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The men of 1st SFOD-D, otherwise known as Combat Applications Group (CAG) or Delta Force. The US Army’s counterpart to DEVGRU (Erroneously referred to as SEAL Team 6). They are the US Army’s premier Tier 1 Operators. Notable operations of theirs include;

The Iranian Hostage Crisis

The invasion of Grenada

The invasion of Panama

Persian Gulf War

Somali Civil War (Black Hawk Down)

The battle of Tora Bora

The capture of Saddam Hussein

The rescue of Roy Hallums

And many others classified by the US Armed Forces.

At the altar with the Enemy (pt. 2)


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Summary: You and Newt Scamander are taking the big step and against everybody’s opinion you two are getting married. And the day has come at last...

“Hurry up, Daisy, we’re not waiting for the Emperor of China climb up his horse and come all the way up'ere. You’re a squib, not a crippled, Merlin’s beard!”
“The trays are too heavy, Mrs. Pattmore!” Daisy huffed upset, “If Alfred could stop looking at that american Lady Queenie and come give me hand…”  
Alfred’s eyes almost popped out of place, “I’m not-”
“Bloody hell, you better move those feet. You may have worked at the Ritz, young man, but right now Lady Y/N needs us for her big day, so…” she pointed at the trays full of biscuits and mini tarts, and as a soldier to his general, Alfred took them fast and disappeared from the kitchen with cheeks burning red.
Mrs. Huges came down the stairs, her wand in hand. She dodged a small house elf when a maid squealed and tripped, a big tower of porcelain dishes she was carrying fell freely to the ground causing a loud scandal. Mrs. Huges swhished a quick ‘reparo’ and the plates came from shattered pieces to their whole state.
“Be careful next time, child” she scolded with a stern look and went back to business.

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US Army Staff Sergeant Matthew Q. McClintock. 5 JAN 2016.
Died in Marjah District, Afghanistan, from wounds suffered when the enemy attacked his unit with small arms fire. The incident is under investigation.

McClintock was assigned to the1st Battalion, 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne), out of Buckley, Washington.


Belarus’ KGB Alpha, and Russian FSB Alpha in a practical shooting competition.

Kind of neat to see a Sig in there (yes I know there’s also an MP5 but I am already used to seeing Belarus and Russian SOF using them)



So that others may live.

Two 56th Rescue Squadron HH-60G Pave Hawks respond in a combat search and rescue scenario on Royal Air Force Lakenheath, England. Unlike other rescue squadrons, the 56th RQS is the only unit with a dedicated combat search and rescue force to conduct personnel recovery for a joint force. 

(U.S. Air Force photos by Airman 1st Class Trevor T. McBride, 16 JAN 2015.)