us navy girlfriend

When things get hard don’t give up; try your best to fight for what you love and want.

My weirdo sailor and my Valentine’s Day gift from him! A promise ring :)
Honestly, I never in my life could have imagined feeling the way that this boy makes me feel. I am head over heels in love and I miss him already. Alex is my best friend and I couldn’t imagine my life without him! When I first met this nice guy on Xbox, I never thought I would be dating him and especially not that I would fall for him but God, am I happy to have done so. He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can’t wait until I see him again.

The first moment I saw jacob after seven months. I remember everything leading up to that point. Getting to wave to him while he was on the ship and yelling that I loved him. I remember seeing sailor after sailor come off the ship and it was never him. And then finally, he was there. I remember everything leading up to that point but I couldn’t tell you what we said while we were hugging. We were in a rush to say everything and anything all at once. I ran and jumped on him and after that, it was a blur of tears and hugging and kissing. Nothing will ever replace the moment I got my best friend back.

About twenty minutes before my shift was over today, I get a text from my dad telling me to “come right home after work. You have explaining to do”. Freaking out the rest of my shift and the hour drive home to find my love hiding in my house. 💘 such a great way to end my night.
Thank you for loving me and choosing me everyday. I know I’m hard to love and hard to understand, but you do both of them so perfectly. It’s so good have you back. It’s the only time this town feels like home. diones864 ⚓️💘