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The Signs as Mermaids

Aries- Much like Sirens, Aries’ mermaids are alluring. Though they don’t share the same genetics as the fabled Sirens, whom were part human part bird, they have similar characteristics. They have a ruby red tail that has a fan-like fin, and have many jewels adorning them. They like lavish things, and their suitors will normally try to win their favor by giving them gifts. They are the most hot-headed of the mermaid’s, causing some quarrels here and there. They are seen around South America, near the coasts of Venezuela. Aries’ usually have blonde or white hair, but tan skin. They get along well with predatory fish, but aren’t opposed to chatting with any other marine life that happens by. They are the most social of the group and are very passionate about their ideas. They like to tell stories about their adventures or of their families. When they transform their legs have a permanent stain of red.

Taurus- Seen around Europe, people think they might be related to Merrows. They have flexible tails that vary from dark greens to olive in color, and they have a extra fin on either flank of their tail. It’s translucent and is used to help them glide smoothly through the water. Taurus’ are connected to nature and often will possess great abilities to make plants grow. They use the mud from the banks to draw designs on their skin and are usually in groups of two or three. They have webbed fingers and slightly sharper nails for hunting. They don’t waste any part of their prey, and bones are used to fashion into jewelry or other accessories. They don’t like being in crowd of humans, and will venture onto land at night by themselves if they desire it. When they change, they are distinguished by their fingers.

Gemini- A love affair, these mermaids are always born in sets of two. They are from the mating of a mermaid and human, and due to this it causes a defect in one of the twins. Only one is able to grow a tail, while the other is merely human with merfolk blood in their veins. They are separated at birth, mermaid going with mermaid, and the human going home with its parent. They are raised differently, and only on their first full moon of their 18th birthday will they meet. The mermaids from this affair are varied in colors, but have never been seen with a black or white tail. They believe that is because of a force similar to yin and yang, light and dark. These mermaids are known to have powers relating to wind manipulation. Gemini’s are forbidden from going on land unless they are willing to give up their tail forever. When they change, their hybrid blood snaps into play and they are unable to return to the water, therefore stranded as a human.

Cancer- Mermaids who lives in tropical climates, like Brazil or places alike. Prefers warmer waters to cold ones, and likes playing in waves.. They are often spotted near coasts but haven’t  been caught on camera, and they seem to be more curious than anything about people. Their tails are normally white or silver, and sometimes they have foam green fins.Cancer’s tails are sleek, and up close the scales are hard and sharp for protection. These particular mermaid’s fins are smaller, but transparent towards the end and are in the shape of a crescent. They seem to bond more with animals that are on the ocean floor, such as crabs and starfish. They like to collect lost trinkets from the sandy reefs. Their gills are located underneath their jaw, and have a pink tinge to them. They don’t like going on the shore, and so they don’t transform unless they have to. Their giveaway is that their legs will have splotches of white or silver.

Leo- Similar to Sirena Chilota, they are generous mermaids. Found in various oceans, they are a peaceseeker to the inhabitants. Usually they are seen with a long golden tail, broad but beautiful that gets darker towards the fins. Their scales shine in light and always seem to be like polished gold. Leo’s are a gorgeous mermaid without doubt, and are often viewed as a beacon of self-confidence and luck when spotted. They are friendly to everyone as long as they haven’t threatened their safety, and do not fear humans. They are known to save children from drowning and bring them to the shore. When they dry, their tails turn into legs. The telltale sign of them being mermaids is that on their legs they will have small patches of shiny scales. These mermaids tend to be reasonably tall and lithe. They like pearls and will commonly use strings of them as hair accessories. Their gills are just below their third ribs.

Virgo- The most calm of the bunch, Virgo’s are freshwater mermaids. Their scales have no set color and are opal-like, showing just the reflections of light around them. These mermaids have short tails with long fins, and scales around their eyes. They have a love for flowers and will decorate themselves with any they can get their hands on. Virgo’s also have serrated teeth, used for easily eating their prey. These mermaids are the most common ones to have humans fall in love with them, and will often allow children to find their bodies of water and let them play with them or weave items into necklaces. They have an attraction to shiny objects, like bottle caps or rings. They do not change into humans, but will often put themselves on shores, rocks, or grass for the enjoyment of the sun on their skin. They are always near a water source though, and if they stay out too long they will become weak, and eventually die if not able to return to their water.

