us swim

let’s sit by the docks and watch the fish swim below us. they’re free, just like we are. we hold hands as the warm salty wind brushes through our hair. the sun turns the waters a calm golden. it was hell, but now we’re free, and that makes it all worthwhile.

Life is a beach, so why am I always drowning.

I have said

all of this before.

There is sand in my words.

But, I let you put your feet in it – move like 

you have never walked on the beach

and feel the safe waves pull you deeper.

It feels new. It feels like the water recycled itself 

to teach us how to swim again.

It is not safe here, come deeper.

How will you see my other shades of blue

when you cannot breathe.

         First love- second love -

                   Each the same wave. They 

                             push you to the land. They 

                             pull you to the water. 

They make you seasick and begging for more.

I’m McPissed because for over two weeks I was doing really good and exercising every dang day by swimming and using exercise bands and even though it didn’t do shit to help my anxiety I was feeling pretty proud of myself for sticking to it, and now my fucking period started so I can’t swim and I feel all gross and exhausted 

Important Lance things to remember

-Lance loves his family and theyre the most important thing for him

-He misses home, the poor baby, the rain, the beach, his home

-Lance believes in ghost and mermaids

-He probably wants to be a mermaid

-Lance is really into water things? (Rain, beach, pool, mermaids) I wouldn’t be surprised if he use to swim as a sport

-He would never hurt Hunk, even if Hunk was fighting against him

-He cares so much about his teammates and loves to brag about how cool they are!!!

-Even Keith, his so called rival. He finds the good in everyone!!

-Flirts like a gentleman, like no one ever thinks he’s being creepy with his flirting and most girls give him a positive response when flirting!!

-Literally only Allura has been shown to be uninterested/unamused by Lance’s flirting even then she’s not creeped out or disgusted, just exasperated

-Would deadass waddle in a fountain and turn into a dolphin for his friends like respect

-Protects people he just met even calling them friends!!

-Knock, knock, its self-depreciation

-Loves to bond with others and become friends with them!!

-Throws himself in front of a bomb for his friends

-This boys just really loves his family and friends like wow

-Smart boy!! Figured out the brainwash thing all by himself!!

-So many leadership qualities like wow did you see the first episode

-Protects smol friend from angry cyclops

-I love him


Natural Swimming Pools

Natural swimming pools use plants or a combination of plants and sand filters to keep the water clean and clear without chemicals. They were developed in Austria and Germany in the 1980s and have since grown in popularity worldwide. They can be designed in a multitude of ways: Some look like natural ponds; others may be disguised as standard tiled pools. (Source)

Free! -Timeless Medley- Yakusoku

Makoto Tachibana and Haruka Nanase find themselves in a familiar situation in this poster for the upcoming summer film, Free! -Timeless Medley- Yakusoku, illustrated by key animator Nami Iwasaki (岩崎菜美) for Newtype Magazine (Amazon US | Japan).

Blue Neighborhood for the signs

Aries: Wild

Taurus: Suburbia

Gemini: The Quiet

Cancer: Blue

Leo: Cool

Virgo: Talk Me Down

Libra: for him.

Scorpio: Bite

Sagittarius: Lost Boy

Capricorn: DKLA

Aquarius: Heaven

Pisces: Youth


This was just utter nonsense Adult Swim used to play during commercial breaks and someone obviously just recorded real unscripted babies but I’ve never forgotten it and it’s honestly still funny to me

But if these were, in fact, real kids, I will wonder til the day I die what they were actually talking about. What was the real Dweed.

what if aliens didn’t realize right away that humans could drown? as in die from inhaling water?

I mean we drink water, and our planet is mostly water, and they have seen other earth beings living in water indefinitely. they even see us swimming, which is the weirdest of all

“what do you mean you can’t breath in the water?“

“why are you playing around in something that can KILL YOU?“



[Samurai Jack Parody] Aku’s New Alarm Clock

Surprised that no one managed to make a video like this yet, Aku getting himself a new alarm clock which sound surprisingly familiar …

(Leave a like and some comments on the video if you’re grateful, essentially have a dead channel at this point to be honest.)