things to each other as they were originally intended. So then I thought of the season 4 finale, in which our ship got the exact same thing when Emma interacted with Colin!Hook.

He came to rescue her as he used to, looked at her as he used to, teamed up with her as he used to, waited for her as he used to, missed a beat by her closeness as he used to, risked his life for her as he used to. Not the different scenario, or even his different “personality” could changed what was destined to happen when he was with her.

I personally believe that there are things in life that are just meant to be and things that are not. This is why I don’t believe in regret. It sounds like a cliche maybe, but I know that every path I took, even if it was the wrong one, was the one I was able to choose at the moment and that things happen for a reason. Hook and Emma are in each other’s fate and there is nothing that is gonna change that, not a curse, or a spell, or even an out of control darkness.

Send me a word/quote/parallel and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

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If any are interested I am attempting to put together a facebook group where people can post their art, writing, cosplay, and makeup (the last one might fall into cosplay) that pertains to WtNV! It occured to me that it might be interesting to have a bunch of us in the same place to talk and share. I am looking for two admins to help monitor it in case of art theft and reposts. 

Message me if you are interested! 

If there’s one sex/romance myth that has been most damaging to me as a queer woman specifically, it’s the idea that when there’s really “chemistry,” things will “just happen.” For years I second-guessed, ignored, or even totally forgot about my attraction to certain women because I figured that if there really was “chemistry,” then “it” would’ve “happened.” After all, we spent so much time together! We slept in the same bed when one of us stayed at the other’s place! We went to cute coffee shops! We probably saw each other naked a bunch of times while trying on each other’s clothes! Surely if there was anything non-platonic there, it would’ve become obvious.

It never did and it never does, honestly. Maybe with interactions between men and women it does because there are scripts to rely on–the particular way he looks at me, the way I linger on the porch–but even those are obviously imperfect, and queer ladies don’t have them at all. There is no obvious “feeling” that I suddenly get when I know that this is going to be a thing. You gotta actually speak up and not assume that just because the person you like hasn’t thrown themselves at you, there’s nothing there. I’m glad I figured that out relatively early in life, before I missed out on some of the amazing experiences I’ve had and hopefully will have in the future.

IU makes surprise guest appearance for Hyukoh’s performance in Hongdae

(I love this so much!!!!! i looooove Hyukoh and IU. I love them even more together. I hope they have more collaborations in the future! The place looked so close and intimate. i’m jealous of everyone who got to see them there so unexpectedly)

[naver] IU, suprise guerilla concert with Hyukoh..even fans didn’t know

[+5464,-123] I’m asking because I’m curious…do the reporters get the consent from the people who took those pictures to use them in their articles??
[+4258, -182] Why don’t I have the same luck of seeing IU when I’m randomly passing by..
[+3703, -292] I used to think that IU was just an idol but after watching Infinity Challenge, I realized that she has the talent of a real artist
[+2707,118] I was really close by but I guess I don’t have that good luck
[+2588, -110] I can’t believe she really went really seems like IU genuinely loves music. It’s nice to see
[+412, 42] this is why I like IU. It really seems like she loves music so she really seems like an artist. Lately, there are a lot of people who just simply want to be a celebrity so they either become an idol or whatever and I really dislike those kinds of people. They throw around words like “artist” and “actor” to try to seem authentic. Any ways, IU is prettier the more I see her.
[+336,17] During IC, they asked her to come to their guerilla concert. She’s keeping her promise ^^
[+219,-17] I am suddenly reminded of 4 years ago, my girlfriend had prepared a suprise event and we went to see a live recording of Sketchbook. I went without thinking and saw IU for the first time. I loved it then and I kept smiling because of my girlfriend. Even though she is now no longer with me, IU is still here, smiling. So this is why hardcore fans are like that..I understand now