Libra- This species of mermaid is not particular about their homes, and are seen pretty much everywhere. Their tails are average size, and are various shades of blue, usually leaning towards lighter blues. Their fins are in the shape of a horseshoe, and have a clear webbing between the ends of them. Libra’s are not afraid of humans, and will swim alongside them so long as they deem it safe. They often will be heard singing around 5 in the evening, though no one is sure why they choose that time. These mermaids like to stay together, and are rarely seen alone. They’re similar to dolphins, and happen to get along well with the aquatic creatures. Libra’s aren’t the biggest fan of leaving the water, but when they do their giveaway is the clear webbing between their toes. They’re the strongest swimmers and are able to push their way through tsunami’s and other rough water.

Scorpio- These mermaids live in cold waters and often will not go to warm climates. They dwell in caverns and are seen as often transformed as they aren’t. Scorpio’s tails are dark purples, sometimes indigo, with a black stripes just above their fins, which are flowy and sometimes iridescent. This is also how they are distinguished on land, as around their ankles they will have a dark stripe on their skin. These mermaids have thin gills on their necks. They have an odd fascination with the moon, and will usually come together in groups to view a full moon and celebrate a new beginning. They like to carry a bag with them around their waist, usually tied with a reed or string of shells. They use this to grab anything that catches their eye. They are gifted with a great memory and long lifespan, taking on one lover at a time and are assumed to have at least one child. Their communication with other marine life is unknown.

Sagittarius- Sagittarius’ are the faster swimmers; they use their long tail and broad fins to streak through the water like a arrow. Their tails vary between a series of greens and yellows, and have thick scales that hunters aren’t able to penetrate with their weapons. They are wild, but still smart enough to ensure their own safety. They like hot climates best, but some have adapted to arctic waters. They have sharpened nails for protection, and their brow bones and temples are covered in scales. Sagittarius’ are normally patrolling for any signs of trouble, and are quick to ward off any predators from other merfolk. They’re quick problem solvers. They pride themselves in their ability to sustain and protect their family, and are easily one of the easiest mermaids to get along with. They enjoy looking for any items that are clunky and outrageous looking, finding them interesting to study. These mermaids will sometimes go on land, and there is no distinguishing features.

Capricorn- These deep-sea mermaids like to keep to themselves, and are said to be an omen of fortune when they are spotted. Their tails are darker, varying between black and shades of brown, and come in multiple shapes. Their bodies have evolved to their surroundings of darkness, and down the flanks of their tails they have rings that are bioluminescent. This attracts their prey, making it easy for them to acquire. Capricorn’s eyes have adjusted, and have a nightvision-like effect, but when they do go to the surface they’re close to blind. They can comfortably go to the mid of the ocean, but the closer they get to the sun the worse off they are. Many believe that these mermaids are considered one of the most dangerous if caught since they have a higher level of testosterone than others. Capricorn’s will sabotage any man-made equipment if it is uncomfortably close to them, biting through cables and scratching important devices.

Aquarius- Aquarius’ have duo-toned tails, usually between teal and pink with a flexible bottom fin. Their gills are down their ribs, and are protected by a cluster of scales. They’re the most mischievous of the mermaids, and are known to mess with anyone who is swimming near them. These prankster’s like to pinch and poke, but are pretty much harmless. Because of this as well, they will sometimes steal valuables for their own use, even if they don’t really have a use for it. But, they’re very friendly despite this. They just like to hoard things. Aquarius’ spend a lot of time out of water, and have no problem blending in with humans. Their mermaid mark when they transform is a discoloration of the skin in the shape of various seashells. They enjoy listening to music, whether it’s some radio on the beach or the singing of merfolk, it’s a pastime of theirs, though few dabble in it themselves.

Mermaids who populate the oceans near South Asia, these ones are typically timid. They are the most fish-like of the signs, and have white and orange dappled tails, like a koi fish. Their fins are much more loose than others, making them more flimsy and dainty. Pisces’ have gills on their necks, and have little whiskers that protrude from their cheeks. They travel in groups and are thought of as a beacon of youth and beauty, and though they stray from older humans, they like to play with children. It’s said that if one of these creatures is seen on the morning after a harvest moon, the person who saw them will be given a blessing. They like to collect stones and gems, making them into accessories. To propose a lifelong partnership to another mermaid, Pisces’ will search for the biggest gem in their collection and present it to their partner. When they go on land, its brief and only for a specific reason. Their telltale mark is the whiskers on their face.


