us together at the same place

From the RWBY Livestream Today
  • The Japanese merchandise will be sold in the RT Store eventually
  • New stuff will be added to the RWBY Grimm Eclipse game including more teams and characters, more places to fight, more monsters (and a hoard mode!) and more missions

A sneak peak of the location: 

  • There is an app called 8Tracks that lets you make RWBY remixes on the fly, so you can remove vocals or add more instruments to songs to change it
  • The Jazz music used during the Team FNKI fight was recorded the day before Thanksgiving, but due to technical difficulties more of it wasn’t usable. Jeff Williams got the band that recorded it together that same weekend and recorded it again
  • Elizabeth, the voice of Winter, binged watched the series before she auditioned for the part and actually fell hard for it
  • The soundtrack for this volume will be released after the volume ends in February
  • Faunes have only one trait, which is why Blake only has car ears and Neon only has a cat tail
  • Maybe heavily hinted more figures of other teams coming??
  • Maybe mini versions of the girls weapons available for purchase?

That’s all I could great right now, but I hope this helps!



Q: You said your dream is to become a music therapist… (x)

YJ: Because I like music. And I watched a documentary, from a countryside that look like a human theatre, a place like countryside. All kids have gathered together, and there’s an elderly doctor. He sang a song for them, and they sang rhythms together. He uses music to conform these people who were mentally ill, and cure them, I feel great after watching the documentary. I thought to myself: Ah, when I get older, I can also do the same. Charity, honestly, I like to do charity events. So I am planning to do volunteer work in Africa later on, I want to do mental treatment for children. I really want to help them with that thought.

Our inside jokes-too many to name.
When we’re apart it’s never the same.
When we’re together it’s nothing but fun.
Replacing my girls just can’t be done.
As the years pass,
and we grow apart.
I want you to know,
that you guys are in my heart.
You helped me through problems,
through things good and bad.
You helped me keep smiling :-),
when I was sad.
You helped me with guys,
you made me stay strong.
How will I live,
when you guys are gone?
And where the years take us,
no place is too far.
We will think of each other,
wherever we are.
You’re wonderful people,
with good hearts to lend.
And I want you to know,
that ya’ll will always be my Best Friends
—   Unknown

These super deep vegan peanut butter cups are twice the size of the regular Reese’s version, and super healthy in comparison! I made these as a special Mother’s Day treat for Ma (to be followed by pancakes in bed), and after a sneaky taste test, I strongly urge you to do the same (unless she’s allergic to nuts, obviously) 🍫

To make your own, melt ¼ cup of coconut oil, ¼ cup of cacao butter, ¼ cup of nut butter, ¼ cup of cacao powder, and a pinch of sea salt together over a low heat in a small saucepan. Prepare 16 small cupcake cases and divide half of the mixture into them, then place in the freezer to set. Make the peanut butter filling by mixing together 3 tablespoons of unsalted nut butter (I used peanut butter with LSA for added goodness), 2 teaspoons of pure maple syrup, and ¼ teaspoon of sea salt. Cool, then roll into 16 small balls and press onto the chocolate bases, ensuring you leave enough room around the edges for the rest of the chocolate. Divide the remaining chocolate mixture between the 16 cases, then return to the freezer to set. Store in the refrigerator for up to a week.

If you decide to make these, tag #thecoconutgoddess in your post - I’d love to see your work 🌿🐸

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To start off we would like to notate that the design and colors we chose for this outfit are based off of the concept art and what we thought would look nice together.

The bodice is made from the same pattern as Elsa’s Snow Queen bodice. It is fully lined and steel boned and has a zipper down the side and not the back. Putting the zipper in the side allowed for us to place the design on the back without any problems. The top and bottom edging is hand cut bias tape from a green dupioni silk. We felt that the silk edging the velvet would give a beautiful contrast of materials. The sleeves are a pleated teal silk that is edged in a simple white lace. The bodice design was cut like the skirting designs with heat n’ bond and then fixed into position. On top of the detailing we placed multiple sizes of Swarovski crystals to give a little extra.


Théo Gosselin
Nikon F2 | Nikon D700

We understand that being a free spirit, everyday is different. What would your ideal day consist of on the road?

On the road with the people I love, waking up outside after an hard night partying in the middle of nowhere, with an incredible light, hit the road again to another place, sit in the back of the van and drink cold Coronas, and stop every time we see something beautiful on the road, and meet new people and take pictures!

Please tell us a little bit about the people that you are surrounded by in your journey.

Most of the time they are my best friends, people I met at art school, or during other trips in the US.

I live in France with my friends in the same house, so we are always together. This summer I’ll travel with my love Maud Chalard, it will be a new experience for me. I can’t wait to be on the US roads with her.

