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Just a little PSA

We keep B.A.P at number one on the Mnet chart and that’s really amazing, however this doesn’t garantee the boys will get a win on M countdown, we have a chance, but  please don’t get discouraged if B.A.P doesn’t win.  The exposure the boys are getting is extremely beneficial, look around, theres new babys everywhere! *O*

So even if they don’t win (and I´m really hoping they do win) keep streaming the MV, keep sharing on SNS, keep spreading the music and the boys that we love!

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Omg Tamiii I missed seeing your art on my dash, beautifulkldfkfjdsf. (2A for Kuroko please if you're still doing it //coughs)

2A. THANK YOU CHII ♥ I’m also happy to see you more active here. And here you have your -finger guns- Kuroko.

1A. And an extra~



99% disgusted but there’s 1% that is about to slap you with this warm uniform

Abberline, Frederick; 1868.

  • Me: Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are mutants and Magneto's children and he loves them
  • Some Marvel asshole with shitty new retcon in hand: Oooh actually, the High Evolutionary--

OKAY STORY TIME. So like y'all prolly know Sebastian is in the movie I’m Not Here, right? So the other day, the movie’s Twitter account tweeted and was like, “the person who tweets us a number between 1 and 1000 closest to the one we picked wins one of Sebastian’s suits from the movie.” So I was like “lol ok let’s tweet a number.” I fucking won it. They literally mailed me his suit and I have no idea what to do with it. I cannot believe this is my life rn. ANYWAYS that’s the the end of the story that’s all I got peace fam. (Also excuse my shitty pictures I took a pic of the suit outside bc the light was kinda nice) @jamesbuckybarnes @sweetheartbarnes @yikesevans @winterosldier

The Top 10 Best Dads in Persona

Hey guys it’s me, Ricetopaz, coming at you with the top 10 best dads in the Persona series as my Father’s Day special.

Let’s get down to business. At number 10, we have…

Kunikazu Okumura from Persona 5!

He may not be the most caring, loving, or nice father, but if there’s one thing he does have, it’s money. Lots of it. He also has a space ship. And a spooky death scene. And that’s all he needs to win the number 10 spot!

At number 9, we have…

Takeharu Kirijo from Persona 3!

I don’t actually know that much about Takeharu, but if I know 3 things about him for certain: 1: He Raised Mitsuru, and Mitsuru turned out pretty alright. 2: He died. And Mitsuru was sad about it so he was probably a good Dad if that happened. And 3: He has a really cool eyepatch and all good dads need an eyepatch. All these factors and more earn him the number 9 spot of best Persona dads!

Coming in at number 8…

Mayoshi Shido from Persona 5!

Objectively speaking, every child’s favorite day is “Bring Your Kid to Work” day, a day where they get to spend the entire day alongside their beloved Mother or Father. However, when you’re MAYOSHI SHIDO’s unwanted child, EVERY DAY is Bring Your Kid to Work day! Even in-between running for Prime Minister and committing constant horrifying illegal acts, he still makes time for his beautiful son!

Some of you may argue that commanding people to be killed makes him a bad Dad, but think about it. He did order the death of one of the lesser Dads on this list, Kunikazu Okumura. So in a way, he’s simply just killing inferior Dads to improve the Dad genepool for generations to come! So shine on you, Shido!

At number 7, we have…

Munehisa Iwai from Persona 5!

In a way, Iwai represents all the traits a good Dad should have: Hardworking, protective, and involved in highly illegal activities. Throughout his Confidant, he proves time and time again just how willing he is to devote himself to his son, and keep him out of harm’s way, even willing to risk his own life to protect his child!

But as our number 6 spot proves, being the greatest Dad of all takes a little more than just being willing to risk your life for your child…

Coming in at number 6…

Makoto and Sae  Niijima’s Dad from Persona 5!

Unlike that sissy Iwai, Mr. Niijima ACTUALLY died, rather than just be WILLING to die, like that coward Iwai is. Really puts him to shame, honestly.

And now at number 5, we have…

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This is the first time we have streams to help us with getting that number 1. So here are a few Apple Music and iTunes tips to help get the most of our efforts. (If you stream on Spotify I have another post for that).

