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Omg Tamiii I missed seeing your art on my dash, beautifulkldfkfjdsf. (2A for Kuroko please if you're still doing it //coughs)

2A. THANK YOU CHII ♥ I’m also happy to see you more active here. And here you have your -finger guns- Kuroko.

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Four albums down the line & you’ve only gone & got us our FIRST EVER Number 1 album. 😱 😭 Your reaction to #GloryDays has been bloody amazing! We say it all the time but we really do have the BEST fans in the world & we ❤ you to the 🌙 and back! LET THE #GLORYDAYS ROLL 💖 the girls x

LittleMix: Well…where do we even begin with this?! Four albums down the line and you’ve only gone and got us our first ever number 1 album 😱😭😝 Your reaction to ‘Glory Days’ has been bloody incredible and we’re so grateful to every one of you that’s supported our journey over the past 5 years 💗 We say it all the time but we really believe we have the best fans in the world and we love you to the 🌙 and back! LET THE GLORY DAYS ROLL 💖the girls x
@Jesymix14: Omg fu**ing God!!!!!!!!!! I cannot actually believe it 🙈 guys we cannot thank you enough for making this album no1 this is insane! You literally are the best fans in the whole entire world! We love you guys more than you will ever know and we cannot thank you enough for all the support you have continuously given us for the past five years!!!! Wow oh bloody wow is all I can say here’s to GLORYDAYS

Rant Ahead

Okay, I need to say something about the whole Murray/Fleury shit going on because those who support Murray and those who support Fleury honestly need to stop fighting. Stop ripping on one of the other. 

Murray Lovers: Love Murray. He saved our asses a good number of times and he deserves respect and fans just like Fleury. He’s a good goalie, he’s going to be a spectacular goalie. GOING TO BE. He isn’t yet. He’s still learning, he’s still adjusting to NHL life and all the absolute shit that happen there. He’s learning to walk in a league where everyone is running. AND THAT’S OKAY. He’s got the support of fans, the team, and, more importantly, Fleury. But I need you guys to get something. I need you to really read this and try to understand. 

Those of us who are backing Fleury and want him in net and want him as our starter, don’t hate Murray. We really don’t. It might seem like it, but that’s because hockey fans are bat-shit crazy protective for their goalies (I’m mean Jesus have you seen their happy crab celly’s?). We don’t hate Murray. For a lot of us we spent the last 12 years watching Fleury come into the league as a gangly, awkward, too happy teen and grow into the gangly, awkward, too happy man. We LOVE him. We’ve seen him go from backup to starter and now back to backup. Many of our childhood hockey games was watching Flower play in the net. We watched him fuck up his ankle because he’s all arms and legs like a damn baby deer, to making the Stanley Cup winning save, to concussions, and all the other injuries he’s faced. We grew up with that. Our hearts and love of hockey grew because of the goalie wearing number 29. But just like when we saw Mario leave, and Dupuis forced to retire, and Sid have more injuries that half the US; we are emotionally attached. That is our Flower, our goalie, our wearing #29 but #1 in our hearts. We love him and knowing he is getting ready to leave…. That hurts. God does that hurt. He’s someone most of us haven’t met but when he gets traded and the steps he’s taking because HE KNOWS his time in Pittsburgh is short – our hearts are breaking. We’ve cried because of it. 

We don’t hate Murray, and most the time our outcries of wanting Flower in the net over Murray is based on love. He’s leaving. He’s leaving at the end of the season and that is fucking painful. Murray… Murray is the starter, his career is JUST beginning. He’s not leaving. He’s not being traded. He has plenty of time to guard the net and make the saves and grow into the amazing goalie he will be. HE HAS TIME. Flower…. Flower doesn’t. He is spending his last days in a Penguins jersey and when he leaves… well… a lot of us are going to be crushed. Flower isn’t just leaving Pittsburgh, he’s not just leaving the state, he’s leaving the game winning celebrations with Letang, and the plane rides next to Sidney, and shit talking to his teammates. He’s leaving behind the locker room and players we’ve watched be brought in. He’s leaving the friendships with the guys and the future of Penguins wins. We want Flower in the net because we aren’t going to get to watch him don that #29 jersey with a dorky looking Penguin on the front. We won’t get to watch him play outside, or win a Stanley Cup, or celebrate with Bang Bang…. We’re losing that. We’ve lost those chances. Does he always win? No. But neither does any other goalie. Does he let in weak goals he should save? Yes, but so do other goalies. Our judgement and anger is not because of this new goalie, in that we hate him or think he sucks, our anger is that in the last few months of Flower’s career with the Pens…. has been spent on the bench. Our outrage every time Flower gets the win but is still put on the bench is because we have watched over the last year as Flower has lost his spark. His happiness. His place. He still smiles and is supportive, but he’s changed. The concussion and the backup role has changed him. And us. 

So please, when we cry in outrage or bitch about wanting Flower in the net…. it’s not because he hate Murray or want something terrible to happen to him… It’s because the fans of Flower want to savor every single moment of our #29 being happy, in the net, as the last line of defense with the entirety of the team in front and the fans in the back. 

