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Just a little PSA

We keep B.A.P at number one on the Mnet chart and that’s really amazing, however this doesn’t garantee the boys will get a win on M countdown, we have a chance, but  please don’t get discouraged if B.A.P doesn’t win.  The exposure the boys are getting is extremely beneficial, look around, theres new babys everywhere! *O*

So even if they don’t win (and I´m really hoping they do win) keep streaming the MV, keep sharing on SNS, keep spreading the music and the boys that we love!


99% disgusted but there’s 1% that is about to slap you with this warm uniform

Abberline, Frederick; 1868.

akashikuroko  asked:

Omg Tamiii I missed seeing your art on my dash, beautifulkldfkfjdsf. (2A for Kuroko please if you're still doing it //coughs)

2A. THANK YOU CHII ♥ I’m also happy to see you more active here. And here you have your -finger guns- Kuroko.

1A. And an extra~


Kevin’s Monologue from ‘Number One’:

What up, Gridiron? Huh? What’s it been? Twenty years or so?


Pearson lines up on the center.

Two rushing touchdowns already tonight? What can this kid not do?

Can’t go four hours without a Vicodin. That’s what he can’t do, but everybody loves him anyway.

Wow! Pearson!

Blue 42!
Blue 42!
Blue 42! Set huthut!
Blue 42! Set huthut!

Ball is hiked. Pearson drops back.

He looks left.
He pump fakes.
He rolls to his right.
He tucks the ball.
He’s in traffic.
Wchh He shucks a defender.
He looks downfield.
He’s got a man open. Wide open.

He sees his entire future.

Notre Dame
Heisman trophy.
First round draft pick.
Rookie of the year.
Super bowl MVP.

He sees his Dad in the stands as he holds the Super bowl trophy. His Dad’s proud of him. Like, tears down his eyes proud of him. He says “That’s my son. That’s my son.”

Pearson’s about ready to release. He cocks back, BOOM. He’s down, folks! Ladies and gentleman, Pearson’s down and he’s not getting up. His knee is wrecked, he’s not coming back from this one, folks, it is over for Kevin Pearson.

Will he get up?

He will!

Ladies and Gentleman, he will! He’ll get up!

Kevin Pearson will walk again, just in time to bury his beloved father!

That’ll keep him down for good this time, right?


Nope! He’s up again! He’s up again and he’s-He’s marrying a terrific girl! He’s off to Hollywood and it’s a-it’s a happy ending for Kevin Pearson.

Oh-Woah, wait-Nope-hold on now.

He cheats on the girl. Yes, that’s right, he loses her. And how is he punished? Well h-he-he gets a sitcom and he makes millions, Ladies and Gentleman.

Wahh-Crowd goes wild!

What will he do with his lucky second chance? Ladies and gentleman, he’ll blow it, that’s what he’ll do. He blows it all.

Surely, the universe has to punish him this time, right?


He gets the girl back.

Now he’s got the girl back an-and it’s a movie this time! And then-blaow! There it goes, the same knee! Bam! He’s down again!

And he tries so hard to be strong and he-he needs painkillers to get—through it.

And even when he tries to tell people how pathetic he is, they just…they don’t hear it.

They just cheer.

  • Me: Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are mutants and Magneto's children and he loves them
  • Some Marvel asshole with shitty new retcon in hand: Oooh actually, the High Evolutionary--

OKAY STORY TIME. So like y'all prolly know Sebastian is in the movie I’m Not Here, right? So the other day, the movie’s Twitter account tweeted and was like, “the person who tweets us a number between 1 and 1000 closest to the one we picked wins one of Sebastian’s suits from the movie.” So I was like “lol ok let’s tweet a number.” I fucking won it. They literally mailed me his suit and I have no idea what to do with it. I cannot believe this is my life rn. ANYWAYS that’s the the end of the story that’s all I got peace fam. (Also excuse my shitty pictures I took a pic of the suit outside bc the light was kinda nice) @jamesbuckybarnes @sweetheartbarnes @yikesevans @winterosldier

The Top 10 Best Dads in Persona

Hey guys it’s me, Ricetopaz, coming at you with the top 10 best dads in the Persona series as my Father’s Day special.

Let’s get down to business. At number 10, we have…

Kunikazu Okumura from Persona 5!

He may not be the most caring, loving, or nice father, but if there’s one thing he does have, it’s money. Lots of it. He also has a space ship. And a spooky death scene. And that’s all he needs to win the number 10 spot!

At number 9, we have…

Takeharu Kirijo from Persona 3!

I don’t actually know that much about Takeharu, but if I know 3 things about him for certain: 1: He Raised Mitsuru, and Mitsuru turned out pretty alright. 2: He died. And Mitsuru was sad about it so he was probably a good Dad if that happened. And 3: He has a really cool eyepatch and all good dads need an eyepatch. All these factors and more earn him the number 9 spot of best Persona dads!

Coming in at number 8…

Mayoshi Shido from Persona 5!

Objectively speaking, every child’s favorite day is “Bring Your Kid to Work” day, a day where they get to spend the entire day alongside their beloved Mother or Father. However, when you’re MAYOSHI SHIDO’s unwanted child, EVERY DAY is Bring Your Kid to Work day! Even in-between running for Prime Minister and committing constant horrifying illegal acts, he still makes time for his beautiful son!

Some of you may argue that commanding people to be killed makes him a bad Dad, but think about it. He did order the death of one of the lesser Dads on this list, Kunikazu Okumura. So in a way, he’s simply just killing inferior Dads to improve the Dad genepool for generations to come! So shine on you, Shido!

At number 7, we have…

Munehisa Iwai from Persona 5!

In a way, Iwai represents all the traits a good Dad should have: Hardworking, protective, and involved in highly illegal activities. Throughout his Confidant, he proves time and time again just how willing he is to devote himself to his son, and keep him out of harm’s way, even willing to risk his own life to protect his child!

But as our number 6 spot proves, being the greatest Dad of all takes a little more than just being willing to risk your life for your child…

Coming in at number 6…

Makoto and Sae  Niijima’s Dad from Persona 5!

Unlike that sissy Iwai, Mr. Niijima ACTUALLY died, rather than just be WILLING to die, like that coward Iwai is. Really puts him to shame, honestly.

And now at number 5, we have…

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So, I’m trying to get as much visual evidence as I remember to prove Brainstorm/Perceptor might happen (using the numbers as references):

  • (1) From issue #14, In Brainstorm’s desk you find miniature versions of Perceptor’s microscope alt mode and the other one in its “tank” alt mode.
  • (2) Also from issue #14, a giant Perceptor shaped scope hanging from the ceiling.
  • (3) From issue #15,  giant microscope based on Perceptor.
  • (4) BS’s bio calling him “Conflicted Perceptor fanboy”
  • (5) Brainstorm canon falling in love with a man whose design is inspired on Perceptor.
  • (6) The confirmation that yeah, the fact Quark is based on Perceptor means something on Brainstorm.
  • (7) this bio from a magazine: “he has a bit of a thing for actual ship’s genius Perceptor“
  • (8) “Simpatico”.
  • (9 and 10) This scene, also how some issues before this, Perceptor starts admiring BS’s genious, reciprocating his feelings in a way. This is so far the last big scene where Perceptor appear as for now.
  • (11) gay.

read this post for more details