To stream and make it count on Apple Music you cannot have the song in your library. Which means you need the “+” sign next to the song. Not nothing and not the cloud.

To follow up the 1st tip: You CAN still purchase the song and stream it. But in order to make your streams count you have to delete it from your iTunes library and then stream on Apple Music.

You can re download the song later. iTunes won’t make you purchase the song a second time, though it will ask if you’d like to. You can if you want but your first purchase is already accounted for and iTunes will let you re- download it for free :)

Similar to Spotify, the steam won’t count if its muted. If you stream all night (which you should) plug headphones into your device and set it to a low volume.

Hard sales count more than streams as 150+ streams on Apple Music = 1 iTunes sale. So if you do the math you can see a purchase is more impactful than a stream. Though your streams can add up in the long run, it is always best to purchase the single. Doing both will help tremendously.

Billboard Hot 100 does not count instant grat songs (songs you get instantly with a pre ordered album {ex ootw from 1989 when it instantly downloaded the second it was up}). Please buy the song THEN pre-order the album. Otherwise it’s only going towards album sales. That’s great but why do that when you can get a sale for the lead single AND the album? (It’s a win win).

These are just a few tips to help you get the most out of your efforts for Taylor. I have other posts about Spotify and general streaming tips as well. Please check those out and reblog them for your followers.

Happy streaming and single listening day!

kylo is not sure if he wants to graffiti it all over the finalizer, print a tshirt of it to wear around starkiller base, or tattoo it across his back. his freckles can be the stars.

//art i made of grandfather’s melted darth vader helmet for kylo’s bedroom wall. darth vector,  only you could be so bold. 


So, I’m trying to get as much visual evidence as I remember to prove Brainstorm/Perceptor might happen (using the numbers as references):

  • (1) From issue #14, In Brainstorm’s desk you find miniature versions of Perceptor’s microscope alt mode and the other one in its “tank” alt mode.
  • (2) Also from issue #14, a giant Perceptor shaped scope hanging from the ceiling.
  • (3) From issue #15,  giant microscope based on Perceptor.
  • (4) BS’s bio calling him “Conflicted Perceptor fanboy”
  • (5) Brainstorm canon falling in love with a man whose design is inspired on Perceptor.
  • (6) The confirmation that yeah, the fact Quark is based on Perceptor means something on Brainstorm.
  • (7) this bio from a magazine: “he has a bit of a thing for actual ship’s genius Perceptor“
  • (8) “Simpatico”.
  • (9 and 10) This scene, also how some issues before this, Perceptor starts admiring BS’s genious, reciprocating his feelings in a way. This is so far the last big scene where Perceptor appear as for now.
  • (11) gay.

read this post for more details

Black is such a beautiful color , No?

Earlier today shopping (more like going broke) for gifts for sweet face Hazel’s birthday and grabbed a few things for myself while bae was at work. My uber driver was looking at me all types of crazy loading his car up ‘cause of all the bags I had haha ended up having his whole back seat and trunk filled. 💀 

I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she see’s the stuff I got and I really hope she loves all this things I got her.  Btw babe you have to help me hide all this stuff when I get home 💀 


Hey guys. I just wanted to let you all know that I am going to be taking a bit of a break from Tumblr. As many of you now know, Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park, committed suicide today. As a fan of the band, this deeply breaks my heart, and I know that it will forever. No words can describe what I feel right now, mainly because I’ve never felt like this before. I’ve lost people before, but this just seems so much worse, and I can’t find it in me to really do anything. Even as I’m typing this now, I’m still crying over the fact that he really is gone. 

I’m also writing this as a form of goodbye to my hero and inspiration. He will forever be in my heart, and even though he is gone, his legacy will continue. I also give my condolences to his family and the band as I can’t even imagine what they are going through. So, Goodbye Chester. You are and always will be missed. 

And please, if you are thinking about suicide, know that there is help available. It doesn’t have to end, and it will get better. Just give it a chance to get better. 

US Suicide Hotline Number: 1-800-273-8255

R.I.P. Chester Bennington (March 20, 1976 - July 20, 2017)