Whoosh! Can you hear the bubbles as these sea lions whiz past in Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary? 

Found throughout West Coast national marine sanctuaries, sea lions are graceful and acrobatic swimmers. They use this speed and maneuverability to catch an assortment of small fish and squid! 

(Photo: David J. Ruck/NOAA)



Russian double-barreled grenade launcher with a very specific purpose. It uses unique depth charge style grenades designed for use against swimmers/combat divers. The FG-45 round seen in the top photo is the fragmentation grenade which detonates at a particular depth. The SG-45 round is a signal flare meant to mark the enemy swimmer/diver’s last location. It’s intended areas of use are aboard boats and submarines that have surfaced. (GRH)


#298.5 - Azurill aren’t strong swimmers, but gradually get accustomed to the water by playing in the shallows at the water’s edge. Their oil-filled tail keeps them from accidentally drowning, and while they are still poor swimmers, is used in aiding transportation; either through bouncing or by throwing it and being pulled by momentum. They thrive in group settings, and require a happy mindset and close friendships to be able to evolve.

#183.5 - Marill become stronger swimmers as they age, and combined with their developing ability to inhale and store a large volume of air, are able to spend increasingly long periods of time under the water. Their hearing will become so acute that they can distinguish individual Pokemon inside a raging river. While their developing body pattern camouflages them from predators, Marill practice hunting and scavenging along riverbeds, stretching their flexible tail to its limit.

Named: Azurill - Amarill - Marill - Zumarill - Azumarill

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A lesser blue crab photographed at @GulfSpecimen Marine Lab. This crab has powerful oar-shaped rear legs which make them very strong swimmers. Males use color to determine which mate they’ll try to attract and then perform a display with their pincers. Mating can last as long as 5-12 hours and females produce between 175,000 and 200,000 eggs per spawning.
For decades, Gulf Specimen has been running a public education center in Panacea, FL, educating thousands of schoolkids each year about the wonders of marine creatures from the Gulf of Mexico and beyond.

Yeah, @bbc03undercover​, I went to school with him in our small town from elementary on. We were in the same class. This is him our junior year:

My favorite story is that I was trying to convince him to join the swim team our junior or senior year (I was a swimmer and we didn’t have a pool so we swam with other schools and the numbers were always so small I was always trying to recruit new people) and I was THISCLOSE  to convincing him until another kid in our class told him he’d have to wear a speedo and then he refused. Which…considering I’ve seen his whole entire ass now, is kind of funny.

Randomly, Brandon Routh (superman and another superhero I think) was in the class behind us. He WAS a swimmer and wasn’t scared of wearing a speedo!

Our 20 year reunion is this summer and the only reason I’m entertaining it is…and I KNOW he won’t be there…but WHAT IF he is there? WHAT IF HE BRINGS LISA BONET?? WHAT IF SHE BRINGS HER EX-HUSBAND?? WHAT IF????

I used to work at a small, privately-owned swimwear store. We had our return policy posted up in the fitting rooms, taped to the front counter, and printed on the bottom of the receipt - and that policy clearly stated that we don’t take returns on used swimsuits, barring a defect. Because of this, we offer to help fit swimsuits, and I always tell people that the suit needs to be really snug when they’re trying it on, because the fabric loosens up in the water. Anyway, I had this older lady come in and fuss about which swimsuit she wanted to buy and finally left with one. She comes back a day or two later, suit in hand with the tags separate, and tells me “It doesn’t fit” and she wants to exchange it.

Now, I understand that the tags can get pulled off when the suits are being tried on, so I don’t necessarily take that as a sign that the suit’s been used. However…I used to be a swimmer, and I do know the smell of chlorine, not to mention that the suit was still wet. I told her that I was sorry, but we don’t take returns or exchanges on used swimsuits, store policy. If she had tried the suit on in the store, we could have fitted her properly. She tried to tell me that she never saw that policy - I pointed to it on the counter and told her it was on her receipt as well. So then she tried to tell me that the leg holes were the wrong size. I repeated that it was because she got the wrong size suit and because it had been worn in the water, I couldn’t take it back.

So she did what any mature, well-adjusted older woman would do: she threw the swimsuit at my head and stormed out. Luckily it missed me and hit the wall behind me, but still.