[nate] -same article-

[+739, -74] IU seems like the type of person who only does things she enjoys
[+649, -54] Those people are so lucky ㅠㅠ That song they sang together on IC was no joke
[+612, -42] People went to the performance to see Hyukoh but then they also ended up getting to see IU..they’re so lucky
[+41,-10] She’s still so young but her thoughts are deep
[+39,-3] She guests a lot at concerts for singers that she’s close with. Even though she had spent all night filming, she still went to Sung Shikyung’s concert as a guest. Leon is really good. I’m looking forward to your new album. Give us many new good songs to listen to~
[+24,-7] Omg at the fact that such a famous female singer was at Hongdae singing with an indie singer. daebak~

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Could you share a detailed experience that you and ebriosity have gone through together? I love your writing (and friendship)

I’m a bit too tired to type out anything in a ton of detail, but basically we met about a year ago (it feels like so much longer, my goodness), and we just connected. Our families are very similar, and I think that was one of the major things that got us talking in the first place.
I fell in love with her art, and I’d like to think that she did the same with my writing. (by the way she’s a fantastic writer herself.)
It was refreshing to meet someone as straightforward as she was, I really appreciated her bluntness and mannerisms, and she seemed to like my sarcasm and dry humor. I don’t know dude. We just ended up talking about a lot of different terrible wonderful things and now she’s my favorite human in the whole wide world.

Study Skills to Utilize

Preparing to Study

  • Choose a quiet, well lit place free of interruptions
  • Keep a supply of study materials you may need, including pens, pencils, references, and calculator.
  • Select an area which has enough room and storage space.
  • Keep the area free of clutter.  Use the same place for studying every day.
  • Turn off the TV, cell phone, radio and computer.  No distractions!


  • Use an assignment book or an agenda planner to write down homework, test, and project due dates.
  • Clean out book bags and lockers on a regular basis.
  • Keep all notes, handouts and materials on one subject together in the same folder/binder. Color coding folders and notebooks by subject can be helpful.
  • A three-ring binder is great for keeping handouts, notes and tests arranged in a certain order.

Time Management

  • Determine the goals and priorities in your schedule.
  • Using your agenda book, plan a weekly study schedule, taking into account upcoming tests, quizzes and project due dates.
  • Break up tasks into manageable and meaningful chunks.
  • Stay up to date with class assignments.
  • Review class notes and assignments daily.

Active Participation

  • Try to sit in a position in class which will maximize your attention and minimize distractions.
  • Be an active listener.  Pay attention to class discussions, take notes and participate in class discussions.
  • Maintain an open dialogue with your teachers.  When you do not understand something, request clarification during class or in the resource center.

Taking Notes

  • Preview chapter by skimming headings, vocabulary, charts, graphs, pictures and chapter summaries.
  • Read the text carefully.  A single reading is usually not enough! Re-reading is critical.
  • Annotate the text in your own words, making sure to include key concepts, vocabulary.  Keep record of what you do not understand, so you can request clarification from a teacher.
  • Date your notes and add headings for easy referencing.
  • Review notes by rereading, highlighting, or rewriting key points.

Test-Taking Tips

  • Plan a study schedule, keeping in mind the date of the test, the topics covered, the type of questions (matching, multiple choice, true/false, short essay) which will be on the test, and the text pages covered.
  • Daily review is essential- learning is more efficient when material is covered on a regular basis, rather than during one long session.
  • Staying up to date on assignments will help you learn consistently and efficiently.
  • Read through the test first, and ask questions on anything that is unclear.  Take note of the scoring system, paying close attention to questions that are worth more points.
  • Answer the easiest questions first, making sure that answers are recorded in the correct place.  Then concentrate on the questions that are more difficult.
  • Read over your answers carefully before handing in the test.
  • When you receive the test back, request from the teacher any help you may need on correcting and learning from your mistakes.  Make sure you go over these again, to make sure you can answer those problems on your own.

Useful Websites:

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How do you feel about lilo? Always being together... Touching. Like it's over done and yet it still happens. All the supporting I get but they have the same hotel, in the same place the whole time, partying together all the time touching all the time, super close physically always serenading each other, like they dating? Liam's like in love with Louis. And also. Louis is loving it. And the whole Louis being a cockslut is good but Harry can't. It's not cool.

