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Freeman High School shooting

On the 13th of September 2017, Caleb Sharpe (15) entered Freeman High School in Spokane, Washington with a rifle and a handgun in a duffel bag, and began shooting. He killed Sam Strahan, and injured three other girl students. The student that got killed tried to confront Caleb and was heard yelling: ‘‘You don’t want to do this!’’, but he sadly got shot in the head while doing so.  A staff member then managed to step in and put an end to the rampage. The three other girls that got shot survived and are in stable condition.

A friend of Caleb said that he passed out notes, which said he was going to do ‘‘something stupid that could get him killed.’’ He also explained how Caleb had changed over the last few months, because he suddenly started being ‘obsessed’ with school shootings. Caleb also had a YouTube channel called ‘Mongo Walker’ where he played with fake guns and would film having mock shootouts with his friends.

Caleb Sharpe was arrested at the scene and taken into custody.


90’s School Shooters:

14-year-old Barry Loukaitis (1996)

16- year-old Evan Ramsey (1997)

16-year-old Luke Woodham (1997)

14-year-old Michael Carneal (1997)

13-year-old Mitchell Johnson and 11-year-old Andrew Golden (1998)

15-year-old Kip Kinkel (1998)

18-year-old Eric Harris and 17-year-old Dylan Klebold (1999) 


Steven Kazmierczak and his best friend, Kevin, used to discuss school shooters/shootings at length. They talked in depth about Columbine and Virginia Tech. Steven was impressed with Cho coming up with the idea to chain the doors shut so people couldn’t escape, and he was also impressed with Eric and Dylan planning to create confusion by planting diversion bombs. 

Steven was the perpetrator of the shooting at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois on February 14th, 2008. He was armed with a shotgun and three handguns. He killed 5 people and injured 17 others. Afterwards he took his own life. 


The Erfurt massacre was a school massacre that occurred on 26 April 2002 at the Gutenberg-Gymnasium (Secondary School) in the Thuringia State capital Erfurt, Germany. The gunman, 19-year-old expelled student Robert Steinhäuser, shot and killed 16 people: 13 staff members, two students, and one police officer, before committing suicide. Steinhäuser used two weapons which are visible in the images above, one being a Glock 17 Semi Automatic Pistol (This was the main / only weapon he used for the attack) and also had a Mossberg 590 Mariner pump action shotgun (This was unusable during the shooting due to an error in reassembling the weapon by Steinhäuser before the shooting).  The massacre led to the development of a codeword that could be broadcast over the public address system to warn teachers of a shooting. “Mrs Koma is coming”, which is “amok” spelled backwards, was later used at the Winnenden school shooting to alert teachers to that attack.

These are miscellaneous crime scene photos. the last three photos are of the direct area where the shooter Robert Steinhäuser committed suicide. These last three photos have the shooters body visible in all three and even part of his head in the final image.  

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Student among 3 dead in San Bernardino school shooting
A man fatally shot his estranged wife in her classroom at a Southern California elementary school, before killing himself on Monday, police said.
By Sonya Hamasaki and Darran Simon, CNN

“Two students were injured in the murder-suicide at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, and one of those children later died at a hospital, Burguan said.

Burguan said the shooter, Cedric Anderson, 53, of Riverside, walked into the classroom armed with a large caliber revolver and opened fire “without saying anything,” killing Karen Elaine Smith, 53, also of Riverside. Smith was a teacher at the school …

Burguan said Anderson told employees in the office he wanted to drop something off with his wife and then headed to the classroom. He added that it is not uncommon for a spouse to gain access to a school campus to meet with their partner …

Court records showed that he had faced criminal charges of brandishing a weapon, assault and crimes against public peace in 2013, with those charges later “dismissed or not prosecuted.” There had also been two petitions for temporary restraining orders filed against him by women in previous years …

‘I would like our community and our nation to keep our families in prayer,’ San Bernardino City Unified School District Superintendent Dale Marsden said.

‘It’s going to take time for our heads, our hearts to heal.’ Marsden added.”

Article from the Daily News, February 15, 2000 about a tragedy in Littleton, Colorado that happened 1 year after the Columbine massacre. 

Two sophmore students from Columbine High School were found shot to death at the Subway sandwich shop just two blocks away from the school.

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Gurg always mocks tragedies and disasters because he can't feel what it's like to care or love anything. Might as well say he's a walking corpse, not human. Heartless, soulless, emotionless, and appallingly evil. With the way he used to fantasize about school shootings, I do believe the only thing that stopped him from being a killer, like many sociopaths, is the supreme regard for only their own wellbeing and so not wanting to go to prison. I feel bad for anyone that can't see through him.

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You know that post about "US - terrorism vs UK - normal day". ... "UK - school shooting, US - normal day". I'm just throwing it out there.

I was going to point that out but the post’s already unpleasant enough as it is.

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ABC news: 6 deadliest US school shootings since 1966

-Virginia Tech -  Seung-Hui Cho,
-Sandy Hook; Adam Lanza
-University of Texas shooting; Charles Whitman
-Columbine, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
-Red Lake, Jeffrey Weise
-Umpqua Community College; Chris Harper-Mercer

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Dude, you could eat your fucking vegetables, the shooting part is just for fucking fun, you dont need meat, you dont need to kill (:

Honestly why didn’t you just reply to the post instead of giving me an ask? Anyways, I was giving a reason as to why human lives and animal lives should not be put on the same level. Should we ban animals from eating other animals? No, obviously not. Not every human eats meat, not every animal eats meat. You don’t get to use a fucking school shooting as means to tell people to go vegan. It’s not only gross, but extremely disrespectful.

Favorite creepypasta #63: The Class

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My life has been somewhat, ruined, by an experience I had when I was younger. I think so often back to the time my experience happened. Nobody ever believed my story at the time, so I decided to write it now, for the world to see.