Why does this book still own my ass [part 2]

part 1

  • Ari is actually noticeably shorter than Dante
  • Hugs from behind are gr9 bc Dante can comfortably rest his chin on top of Ari’s head and feel and smell his nice hair 
  • Ari and Gina end up being the same smol height (5'4’) but Susie just fucking shoots up to maybe 5'10 (these numbers mean nothing to me use the metric system please) 
  • Susie wears a hijab and Gina has very tight curly hair 
  • Ari is def stronger than Dante so in most cases he’s able to pin Dante down but when Dante manages to pin Ari down Ari just kinda goes weak and his limbs becomes jelly and just kinda melts under Dantes weight and doesn’t fight back much after oh mannnnnnn
  • -*stares at linette* beefCAKE
  • Sometimes he lets Dante win
  • A lot of times actually
  • What a fucking child Dante you’re a year older please
  • Dantes physical affection rubs off onto Ari and in time he starts kissing his parents on the cheek more often and Jaime/Santiago is the first to notice it but doesn’t really object to it or say anything
  • Dante gives those super jovial and tight hugs that completely envelop you (he is big and with a broad back I’m sure he would wrap you up) and sometimes lifts you off the ground bc hes taller and  sometimes he just tackles I love how uncensored he is (giant golden retriever)
  • Whereas Ari’s hugs are the slow kind that you melt into like youre being consoled and warmed from the inside and he slowly brings your closer to him as the hug progresses and he presses into the person and the other person nuzzles their face his hair bc he’s got very nice hair
  • [yes those are from that post i drew that post]
  • They both really suck at dancing tbh like they think they’re good bc they don’t dance with other people but one night when they do go out with gina and Susie to dance or party they look like complete idiots oh my God
  • And Gina and Susie just slowly back off
  • “I’m sorry who are you I don’t recall coming with you???”
  • No amount of good looks can save you Dante
  • Dantes Cathedral classmates like to tease Ari (all good hearted) bc Dante probs never shut up about him before they kissed and probably didn’t after
  • Dante can’t grow a beard lmao his facial hair is so shit
  • And sometimes he takes it personally bc what if he isn’t macho enough by Mexican standards
  • Ari can grow a decent beard but probs keeps or clean shaven so Dante doesn’t feel bad
  • Soledad used to be a swimmer [probs despite her parent’s protest] before Sam and a few years after Dante was born.
  • She sounds rlly stubborn and headstrong from how she upped and left her family [probs dante got that too that lil shit]
  • She also wears big bifocal lenses those thick thick ones
  • That’s probs where Dante gets his closeness to swimming from
  • They probs go clean up aunt Ophelias house during the school holidays and they discover all the weird shit
  • And Ari starts to sniffle and tear up
  • He swears its the dust but Dante knows its a lie and just holds him again
  • They stay there while cleaning up bc driving back to El Paso probs takes too long and dante never actually keeps his promise to drive 
  • (maybe he doesn’t like cars I wonder why)
  • he just sleeps [i think someone else had this HC too]
  • Aris hair is actually lighter than dantes hair like maybe a chestnut brown, just a shade darker than his own skin compared to dantes almost black hair
  • Aris leg scar becomes less sensitive to touch but he still winces out of habit when something grazes him
  • Dante has scars from being beat up
  • Over the years they get a lot more scars bc theyre reckless and stupid and their bodies become an album of all their adventures together (ty izzy!)
  • Dante really enjoys sleeping on Ari (when the weather isn’t too hot) he likes listening to his breathing and the warm and everything
  • Even when they’re so close together Dante needs to be closer
  • And not just his chest ok sometimes he just drops onto Aris legs and falls asleep how annoying
  • Ari likes Dantes big sweaters and keeps taking them and returning it when they don’t smell like him anymore
  • “Ok you’ve worn it long enough it smells like you I want it back”
  • It’s not even the detergent that Soledad uses its Dantes smell whatever the fuck that is
  • His /musk/
  • And when Soledad gives him a sweater as a gift he makes Dante wear it for the smell again
  • Dante (secretly) likes brushing Aris hair??? Sometimes he braids it when Ari isn’t paying attention to piss him off
  • “I’ll shave your head if you don’t start doing this yourself”
  • (a very empty threat bc beautiful hair and Ari being his little che guevara)
  • Ari rebuts “that’s my mum’s job” in an attempt to make it awkward
  • This was the boy who replied “one night my parents had sex” when asked where he came from
  • Liliana is thankful that someone brushes her son’s hair bc it would be a fucking mess if he was left alone
  • You know what was popular I the 80-90s
  • Crop tops
  • u know who probs wears crop tops
  • both of them
  • When Dante walks he always has a slight bounce and always seems to be walking to a beat and Ari just loves that about him he’s so full of energy and life
  • And likes to jump around places like from 2 steps down or across a curb
  • On Aris 21st dante serenades him with LA BAMBA
  • Ari gets so red its incredible
  • They instinctively hold each other a lot everywhere like the hands the arm shoulder the clothes sometimes their bags.
  • More often Dante than Ari
  • Ari regularly tells Dante that he can’t fight for shit and that saying fight me means people will actually fight you
  • Ileana comes up somehow probs bc Gina blabbers and Susie is like oh fuck but in the nicest way possible tbh
  • Aris neck is very sensitive 
  • And Dante knows this 
  • You know where I’m going with this
  • Thigh hickeys 
  • Ye