For most of their coffee stop, as he sips from his mug and watches his partner make an obscene spectacle out of enjoying a simple slice of pie, keeping the texts secret still seems like the best course of action. The safest for Dale, the one that places the least burden on his shoulders. Albert needs to believe that he can handle this on his own.

But the spirit mentioned him, too. The spirit knows. Before they make it back to the car, he takes a deep breath and, in the same flat tone he would use for any other complaint, he says:

“Coop, we need to talk.”

OC trivia game!

I just thought this would be fun!  Pick one, or several, of your OCs, and answer these questions about them, either all together as a separate post, or reblog and your followers can use your askbox.

  1. Do they have a nickname, and how or why did they get it?
  2. If they are human, have they ever questioned man kinds place in the universe? If non human, do they ever judge humanity on it’s nature?
  3. Did they live in the same place their whole lives or did they move around a lot?
  4. What is the name of their childhood best friend, and do they still hang out with them?
  5. Do they have any siblings, if so, how many and do they get along?
  6. What attracted them to their first crush? (if they had one)
  7. How is their relationship with their parents?  (in the case of non-human characters like robots, their creators)
  8. Who is the most important person in their life (could be a relative, romantic interest or a teacher)
  9. Do they have any weird hobbies?
  10. What is a talent they which they didn’t have?
  11. Are they on a strict budget or are they impulse buyers?
  12. Would they do something morally wrong to save someone they care about?
  13. Do they struggle with any disabilities, physical or mental, and how?
  14. What is their worst habit?
  15. Did they ever experience a major personalty shift, if so, what triggered it?
  16. Have they ever spent time questioning their gender identity and sexuality?
  17. If they do not have any kind of super natural abilities, what kind of powers would they have? If they do, how would they be different if they did not have those powers?
  18. What events have changed their lives?
  19. Are they a lover or a fighter (or both)?
  20. Would you like your OCs to meet your friends’ OCs and do you think they’d get along?

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Favorite Movies:

  1. The Parent Trap
  2. A Cinderella Story
  3. Save the Last Dance
  4. Dirty Dancing
  5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

All Time Favorite Songs:

  1. We Belong Together - Mariah Carey
  2. Picture - Kid Rock ft. Sheryl Crow
  3. Your Song - Elton John
  4. Blank Space - Taylor Swift
  5. Over and Over - Nelly ft. Tim McGraw

Favorite Shows from childhood (1-9yrs):

  1. Hannah Montana
  2. Zoey 101
  3. Rocket Power
  4. Rugrats
  5. Unfabulous 

Favorite Shows from childhood (10-14yrs):

  1. Pretty Little Liars
  2. iCarly
  3. Wizards of Waverly Place
  4. The Fairly Odd Parents
  5. Suite Life On Deck


  1. TV Shows
  2. Books
  3. Anything tiny
  4. Food
  5. Tumblr

Favorite people:

  1. My Dad
  2. Dylan O’Brien
  3. Lucy Hale
  4. Theo James
  5. Stephen Amell

Tag 10 People to do the same:

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Super Broadway Stage Manager Drink Night!

An amazing event happened last night…  stage managers from almost every Broadway show came together to talk, laugh, share, reconnect and have a drink, all in the name of camaraderie and community.

Thank you to Lisa Dawn and her team at Fun Home for setting it all up.

Thank you to Hurley’s for graciously giving us stage managers a place.

Thank you to Peter Wolf, who for years has maintained the Broadway stage management contact sheet and diligently updated and distributed it.

Thank you to all our fellow stage managers who are such wonderful, caring, genuine and fun people!

Being a stage manager on Broadway is an incredible experience.  There is so much pressure, stress and many demands made upon you.  It’s so comforting to know that so many of us go through the same things and that we can all work together to support each other and cheer each other on.

I loved walking into the room last night and seeing so many friendly faces from the last twenty years (or more) all gathered together.  It was a very special night that included seasoned Broadway vets with dozens of Bway credits, to those more recent to Broadway and the up and coming next generation.  This was an event that won’t soon be forgotten by anyone who attended and, hopefully, one that will be repeated again and again.  