Murray has time. He will be great and stunning. He’ll be our #1 and we’ll wear his jersey and cheer for him…. but until July 1st, we really just want our #29 because Flower came into the league on the ice with the Penguins and we want him to leave the Penguins on the ice. Where he belongs. 


Intimidating. Or not.

Here is my piece for Day 1 of Stormpilot Week 2017. I chose to do Modern AU because I wanted to use number 1 from this prompt list and it all came together in a Modern AU Stormpilot fic. :D

Poe wants people to fear him. Finn just wants some coffee. Neither of them get what they want but that’s okay. What they get is better than either option.

“I want people to tremble when they see me.”

Finn hummed absently. “And I want some coffee, sweetheart, and let me tell you, only one of these wishes is gonna be coming true.”

Finn looked up from the textbook he was reading in time to see the truly epic pout Poe was directing at him and he was hard pressed not to start laughing. Poe never failed to look utterly tragic when he pouted. It was ridiculous and Finn would never admit that he found it completely adorable.

“You think I can’t be intimidating?” Poe grumped as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“Not with your hair looking like that,” Finn replied, flicking his fingers towards Poe’s mop of curls.

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After a few hours of trial and error, plus some tests with modified code for a C64, my phone dialer program works.  It isn’t polished yet, but it is coming along nicely.  I’ve performed a few test calls, and it pulse dials out correctly for 10 digit numbers.  The test call here includes a call progress display to aid in debugging – each circle indicates an outgoing pulse.  I’ve programmed the entire thing on my C128D for the sake of programming ease that comes from 80 columns.

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Day 5, August 16th - Favorite Faction - The Tunnel Snakes

“The Tunnel Snakes could ride again! Or, y'know, slither again. Whatever!”


This Used to Be My Playground


Writers: Madonna, Shep Pettibone

Producers: Madonna, Shep Pettibone

August 8, 1992

1 week


   In 1943, Chicago Cubs owner P.K. Wrigley founded the All American Girls Professional Baseball League, in a contingency move to keep the sport of baseball alive in case the major leagues had to close down because of the Second World War. The women proved to be so popular that their stereotype-shattering league was active until 1954, and their exploits were retold years later in a documentary for PBS. In 1992, director Penny Marshall and screenwriters Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandell brought the story of the female baseball players to the big screen under the title A League of Their Own.

   Music supervisor Jay Landers was working at Columbia Records when label president Don Ienner asked him to read the film’s script. “I thought it was terrific and Michael Dilbeck, head of music for Columbia Pictures, and I decided we could put a good soundtrack together,” Landers says. “Penny Marshall was very receptive to our musical ideas. And the one thing that made this record particularly easy to do was that everyone in the music community was such a big fan of Penny that we didn’t need to go hat in hand to anyone, because they were all eager to help her.”

   Marshall’s concept for the soundtrack was to have contemporary artists recording music of the period. “She wanted it to be very accurate to the actual time frame,” explains Landers, so that a song from 1944 would not be heard in a scene taking place in 1943. “The picture is bookended by modern day footage,” adds the music supervisor. “So the film starts with a reunion and Carole King wrote the opening song. And Madonna was in the movie, so it was only natural to want her to sing a song. There was some early hesitation about whether she should stop out of character so you suddenly hear Madonna’s voice over the end titles, but ultimately there was enough separation between the character and Madonna that Penny, Mike and myself felt it would be okay.”

   Shep Pettibone recalls that he and Madonna had just completed work on their first ballad together, “Rain,” when Marshall called her star and asked if she would record a song for the film. “Madonna said she really didn’t have anything,” says Pettibone. But the director wanted a ballad and they had just finished one that turned out so well. “I came up with a track that night and Madonna came over the next day and said, ‘I have an idea for it.’” Two days later, they had completed “This Used to Be My Playground.” They sent the track off to Marshall for her reaction. “We immediately loved it,” says Landers. “We all thought it would be a very successful record and we knew right away it would be perfect.”

   Recording the track was a new experience for Pettibone, as it was the first time he had worked with all live musicians. “We took the track and put a live drummer to it and live strings and live piano. We didn’t have any strings written for the song [originally]. Jeremy Lubbock was chosen to do the arrangement on the strings and I think that had a lot to do with the final outcome of the song. He did a great job,” says the producer.

   Marshall completed her rough cut of the film but wasn’t ready to show it to any of the actors yet. Landers was driving down Doheny Boulevard in Los Angeles with a copy of the film when a car pulled alongside his and he realized it was Madonna, driving herself somewhere. “I rolled down the window and held up the tape and said, 'You are so terrific in this movie! You’re going to be so happy!’ She chased me all the way down Doheny and at the next red light said, 'Who are you? Can I see the movie?’ And I said, 'No, I’m sorry,’ and drove away.”



There’s a long, involved backstory to this, but suffice it to say, this little thing is currently hanging in my work locker, and its genuine adorableness makes me happy.

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