anonymous asked:

Headcanons for the first time Gansey met/noticed Noah?

  •  we know from trk that noah used to be a swimmer and gansey goes to the pool at night (i think more often than just this once)
  • the aglionby pool at night is gansey’s haven, somewhere quiet when nowhere else is, especially his own mind. he goes there when even working on mini henrietta leaves too much room for his thoughts. he goes there when he’s sure ronan is asleep in his room at monmouth, when it seems like he’s the only person awake in the world
  • so imagine his surprise when he surfaces to see a boy his age standing on the edge of the pool, staring at him. the boy seems blurred at the edges at first, as though he isn’t really all there, but then gansey rubs the water from his eyes and the other boy solidifies.
  • noah can see the shock on gansey’s face at another living person at the pool at this hour, and he knows every thought running through gansey’s head. “I’m Noah,” he says “I’m. I was. I used to be a swimmer.” gansey, climbing out of the pool to shake noah’s hand, nods as if this explains everything. “Gansey,” he answers, but of course noah knows that, and everything that name means: welsh kings and dreamers, magicians and girls who kill with a kiss. kidnapping and demons and death. 
  • when gansey continues “what do you know about welsh kings?” it takes all noah has to keep quiet, but he does. they sit on the side of the pool, gansey telling the story of glendower. “I’ve died,” gansey tells him. who knows what makes him trust this stranger, why he doesn’t question how noah got into the pool, why he’s never seen noah around school before (later the strange ghost stuff fills in the gaps in his memory. he has vague flashes of noah sitting in a desk, walking though the aglionby halls). “so have I,” replies noah, and then, “but we were talking about you.” gansey chalks this up to his new friend having a strange sense of humor, and keeps going
  • they pass the rest of the night there, gansey sometimes swimming, but they mostly talk. noah knows exactly which topics to avoid, what thoughts gansey desperately needs to get off his chest. it’s nice.
  • the next morning gansey tells ronan about noah, and there he is at lunch, sitting at their usual table, and they wonder how they never noticed it before. gansey’s always nervous about ronan meeting new people, but noah says something to get on his good side, and everything seems to be working. 
  • noah mentions he’s looking for a place to live, and ronan and gansey tell him there’s an available room in monmouth. noah is there that night, or has he lived there for days, or months?
  • anyway ghost time is weird and im emo about noah 


Finally finished the sketch of Flybye, which you can find here.

This is my Sonic fan character! I suppose here is a small biography of her, for now:

Name: Flybye

Sex: Female

Species: ? (No idea, as I originally made up the species. It is inspired by dragons, though)

Age: 20

Personality:  Laid-back, social, fair

Alignment: Independent

Ability type: Swim


- Horns glow constantly.

- Has long, retractable claws.

- Natural born swimmer: Can breathe underwater, excellent swimmer, uses her tail and tail fin like a rudder.

- Immune to poison 

Art and character belong to me, Gooey-Marshmallow


Folk names: Margan (ancient Persian), Neamhnuid (Gaelic)

Energy: receptive

Planet: Moon

Elements: Water, Akasha

Deities: Isis, Aphrodite, Freya, Venus, Lakshmi, Diana, Neptune, Poseidon: all oceanic deities, though pearl is more specifically goddess-oriented; also associated with sky goddess. 

Associated metal: Silver

Associated stone: Ruby

Powers: Love, money, protection, luck

Magical uses: Pearls are intimately connected with the Moon, so much so that some will wear or use them only in magic only at night, during the Moon’s domain. Because of this connection with lunar energy they are usually worn by woman and rarely by men. 

