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Clear up the language barrier

Let’s get something straight. If you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc- I will not judge you for the lifestyle you are choosing to live. But I will not respect the lifestyle. I believe that being gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc is a sin and I don’t care if I’m labelled as a “homophobe” or a “bigot” for it. Many guys throw around “homophobe” religiously when people they love don’t support them on that. Well I want to clear something up. Just cause I don’t support you, it doesn’t mean I fear you. It just means I just don’t support you. The whole gay sect wants people to stop judging them, downing them, etc but there is a problem.

The gay sect does it just as well as straight people do. How? That’s easy. By calling straight people “homophobic” and “bigot”. You are just as worse as the people who use the slurs you all hate. If you want treated with respect, stop calling people “homophobic” and “bigot”. You can’t throw that at someone and then take offense when someone calls you the gay slur you hate. “Homophobia” back in it’s early days was correctly used as it was thought to be a spreadable disease. Now the word is used as hate for if your loved ones say “we don’t support you”. Yes your family still actually supports you. But with you being judgmental and calling them those names, you are no better than the people that use the gay slurs. Look in the mirror and realize that. Also, you could be called heterophobes for all the hate you have towards the “homophobes”. So in closing, if someone doesn’t support you and your gay, don’t call them a homophobe if you don’t gain their support. You are just as much as a judger when you call them that.

In the first letter I ever received in bootcamp, my dad wrote. “Remember you need to get to one place, to get to another. Never be afraid, you will never be alone.” It meant a lot to me, especially because I’ll be away from home a lot, traveling to different countries and experiencing new situations constantly. I wanted to be able to always remind myself to never be afraid and to know I’ll never be alone. So I got this tattoo in my dads hand writing to lift my spirits if I’m ever feeling low during my time in the navy, and for the rest of my life.