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Hi friends! To help get everyone out of the funk that was 2016 I’m doing a giveaway! 


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Giveaway will close on December 23rd and hopefully make for some happy holidays and good luck for next year! Feel free to hit up the ask for any questions you may have and good luck!

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I don’t want to be angry anymore. I want to be calm. I want to stop hurting people and blowing up all the time. I hate myself for it. It’s straining my relationship. It’s made my mom cry. I just lose it and blow up on anyone that’s near me when I’m mad and I know it isn’t fair but I feel like I can’t control it, and every time I go off I just get more angry at myself and it makes it worse. My anger is out of control and I don’t know how to fix it. I feel like the worst piece of shit.
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(apparentlyabear) Okay so like I have this theory about the Anti Pax video, and I NEEDED to share. So like at one point, Anti says "I'm always there" and traces the cut on Jack's throat with his knife, so I feel like that was a sort of "I'm only a slice away from being here". He can take out Jack whenever he wants just to get eyes on him, and he was reminding us of that fact.

DUDE THAT IS GOOD SHIT. He’s f*cking threatening us. @anti-support-group

Is it

any wonder

we find 

it impossible

to recover

from TJ Hammond?

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My oldest brother was my abuser. Today I found out him and his wife are going to have a baby. My mom called and said “you’re going to be an aunt!!” I’ve been in therapy for almost two years and I am not prepared to deal with this.
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Imagine Natasha starting a support group for women who are unable to bear children.

There are many different kinds of women in the group. 

They come from all walks of life, and each of them had a unique journey getting here. Some of them have bodies unable to conceive at all because of the shape of their organs, the way the stars aligned when they were born, or for no explainable reason at all. Some can conceive, some even conceive easily, but are still unable to carry a child to term.

Some lost all reproductive capability while undergoing medical treatment, or damaged their bodies too badly in an accident, or while fighting for their country, or through an infection. Some are too sick themselves, or have bodies that otherwise would not be able to bear the strain of pregnancy and birth. Some of them, while women in truth, are unable to conceive and carry because of the body they were born in. Some of them don’t even want children, but still are unable to readily come to grips with the reality that that is now a choice they will never be able to make.

Some of them already have biological children, but now can’t have more, some have adopted children and love them dearly, yet still struggle with what they feel is a brokenness inside themselves.

Natasha attended the meetings for years, rather haphazardly because of her schedule. At first she sat quietly at the edges and listened to the stories, struggles, and self-blame other women shared in turn. She could identify with every story, felt the pain of every woman through the years, and eventually gained enough strength in her own person to be able to share parts of her own story.

Now that she’s more settled, she is able to step up into more of a leadership position. 

The first time she is able to successfully comfort a sobbing young woman just learning the news that she will never be able to have a biological child, she feels a warm glow of hope and pride that soothes part of her own ache. It is similar to what she feels after a successful mission, but somehow warmer and less overwhelming. She decides she likes it, and resolves to explore this side of herself as she builds a new life and persona.

Why wouldn’t Sam Wilson’s career path as a councilor work just as well for her?

hey guys! @glennie-rhee and I thought it would be a good idea to create a safe and happy tag for glenn rhee, where we can post silly gleggie headcanon’s, dad!glenn fanfictions and in general just positive stuff about our favourite character.

how to use? just use #glenn rhee support group in your first five tags so we can see it. that’s it. keep the happiness and hope coming and always remember, glenn never lost hope, he always believed! ♥

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