They have long been used in love magic, either worn or carried to spread loving vibrations. In Indian, women wear pearls as a magical insurance for a happy marriage. 

A simple money spell involves purchasing a cheap pearl, the cheapest you can find. After attuning with the pearl and giving thanks for the oyster’s sacrifice, hold it tightly in your hand and visualize money flowing into your life. See yourself as using it wisely. Money is energy, and squandering energy leave you little in return. 

Still visualizing, throw the pearl into a stream, the ocean, or any moving water. As the pearl contacts the element, it begins the process of bringing your need into manifestation. 

This ancient spell was once performed in a slightly different manner- the pearl was thrown into a pile of rubbish as an act of sympathetic magic. Obviously, anyone who can throw away pearls is rich. The action magically created the desired condition. 

Throughout the South Pacific, pearls are used by swimmers and divers as a magical protectant against shark attacks. It is also a potent household guardian against fire.

For a general luck or good fortune attractant, set pearls around a ruby and wear.

At various times and in various parts of the world, pearls have also been used by their wearers to lengthen life, promote fertility, drive off demons, preserve health, instill courage, and lend physical strength.

Pearls are found in different shades. Each color, of course, has specific magical uses: black pearls as well as those of blue tints are thought to bring luck to the owner. Pink pearls are worn to manifest an easy, comfortable like. Yellow pearls, to the Hindus, bring wealth, and red pearls promote intelligence.

(Source: Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic) 

OMG MY ANGSTY BAES, PLEASE DON’T CRY. Thank you for this sweet request! Did we mention how much we liked angst? We really do. And angsty swimmers give us life <3

Haruka realized he couldn’t hold back his tears any longer when he finally went to his SO. Speechless and silently, he gripped their shirt and hid his face against their chest, avoiding eye contact while he cried. Their partner held him close, understanding he needed to let his mind clear.

Makoto stated he needed them so badly after running to them for comfort. Once he was between their arms, tears started to run across his cheeks keeping him from telling what was going on, even though he tried. He rested his forehead against their neck, still sobbing. They tried to soothe him lovingly stroking his hair and whispering sweet nothings in his ear.

Nagisa was already crying when he found his partner and went to them crying like a baby, trying to hide his face between his hands. He is tightly hugged right in the moment he reaches their side, grabbing their jacket firmly. They tried to calm him down so he could tell them what had happened.

Rei was a bit reluctant of showing up to his partner like that, reddened face and tears running down his cheeks. But before he could change his mind, they had already discovered what was going on, so he finally got no choice but tell them what had happened.

Rin was crying again without help, head down and sobbing loud enough for their partner to notice. They approached him and took his hands with their own, while the other one held his head, letting him rest his face on their shoulder. Finally Rin enclosed his partner in an endless hug.

Sousuke felt extremely overwhelmed by the situation and escaped from it to be alone. He couldn’t stand the idea of someone nearby when being so broken down. So immersed in his own thoughts, he hadn’t noticed the light footsteps approaching him until they hugged him from behind, hiding their face on his back to leave him some space. But instead of feeling tense, he felt relieved and turned around, melting between their arms. Just once wouldn’t kill anyone.

Aiichiro had his face hidden between his legs, arms across his body and tried not to made loud sounds, even though he was a sobbing mess. So he didn’t realize the moment his partner walked towards him, letting their hand rest on his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him. Relief spread along his body, making him able to send them a beautiful smile.

Momotarou tried to hide his tears at first, failing miserably. When seeing his partner’s face he just burst into tears again. They worriedly approached him and in the moment he felt their soft touch on his cheek pulled them strongly against himself, leaving his face rest on their hair, babbling unintelligible words.

Seijuro had his cheeks wet by tears but no sound came out from his mouth, elbows on his legs and hands covering his face. His partner found him like that, getting extremely worried since Seijuro didn’t use to cry. Before they could even ask he firmly hugged them resting his face against their stomach. Hands dug deep in his hair as they waited for him to start talking when he felt ready for it.

The Signs as Mermaids

Aries- Much like Sirens, Aries’ mermaids are alluring. Though they don’t share the same genetics as the fabled Sirens, whom were part human part bird, they have similar characteristics. They have a ruby red tail that has a fan-like fin, and have many jewels adorning them. They like lavish things, and their suitors will normally try to win their favor by giving them gifts. They are the most hot-headed of the

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