Copy Shop


(A man comes in with several sheaves of paper, each seeming to be some kind of manual. He wants us to cut off a section at the bottom of each sheet, BETWEEN two lines of 6 pt. text, and then bind each one)

Me: Sir, I have to tell you that I can’t be sure that these will cut right.

Customer: What? Why not?

Me: You see sir, the two lines of text you want us to cut between are very close together - the top page might look right, but other pages might have text cut off. And these pages are double-sided, which makes the likelihood of error even greater.

Customer: Why would that happen? The text is in the same place on every sheet!

Me: Sir, it may LOOK that way to the naked eye, but no printer is that accurate.

Customer: I don’t understand - they’re perfectly aligned!

Me: Again, they may look aligned, but the cut that you want us to do has a margin of error of hundredths of an inch - if the printing is off by only a little bit - and it will be - the difference will be noticeable.

Customer: Well then just do one and I’ll see how it comes out!

Me: I’m sorry sir, but this job is going to take time, and we have other jobs ahead of you - if you want to leave it with us we can call you when it’s finished, but again, I can’t guarantee the quality.

Customer: I don’t want to leave it here! Why should I have to leave it here?

Me: We do our jobs in the order that they are received, sir.

Customer: Well, can’t you just call me when you’re done?

Me: What?

Customer: Yeah - just give me a call when you’re done with these jobs and then I’ll bring mine back!

Me: Sir, not only can I not guarantee when that will be, we get in jobs all day - we can’t just save you a spot.

Sir: Why not!?

(by the way, what he wanted cut off of the documents was the copyright holder’s name, but not the notation that it was copy-written. The name was female)

Being part of a fandom doesn’t mean bullying people who like or dislike different characters, ships, or what have you. When you are a part of a fandom, it means you should all be able to come together not because of what is different, but because of what is the same: that you love the game, the show, the movie, the book, or whatever the fandom is.

If you use your place in fandom to put other people down, to demean them or humiliate them, then you are nothing short of a vile human being and a BULLY. People who laugh along with them: you’re bullies, too. You should all try doing something good for people for a change.

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Ok honestly, i use to be so MSR but I realized MSR is MSR because of Gillovny and MSR is make believe. I love that Gillovny had this chance to be together in the same place for more than usual but MSR is not real and David and Gillian are. So now I don't really care that much about M and S and I am all about Gillovny. I hope they have a good ending. I hope it is real. wish it was real. I want to believe.

Good point. It’s like this hopeful thing that we can root for in a way. It doesn’t feel wrong to hope that two single, good, people could find happiness with each other in whatever way they want. Even if it’s just as friends, it’s obvious they are happy as fuck around each other. That’s adorable. 

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Hey Martine!!! I hope all is well with you!! Love the pics of your house ^_^ How are you able to create the clutter so close together? I used the moveobjects cheat but they still stay in that imaginary block :(

Hi :) Thank you! You started off right with the moveobjects cheat, and there’s three ways to avoid objects snapping to slots:

1) Place the clutter item on a slot, move away the surface, then pick up the clutter item (which should retain the same height as the surface it was on) and place it where you want it, then move back the surface underneath. There are a few items which don’t work with this method, but most objects will ‘remember’ the height of the surface they were on. It can be a little fiddly since the surface isn’t there to guide the clutter object placement, so it might take a few tries to get it right.

2) Fill all slots with a tiny clutter item. Duplicate the surface object and place the clutter object on there. Drag the clutter object (which should retain the surface height) to the original surface area (the one you filled with little objects). When you are done, delete the surface object clone and the little filler objects.

3) Use an OMSP. Simply select the right OMSP for the surface you’re using, place the clutter object on top, move it to where you want to place the clutter, then recolour the OMSP so it’s transparent. Some objects will not sit on an OMSP (due to their slotting behaviour) and there are only a few heights available, so it’s not a fool-proof method.

I personally use a mixture of all three, depending on the clutter object and surface I’m trying to clutter.

No Rest for the Wicked (snip)

Summary: One group of unknowing students at Domino High are selected to compete in the Most Dangerous Game. Battle Royale.