Tumblr: theo-gosselin
Blogspot: theo-gosselin
Flickr: theo-gosselin
Instagram: theogosselin


Magical Dependency

What can magic do that could previously only be done without magic?
>Can magic make food?
>Can magic produce items, such as furniture or clothing?
>Can magic move things/people?
>>How much weight can be moved magically?
>>How far can items and people be moved?
>>How much finesse can items and people be moved with?
>Can magic defend things/people?
>>What kind of damage does it protect things from?
>>>Stabs or slices?
>Can magic be used to lock doors/windows/etc?
>>Can it also unlock these things?
>>Does there have to be an actual lock in order to keep things shut, or can the magic keep anything shut or otherwise keep multiple things together?
>Can magic clean things?
>Can magic be used to see and hear things that are not present (in the same way radio or television can)?
>Can magic be used in place of factories, and other places in which items are mass-produced?

Which of these things are easier (in terms of time, effort, and cost) to do with magic, and which ones are usually left to be done in a non-magical manner?

Do mechanical means to do these things still exist?
>What percentage of the population can use these non-magical means?

If the magic were to disappear/shut off, would society be able to function?

  • VIXX TV2 Logo Song
  • VIXX
  • VIXX TV2

[INFO] VIXX TV2 Logo Song MP3 Download Information

This is the information regarding the logo song download of the newly started VIXX TV2 on September 25, 2014. :)

At the same time that VIXX TV2 Episode 1 is being released, VIXX members prepared a ‘logo song’ for Starlights who have waited for VIXX TV2!

Respecting VIXX members’ opinion of allowing Starlights to listen to the song freely in a lot of places, it has been decided that the mp3 of the VIXX TV2 'logo song’ will be released for Starlights!

The logo song will be found in the attachments*. It is free to download, use, and spread freely, but using it commercially is not allowed.

The moment that Starlights want!
'VIXX TV2’ with VIXX members and Starlights.

Together with the logo song belonging to only Starlights and VIXX, please support VIXX TV2 in the future as well.

Thank you :D

Trans. crfyeah-vixx

*Since VIXX have agreed to let us share this wherever, here is a download link. ^^

It’s happening harry and louis are gonna be papped having meals together and going to clubs basically just hanging out maybe they’ll be papped alone at first but they’ll let us know that they’re definitely at the same place TOGETHER

And once again
I passed by the same place
you and I
once walked together.
For some reason,
I am still drawn to
strolling by the river
you took me to on the very first day.
When I’m there,
everything about us feels real,
like what we had might still exist
even when it is all
slowly disintegrating.
—  Ming D. Liu

This week we meet with English artist Oliver Blank who explores our sense of time and place through public installations. And this time we make an artwork together. Call (718)395-7556 to participate!


1. Call (718) 395-7556 

2. Leave a message saying what you would say to the one that got away

3. Tell us you’ve called (using #theartassignment and your social media platform of choice) and prompt someone to do the same.

4. Your voice may be featured in a sound piece composed by Oliver Blank

Many thanks to Cummins Cummins Inc. for their use of The Irwin Conference Center in Columbus, Indiana, as well as Richard McCoy and the fine folks at We Are City: Michael Kaufmann, John Beeler, and Laura Holzman, for making this episode possible.


Gift 30 By Milla

Hello! :)
Getting the last gift! Finally this calendar (last year lol) is complete! I hope you enjoyed all the goodies … Btw, I loved to see them in your interior! You are incredibly talented and creative! ♥
I felt that something was missing to beautify the outside and created this together with love for you.

>> I edited the pillow knot textures in potoshop and you will have to do the same if you want your images look more real. Note that the knot detail is a texture, it is not 3D … It has parts where texture is clearer (that’s what I corrected). The smudge tool does the job. ;) Credits for Petunia Mae.

>> The hanging planters come with slots so that the plants can be placed in them. For hanging plant you will have to use OMSP’s to desired height. All credit goes to @yumesims (I converted from your conversion)…

>> The Wreath Flowers and Wreath with plaque are by Luna. I only edited the mesh and added recolors.

D o w n l o a d at sfs

>> Note: I’m using Reshade the images. The house is by @rubyred, edited by myself.


Like that, we became the first and last boarders at Sinchon Boarding House. My life at the age of 20, when there wasn’t anything special, in the city of Seoul where there were more than a hundred thousand people, these special people I got to meet like a miracle. We spent very special times together at Sinchon boarding house. We cried, we laughed, we met, we separated, we had heartaches. Even though each of us had slightly different memories, encounters and loves, we were together at the same time and same place like a miracle. 

Those passionate and pure days that I miss so much. Do you hear it? If you can, then answer me, my ‘90s.

Hello! So as October 16th is the 5th anniversary of Dan’s first video, I thought I’d start a project! This is a Tumblr and Twitter project to show Dan how much we appreciate and love him. On the 16th, tweet Dan with the hashtag #5ReasonsToLoveDan and tell him 5 reasons you think he’s great. For Tumblr, do the same and tag your posts with same hashtag. However, as the Phandom is so creative, I’m encouraging you all to do something cool with this. List your 5 reasons through a drawing, a gifset, a video, a picture, a song, anything! You don’t need to do this, but it’d be pretty cool if a lot of us did, right? Dan really appreciates our creativity, so he’d probably find it neat. On the day of the project, I’ll be reblogging all the posts tagged with #5ReasonsToLoveDan on a blog with the same name so they’re all together in one place. 

