us navy visit


Tourkolimano - the smallest of the three natural harbours of Piraeus.

Top (Grelicks): April 2016.

Photos 2, 3 & 4: NOT Grelicks obviously -  all three come from old eBay auctions, years ago; I don’t own these prints, didn’t buy them at the time, and I only post them here for documentary reasons.

The first one, dated 20.1.1929, shows what is surely a visiting foreign fleet (maybe British? that would make sense) - I haven’t yet been able to identify the occasion. As for Tourkolimano itself, it is mostly used for little fishing boats - and also for swimming (one can see the cabins for swimmers to change on the right).

The second was probably taken in the 1960s - and this time it is the (in)famous US Navy Sixth Fleet visiting. During the Cold War, elements (usually an aircraft carrier with her escort ships) of the Sixth Fleet used to visit Phaleron Bay, from the late 1940s to the 1980s (I remember seeing them, as a kid, might even have a photo or two). This enabled their crews to go on shore leave for some “R&R” - and this meant big bucks for pubs, night clubs and certain other establishments in Troumba, Piraeus’s red-light district (βλ. Κορίτσια, ο στόλος! Καλώς ήλθε το δολλάριοΚαλώς τα ναυτάκια τα ζουμπουρλούδικα κτλ.)

In the third one, taken circa 1966-1967, the solitary naval vessel is probably a Hellenic Navy Fletcher-class destroyer.

Tourkolimano (ridiculously referred to as “Mikrolimano” lately) is still a picturesque marina for fishing boats and small yachts - with lots of seafood taverns (mainly for tourists…)