It began really when I was 14 or so, when my family moved home. My Dad had been offered a job with better pay and a mere week later, we had sold our house and rented an apartment in the town we moved to. It was during the summer we moved, so it was simple starting at my new school. When term began I nervously walked from our apartment building to the school which was rather close. I hadn’t had the chance to meet any local kids so I knew nobody and was scared of having to make new friends all alone. I don’t recall really speaking to anybody that morning, I was too shy you see. I just took my timetable in a slightly trembling hand and looked to see what my first class was. Maths, in room 104. I checked the little school map hand-out I had been given, I looked at that map over and over. I couldn’t see my class room number at all. By then no staff were around me and I began to panic. Where the hell do I go?

I noticed on the layout of the building there was a whole section to the right of the school that seemed to have plenty of classroom sized rooms but no numbers. The class numbers on the far left of the school were numbers 300-310, the centre of the building had rooms designated in the 200-230 range. I decided my class room ’104′ would logically be to the right. I walked down long corridors, most of the other students were not new, and so they had already made it to their classes whilst I contemplated my map. Because of this, the corridors were now deserted. In retrospect, I should have just found the help desk and asked them to give me directions but I was so shy I’d rather try and do it alone.

Anyway I followed the building layout and at the end of an eerily quiet and long corridor, my passage was blocked by rather old looking wooden double doors that didn’t open when I pushed. This seemed wrong. Like this part of the building was not meant to be entered. I played with the idea that someone had accidentally shut them or maybe I just wasn’t pushing hard enough.

I rammed into the doors with my shoulder and with a scraping sound of metal on wood, they opened. I realized then that I had broken the bolts on the other side of the door which were brittle with rust. Horrified at having broken a door lock on my first day, I was about to turn and run from the scene and just ask someone to help my find my class. I obviously shouldn’t be in this part of the school. The new corridor was old and dusty. The lockers were all hanging open and unused. A faint smell of mould hung in the air. But as I turned I noticed the numbers painted on the glass windows of the doors along the corridor. The one nearest to me read; ’100′.

Perplexed I checked my timetable again to assure myself that I had read my class number correctly. It was clear; my room was ’104′. And just along this corridor apparently. I began to walk slowly, looking into the windows of each class I passed. 100, empty, 101, empty, 102, empty except for a plastic skeleton hanging in the corner by a pile of yellowing student lab coats. Still, it was enough to make me flinch. As I checked 103 (empty) I heard the voice of an adult man coming from the room opposite. Room 104. I peeked through the window. Full.

Except it wasn’t what I expected to see. Sure, there was a teacher, wearing a worn brown suit and blue bowtie, and there were students, all focused on this teacher sitting apart from one another on old fashioned wooden tables. What made me pause was what they were wearing. Kids didn’t dress like that anymore, It looked like a classroom from an old film or show. The teacher stood beside a blackboard dusty from chalk.

Despite this oddity, I knocked on the door. I assumed the school had a poor budget. The teacher didn’t notice my knocking, so I quietly opened the door and walked in. None of the students took their gaze away from the teacher, who also paid no attention to me. I awkwardly apologised for my lateness, citing that I had gotten lost. I then made my way over to the only free seat in the room and sat down. I felt my cheeks burn with embarrassment. I must have interrupted the class I thought.

The teacher began his lesson a few seconds later rather casually. His name was Mr Telori. He began to chalk equations on the board and got the class to solve them. The lesson was rather ordinary; except for the fact no calculators were used. Whenever I raised my hand to answer a question, almost too try and win back favour from the teacher, he ignored it and always chose another student to answer the problem.

The lesson ended abruptly after what felt like hours. By the end of it I was bored and miserable. I just wanted to get home and complain about the way I was ignored.

When I left the room I felt pangs of hunger. I glanced at my watch and was shocked to see the school day had ended. A whole day of maths? Horror. I had decided I hated that school. I walked slowly home, going over the day’s events in my mind. It was all very weird, but I supposed I would get used to this new school eventually.

When I got home my mother was talking on the home phone. Her face displayed confusion. She heard me come in and frowned when she saw me. She looked somewhat angry and asked whoever was on the other end of the phone line to hold, and then she accused me of skipping school.

Confusion followed. I told her I was in class all day, but apparently the school had phoned to say I wasn’t in any lessons and hadn’t seen me after I collected my timetable. I said I was in Mr Telori’s class in room 104 all day. I must have missed the register when I was late I thought.

My mum paused and told the school on the phone my story. Her expression froze after a few seconds and then she looked at me rather worriedly. 

She hung up the phone and told me what the school had said. 

Mr. Telori had not worked at the school in thirty-eight years.

Apparently room 104 was part of an abandoned section of the school that hadn’t been used since a school shooting nearly forty years ago. 

The school thought I was playing some sick joke.


That night I went on the web to find out if what the school said was true. Quickly I had found old newspaper articles about the school massacre that had been archived. 

A madman had simply walked into the school with a hunting rifle and shot a whole class dead. He had blocked the doorway and shot everyone in a maths classroom. An old grainy photo showed the class where the murders happened. I recognised it immediately. It was room 104.

An obituary showed tributes to the dead and photos of all that had died. I recognised them, too. Mr. Telori and all the students I had spent a day with. 

My heart felt like it had stopped. I felt sick. I felt cold to my bones at that moment.

After that day I changed schools. 


Now, years later I’ve written this, my account of what happened to me, which nobody had ever believed. The reason, why now? 

Yesterday I received a letter in the post. There was no address; it had simply appeared through my letterbox. It was a class reunion invite, signed by my old teacher.

Mr. Telori.

Credits to: A J M