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Nico and Will ,not even together yet, but still end up in a pseudo date at mc donalds one day :3c 
maybe they both are crushing hard on each other and will is really easy to talk to??

Thanks noni for your request :>


“Kronos knows your flaw, even if you do not. He knows how to study his enemies. Think, Percy. How has he manipulated you? First, your mother was taken from you. Then your best friend, Grover. Now my daughter, Annabeth.” She paused, disapproving. “In each case, your loved ones have been used to lure you into Kronos’s traps.”

Idk why but I really like the idea of Percy being a really touchy kind of person after everything he’s been through. In a literal sense. Like, people’s touches help ground him, solidify the fact that they’re there and so is he and they’re safe.

Like, he’ll sit maybe just a little too close to people. He holds hands with his friends, no romance at all, it just makes them both feel safe. And he’ll snuggle with people and rest his head on their shoulders and he gives really warm hugs that last just a beat longer than normal.

Yeah, I just really like this idea.

Jercy Text Convos Part 2. 

I was bored and made more text conversations between Jason and Percy based off of ones me and my friends have had (with a bit of tweaking).

If you want to see my others, I posted the first set on my old PJO blog here.

I really like making original content, so if there’s something you’d like to see me do involving my fandoms, let me know. ):