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Should I do a giveaway with all my old band merch?

Ult charge, ult chARGE, ULT CHARGE

Zenyatta, bless your ult being ready.

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oh no someone just tweeted Rian to bug him about his comments in the VF article. cringe... He didn't say much. He just asked them "How are they misinterpreting it?" and then "I can't really help how people interpret it. What I said in the actual quote is pretty straightforward."

POOR RIAN lol honestly the level of scrutiny that a fandom this huge places on creators’ comments has got to be completely foreign and probably baffling to him. he’ll have to get used to it once press ramps up but like…I feel bad for him.

I think his comments were straightforward though. he said there’s not a romance in the vein of han and leia in ESB, and it’s not a focal point of the plot. anything else in the article was the writer’s interpretation. what Rian said honestly leaves a lot of wiggle room in typical vague lucasfilm fashion, when they’re trying to give us breadcrumbs while keeping the plot a closely guarded secret.

Heather O’reilly


one of the best players on this earth.

Let’s not forget the funniest

I miss her so much :(

I mean look at her

She’s a great dancer

She’s amazing!

And for those who say or think otherwise…



People who constantly have to stress how good they are at video games are so exhausting tbh. Like when I’m telling someone how difficult I found a certain boss and that someone is immediately like Hahaha lmao lol I beat it on my first try haha :)
That’s great, Timothy, I’m happy for you. But it doesn’t make you cool. You know what it makes you? A boring person to talk to.