us schedule

  • The dates are following KST time
  • 17/11/14 - Departure to the US 
  • 17/11/15 -  THE LATE LATE SHOW - PERFORMANCE ONLY 8:30 AM KST (nov 14- Recording 3:30 PM PST -12:37 AM PST Broadcast)
  • 17/11/16 - Kimmel BTS outdoor Mini-Concert 10:45 PM KST (nov 15- 5:45 PM PST Recording) - 
  • 17/11/17 - KTLA News 8:40 PT - KIISFM 9PM PT
  • 17/11/18 - On with Mario Lopez (Radio) (9:00PM PT) - On Air With Ryan Seacrest (9:40am EST)
  • 17/11/19 - AMAs (American Music Awards performing DNA) Red Carpet 8:00 AM KST - The show 10:00 AM KST (8:00 PM EST Live Broadcast)
  • 17/11/20 - Nonno magazine featuring BTS release
  • 17/11/21 - Ellen Show pre-taping
  • 17/11/24 - Mic Drop Remix ft Desiigner by Steve Aoki
  • 17/11/27 - Ellen Show broadcast (Performing DNA)
  • 17/12/1 - MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards)
  • 17/12/2 - MMA (Melon Music Awards)
  • 17/12/4 - Jin’s Day (birthday)
  • 17/12/6 - JPN Album + Crystal Snow + MIC Drop MV 
  • 17/12/8-10 - WINGS TOUR Seoul (Finale)
  • 17/12/10 - WINGS TOUR FINALE Seoul Live Broadcast
  • 17/12/13 - Japanese Single album event
  • 17/12/16-17 - Tokyo/Osaka hand-shaking event (individual)
  • 17/12/17 - TBS Broadcast WINGS TOUR  (Kyocera dome) in Japan 
  • 17/12/27 - Release of WINGS TOUR Japan Edition
  • 17/12/30 - Tae’s Day (birthday)

BTS announced they will shoot V Lives in the US too so stay tuned for that. And lately every Tuesday there is a Run Ep -  9 PM KST

This list can be updated anytime
As Long as available the links to stream or rewatch the above events will be posted on this blog like usual.


Joon and Jimin talked about their upcoming US schedules. Jimin asked if Joon is nervous bcoz he’s gonna be the one answering questions and all. Joon said he is nervous and pressured but that it’s ok that it’s only him that’s like that. He’ll handle all the pressure bcoz he just wants the members to have fun and be their usual adorable selves ^_^ as expected of our joon!


On November 15, BTS will do a live outdoors performance for Jimmy Kimmel Live. The concert will be included in a later episode of the late-night show on November 20.

November 17 will see BTS do a live radio show in the U.S. The group will be speaking with Mario Lopez on the actor’s show ON.

As for November 19, BTS will be busy with the American Music Awards themselves. The group will be performing live on-stage during the event and walk its red carpet beforehand. BTS is slated to perform “DNA,” the first single off their recent album Love Yourself.

A day after the American Music Awards, BTS will then appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live on November 20. The following day will see the group do their recording for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The latter episode is expected to debut on November 27.

November 24 will also see BTS take part in another special event with two popular U.S. artists. The group will release a remix of their song “Mic Drop” with Steve Aoki and Desiigner this month. There is no word from BigHit Entertainment if the drop will come with any accompanying music video or release party in the U.S. BTS is slated to attend the Mnet Asian Music Awards on December 1, so the group’s time in America will be very short but jam-packed with events for fans.

Find BTS’ US schedule HERE


🔴 in another life 🔴

Shinji and Kaworu from Evangelion for throwback-thursday <3 the desperation i have felt over the years from wishing i could protect their happiness is IMMENSE. and i’m sure i’m not alone in that <3 <3 <3

In defense of sniff walks (and the dogs that need them)

It’s very easy for us, as dog owners, to get into a routine that ignores some of the basic drives of our dogs. Sometimes the desires of our dogs are annoying and inconvenient. Sometimes dangerous. Sometimes they are weird and slow us down. But sometimes they are a necessary form of enrichment.

When we work, our dogs are often shut in the house or kennel to rest. When we sleep, we expect them to sleep. When we take them for walks, we expect them to get moving at all times. When they stop to smell the grass (or graze), a weird rock, or a squirrel trail, we often get frustrated and call them to us. After all, most of us are on a schedule. I find myself forgetting that while I experience stimulation constantly, all day every day, dogs do not get the same opportunity. I propose that when possible, and when a dog expresses interest, we allow them those moments to sniff. To track. To excite themselves and eat the grass. After all, their life experiences are shaped by what we allow, and often what we have time for. Make time to let your dog be a dog! Most of us could use the moment to take in our surroundings and observe the world, too.

kids won on the doodle comic poll but I wanted to doodle these two together anyway because I’m not the boss of me

morally dubious sass pals judge locals while sharing latest gossip on hexes