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Hand-colored tintype portrait of three unidentified African American women, c. 1856.

Source: Harvard Library.

Taking ‘Dronies’ with Traveler and Drone Photographer @wrenees

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“The first time I ever saw a drone, I knew that I wanted to have one,” says Renee Lusano (@wrenees), who uses her drone to photograph vast landscapes. “Drones really appeal to me because they’re a fun toy, but also a photographic tool. And as I started to travel more, I thought a drone would be a great way to experience, capture and photograph more on each of my trips.”

A freelance designer based in Los Angeles, Renee takes advantage of her flexible schedule to travel the world, visiting far-flung places like Antarctica, Easter Island and Siberia with her friends (and sometimes with a hot dog costume). “I don’t enjoy having a routine,” she says. “The days and weeks are more memorable when I’m having new experiences.” Renee began creating @dronies — selfies with a drone — that “first show a somewhat mundane photo of myself, and then as the drone flies up, it reveals that I’m in some expansive and incredibly beautiful place. Soon, you don’t even see me — it becomes not about the selfie, but about the scale of the environment I’m in.”

BTS as youtubers

Rap monster: how to not break things/how to get away with it/how to hide the stuff you broke

Jin: cooking/how to be handsome like him (spoiler: you can’t)/how to handle 5 hyper kids (another spoiler: you put sleeping pills in their food)

Suga: how to nap/positions to nap in/ how to not give a fuck/how to spit fire

J-hope: a guide for people who’s afraid of everything (spoiler: basically just stay at home)/how to dance/how to be a sunshine like him (another spoiler: seriously you can’t he’s the actual sun)

Jimin: how to make everyone fall for you (you can’t, you have to be Jimin in order to be able to do it)/how to twerk/posts videos of him working out shirtless

Tae: how to pet dogs/how to become professional photographer using your Iphone only/how to talk to animals

Jungkook: how life is for a golden maknae (vlog)/how to annoy Jin & your hyungs (demonstrates by pulling pranks on them 24/7)/how to do everything perfectly good (spoiler: even if you try you’ll fail, you’re not the golden maknae!)