Also don’t forget to tag your posts with #danisnotonfire and put @danisnotonfire in your tweets so he’ll be able to see them!

Please reblog and retweet to help spread the word! If anyone has any questions/suggestions on how to improve this project, my inbox is always open!❤

Darling, if you ever find yourself worrying about how on earth we will ever be together, think about everything that had to happen in order for us to meet. This was no coincidence.
—  “When you consider everything that had to go right in order for us to be at the same place at the same time…Everything else pales in comparison. Anything is possible. Distance is temporary. Love is forever.”

Eren: Me and Armin are as close as best friends can be. No one has a stronger bond than us.

Mika: Yuu-chan and I are more than just best friends. We’re family.

Eren: We’ve always been together ever since we were kids.

Mika: We don’t need to be at the same place all the time. We’re connected by our hearts.

Eren: Armin would never hurt me. Especially not stab me with a sword.

Mika: Yuu-chan would never stand still and watch when his friends are being attacked.

Eren: Armin is not the one who’s dumb enough not to realize that people are using him as an experiment!

Mika: Yuu-chan isn’t the one who looks and acts like a girl!

Eren: You can’t find someone who’s smarter and more caring than Armin! He does what’s best for everyone and is always right!

Mika: Yuu-chan is the bravest person in the world! He’s so brave and strong-willed that not even a demon could beat him!

Eren: Try putting him in front of a 50 meter tall titan that eats humans, then let’s see how tough he is!

Eren and Mika: *Hiss at each other*

Armin and Yuu: … *Sigh*

reasons you should read “the darkest part of the forest” by holly black
  • it’s by the same woman who co-wrote the spiderwick chronicles
  • a beautifully written sibling relationship between hazel (the main character) and her older brother ben
  • hazel is a knight and ben is a musician
  • they work together to defeat murderous faeries
  • yeah!!! faeries!!! but this is not taking place in a fantasy world – it’s taking place in a modern town in the US called fairfold which just so happens to also have faeries occupying its forests
  • ben is gay but is not stereotyped or made fun of! his sexuality, while an important part of his character development, is not the only thing about his character that is important!!
  • hazel kisses boys!! lots of them!! at one point she kisses a faerie girl!! but she is not ever called a slut or villainized for this!
  • there is also an interracial relationship towards the end of the book
  • one of the main characters is a mixed-race boy who is also half-faerie
  • there is a well-written (and fucking ADORABLE) love confession from a faerie boy to ben and i just hgfdkjhsgfd
  • read it!!!

A lot of antis are waiting for a ‘deadline’, like, some date is going to come and go, and us Larries are gonna go ‘oh shit, time has passed, I was probably wrong the last six years’ and collectively delete our blogs.

Lemme tell you, my friend, you can stop waiting. That’s… not gonna happen. If there was evidence of Harry and Louis being in separate places with absolutely no possibilities of seeing each other in private for, idk, six months, a year, I’d assume they broke up, not that they were never together (that’s literally not gonna happen, but whatever). Same if they both married other people and had families, I just… won’t magically believe ‘oh they never dated’ that’s just NOT gonna happen.

If come June next year babygate is still on I’ll reevaluate if Syco is still around  just believe I don’t know the nuances of Harry and Louis’s relationship and that things are being presented in a way for a reason, even though they’re (most definitely) not how they look like. I’m not gonna LEAVE.

Do you not understand that by now? There isn’t a magical date in which I’ll just go ‘oh shit, I was wrong’.

There’s no way you’ll convince me Harry and Louis never dated. That’s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Am I being clear?

If I ever leave tumblr it won’t be because I ‘stopped believing’, it’ll be because I’ll get bored or find something more interesting to do, or get too busy to spend time here, I will not leave because I’ll suddenly stop believing they ever dated.

That’s not going to happen.

It’s not going to happen.







Am I clear? You’ll have to put up with me forever if I never get bored. I’m 100000000% cemented and convinced that Harry and Louis dated (and continue to do so). And NOTHING can change that at this point. NOTHING.

The Youtube Community.

The definition in the dictionary of Community is:

  • The condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common.
  • A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

The reason i’ve posted this, is because i only just saw Sam Pepper and Kingsley’s tweets about Tyler. This has nothing to do with the fans of either of them, and i do like them. Its just I thought it was very unfair towards Tyler Oakley. Sam Pepper tweeted too Kingsley that “He dislikes youtubers who use the 1D fandom to gain followers.” This was obviously sparked by Tyler’s misunderstanding with Liam Payne. 

The Youtube Community are supposed to stick together no matter what. This doesn’t exactly show a sign of support. Sam and Kingsley can dislike Tyler, thats between them and none of our business. But when going through times difficulty Tyler would stick by their side, so they should stick by his.