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Obama administration officials filed a brief in support of transgender teen Gavin Grimm

  • On Friday, members of the Obama administration filed an amicus brief in support of Gavin Grimm, the 17-year-old transgender Virginia teenager who will head to the Supreme Court on March 28 to fight for the ability to use the public facilities that match his gender identity.
  • Two former secretaries of education, Arne Duncan and John B. King Jr., signed onto the brief, as well as several officials from the departments of Education, Justice, Labor and Health and Human Services. Read more (3/3/17 3:09 PM)

In the era of “alternative facts” education is more important than ever. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos tried to use the success of historic black colleges and universities (HBCU) to justify her twisted views of “school choice” and the voucher system. President Donald Trump has scaled back protections of transgender youth in public schools. Children of immigrants are being threatened and bullied at school. Activists gathered at Central Park West and marched to the offices of Governor Andrew Cuomo to demand adequate funding of New York’s public schools and protections for immigrant and transgender students.
Betsy DeVos Confirmed as Education Secretary; Pence Breaks Tie
The vote on Tuesday was believed to be the first in Senate history in which the vice president was called in to break a tie on a cabinet nomination.
By Emmarie Huetteman

Betsy DeVos has just been confirmed as the Education Secretary.

While republicans have a 2 person majority in congress, two republican senators voted against DeVos. Even then the vote was a 50/50 split.

Pence (or any vice president) is the tie breaking vote in the situation of a 50/50 split.

This is precisely why the #ResistTrump momentum needs to continue up until the 2018 midterm elections. Trump has already proven that he stops at nothing to shove through his horrible orders, picks and policies - we need immediate resistance efforts, but we can never lose sight of the fact that we need a congress that is better suited to serve as a check against this presidency.


FridayBear does not condone the language used by Elisabeth “Betsy” DeVos during her hearing for Education Secretary on January 17th, 2017. Her comment, regarding the use of firearms to protect American children against “potential grizzlies,” was misinformed, ignorant, and borders on hostile. As of today, there have been no recorded instances of grizzly bear attacks in American public schools, and it would do well for Mrs. DeVos to be mindful of the facts before spouting her inflammatory hate speech towards the grizzly bear population.

Alright so this chick Betsy shows up to our school and before hand there were all of these things we were expected to do. Like she was supposed to check out our art class third period. She was supposed to listen to our band in our Performing Arts Center. She was supposed to be looking into our robotics program. She was supposed to be checking in on our classrooms to see how PBL works in our school. She didn’t show up to any of it. She didn’t even get to the school until after 11 o'clock. She was supposed to be there from 10 to 4:30 and she left at about 12:45. She wasn’t even here for two hours. She came took a quick peak in the PAC, listened in on one senior project presentation gave her press conference and jetted.

Oveta Culp Hobby (1905-1995) was the first director of the Women’s Army Corps, created during World War II to fill the gaps left by the shortage of men. For her service within the organization, she was rewarded with the Distinguished Service Medal, the first woman ever to receive this honour.

In 1953, she became the first secretary of the newly-created US Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. Additionally, she was an accomplished journalist, becoming the executive vice president and later the publisher of the Houston Post.
Trump’s Education Department nixes Obama-era grant program for school diversity
Advocates say the decision symbolizes a lack of interest in school diversity, a charge the administration denies.

It’s like Devos and Sessions are racing to find out who can do the most racist things with their departments before the 100 days are over.

Though I have to point out something, from the article:

Research has shown that poor children who go to mixed-income schools fare better academically than poor children who go to high-poverty schools and that such integration doesn’t hurt the performance of affluent students. And yet U.S. public schools have become more segregated by race and class over the past two decades, according to a federal analysis released last year.

The diversity grants, called “Opening Doors, Expanding Opportunities,” were announced in December by then-Education Secretary John B. King Jr., who used his year-long tenure at the helm of the agency to bring new attention to the advantages of integrated schools. Many advocates, who had been disappointed by federal inaction on school diversity issues during much of President Barack Obama’s time in office, cheered the grants as a small but symbolic move.

Poor students who attend economically diverse schools don’t perform better because middle class students sprinkle them with magic fairy dust and middle class work ethic when they walk through the doors, they do better because high poverty schools in high poverty RACIALLY SEGREGATED areas are neglected and disastrously under-resourced. Cherry picking “worthy” poor kids to be air-lifted into a different school allows liberals to pat themselves on the back while leaving a huge structural issue largely unresolved. People in education tend to laud themselves for innovating new band-aids for huge gaping societal issues.

With that being said, it’s not going to be helpfull AT ALL when Devos decides to find each and every liberal band-aid and rip them off one-by-one.

britain has a new justice secretary named michael gove.

if you recognise the name it’s because he used to be our education secretary, and he was about as suited to that job as he is this one, which is, not at all.

as a newspaper columnist in 1999, he called for the return of the death penalty via hanging.

he is currently in charge of scrapping the Human Rights Act, which is to be replaced by a system that is independent from the EU courts.

i repeat, this man is our newly appointed justice secretary.