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2017 US Open Tennis Championships - Day 13NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 09:  James Spader watches the Women’s Singles finals match on Day Thirteen of the 2017 US Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on September 9, 2017 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

I know this might seem a bit pedantic but to YOI fic writers/fans, 

I keep seeing this, and it’s just something I want to point out because it’s an inaccuracy. 

They’re not ‘professional’ figure skaters. 

There are two entirely different figure skating scenes; the amateur skating scene and the pro skating scene. 

Nowadays, with the ‘professional’ skating scene not being as much of a thing in the public eye, it’s more like ‘eligible’ and ‘ineligible’. 

The amateur skating scene is Olympic level skating. These are skaters that are ISU eligible. This is where Victor, Yuuri, and Yurio compete.

Professional is plainly accurate and means something else entirely.  

If you compete or skate in a show or competition that is not sanctioned by the ISU you lose your eligibility and become ineligible. Back in the 90s and early 2000s there were dozens of these competitions and shows and there was an entire ‘professional skating’ scene where 80s/early 90s greats like Ekaterina Gordeeva, Katarina Witt, Kurt Browning, Brian Boitano, etc. competed for fun and profit. 

Nowadays professional skating generally applies to people who skate for a career in shows like Disney on Ice, Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship shows, etc. There are also professional competitions like the US Open Professional Skating Championship, but they’re pretty small and don’t feature major players like they used to. 

In your fanfics and meta, if you’re referring to the skaters in the series as anything beyond just figure skaters, skaters, etc. it should be as eligible figure skaters, amateur figure skaters, or my preference, competitive figure skaters, not as professional figure skaters. 

James Spader at US Open Women’s Championship on Saturday September 9, 2017. Video made using my camera from DVR play back. Sorry quality isnt great.


Performed by: Jordan Frisbee and Melissa Rutz

Number: “Uptown Funk” Strictly Swing Champions

Choreographers: Improvised by: Jordan Frisbee and Melissa Rutz

Style: West Coast Swing 

From: The US Open Swing Dance Championships 2014

Roman Reigns' US  Championship Reign 🙌😍😘👑

Some people think Roman’s U.S. Championship Reign wasn’t good but they’re wrong. Roman proudly defended his title around the world. He was very humble yet confident as the US Champ. It meant a lot to him being the first in his family to win the US Title and representing his Bloodline and America. 

The matches he had defending his title were entertaining against Rusev, Jericho and Owens. He defended his title on a regular basis and always delivered exciting matches. 

Some people were more concerned about how he held the belt rather than enjoy his matches but the fact is Roman has been the best US Champ since Cena who held a US Championship open challenge. By defending the title practically every week, Roman made the US Title worth talking about again. He made it more relevant and important than the Universal Championship. This is why I know he will make an amazing Universal Champion.

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