Takes place just after the game begins.

It took a moment or two for Honda to recognize what he was looking at, pulling the unnamed, disconnected metal bits and pieces from his duffel to lay them carefully amid the grass. It was really good fortune that he’d been given this bag, if there was such thing as good luck in this merciless game they were all trapped in now; he bet that no one else would have been able to put them to use.
Honda knew guns enough to know he was in the possession of the disassembled pieces of one, and a fairly sizable gun at that. And that same knowledge gave him what he needed in order to put it back together.

Honda used one of the spare towels to wipe off the pieces and the sharp end of the cap opener in his supply kit to tighten the each of the screws into place, careful not to let the metal pits clatter against each other loud enough to draw attention to his hiding spot. The work strangely helped to settle his nerves, even if he was building a weapon meant to kill, and used the quiet moment to plan out his next move before the game began in earnest.
It was far too easy to be reminded that they were meant to kill each other for entertainment. Well Honda could at least be thankful he knew something about self-defense, even if he didn’t obtain that experience in the best of ways.
But he wasn’t really worried about himself anyway.

Who should he try to find first was his biggest priority.

Honda had faith in his friends, but he wasn’t about to extend that same trust to people he hardly knew or barely interacted with. He’d heard a lot about the Program before this day, and how the stress drove people mad, made them lash out and play the game. And though Honda wasn’t intending on playing himself, he was a little too wary to have hope that the rest of his class was the same. Atem wasn’t a up close fighter by any means, but he was clever, and knew how to take care of himself; or he’d better, for Yugi’s sake. Mazaki was safe, no question that she wouldn’t buy into this crap, and she was undeniably tough as nails. Honda did worry about Bakura, but the boy was tougher than people gave him credit for, and knew how to keep himself out of trouble. Jounouchi sure as hell wouldn’t either, and he didn’t even have to guess when it came to Yugi; and really with Yugi’s kind of faith and pacifist nature, the more brutal players would be all over him if one of his friends didn’t get to him first. Even if Yugi had been given the best weapon out of anyone, he was unlikely to use it.

And as for Kaiba…Well, Kaiba was an ass, but he didn’t play by any rules other than his own. Even if he did buy into it, Honda was fairly certain he could take him.

Honda turned the completed rifle over in his hands, deliberating as he twisted the scope into place.
There were too many people who might need help, and not enough options to start looking. At the very least, he was certain that Jounouchi would double back for Yugi as soon as he got the chance, it wasn’t even in question that he would. But as for the rest, he had no idea where to even start.

However, when a gunshot rang out across the island, followed by a familiar scream, the choice was taken out of his hands. ‘Shit, already?’ It was the first gunshot he’d heard since the game began. Honda shouldered his rifle and followed the sound, sticking to the shadows wherever possible as his supply duffel bounced against his side. 'I know that voice!’
His fingers clenched around the cool metal of his gun, hoping that he wouldn’t be too late.

Couple date ideas for us with social anxiety who get tired of being with others for too long

1. Play video games or Cards against humanity online with eachother online.
2. Aquire two copies of the same book and read it online.
3. Find a place far away from others and sit down on a bench together.
4. Make a list of things you hate or love about fictional and real characters.
5. Send eachother youtube videos you like.
6. Download rabbit and watch netflix together from different locations.
7. Write, draw and/or used images from the web to make letters to them for the days you are not home with them.
8. If you are older than 18 ( or 16 or 21) and are elegible to drink. Try to do a fun challenge like the Super Meatboy drinking game(do a shot of beer or wine every time you die in the game).
9. Take long walks together whilst listening to music with headphones on.
10. Wake them up with breakfast and a book/nintendo ds/ laptop in bed.

I need advice guys… My friends and I have been together for 7 years but we have always been on the same class. I was afraid last year because one of those friends went to other class and the others stayed in my class (you can’t choose they just change you). I thought that maybe that friend would go and find other friends to hang out with. And sadly, she did. I think this year is gonna happen the same to the rest. I think they’re gonna put us in different places… I don’t wanna loose them. What should I do? I’m afraid and confused at the same time.