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After being captured by Vietnamese soldiers in 1965, Admiral Jeremiah Denton Jr. became a prisoner of war for almost 8 years. In 1966, his captors forced him to participate in a televised North American press conference where he secretly communicated by the use of Morse Code that American soldiers were being tortured. Denton repeatedly blinked his eyes during the interview to spell out the word “T-O-R-T-U-R-E”. The US Navy saw his signal, and began an operation to rescue Denton and some 50 other prisoners. Denton’s genius can be seen in the full video below:


This is such a slap in the fucking face.

So my aunt (Trump supporter) posted a status about how much she loves that Trump really wants to honor the troops and their families, and how she doesn’t think she has heard another speech that comes from the heart in the same way since Ronald Reagan.  She thinks he has their back.  Meanwhile I am pissed.

My Father served in the military for 25 years.  For 25 years he put his life on hold to serve the American people.  He was away from his family.  He missed birthdays and important events.  And he really liked it.  He just retired, because he was passed over for promotion AGAIN and decided that he was done, he didn’t want to do the same stuff for another twenty years.

You know what he told me on the phone?  My Father told me that he got his Presidential letter thanking him for his service, and it was UNSIGNED by Trump.  So was my Step-mother’s for her sacrifice as a military wife.  Trump couldn’t be bothered to sign a letter thanking my Father for his dedication over the last twenty five years.  So if he wants to put out a speech saying that he has the troops’ backs, it’s all fucking lip service.


  • Me: *likes Gal Gadot*
  • tumblr: u can't Like Gal Gadot she supports the military of her home country
  • Me: *likes Gal Gadot whilst glaring at the people trying to impose their own feelings towards her onto me*

Today (August 7th) is Purple Heart Appreciation Day. The Purple Heart was first created on August 7, 1782 by the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, General George Washington. Then known as the Badge of Military Merit, it was awarded to 3 Revolutionary soldiers in 1783. Take a moment today to remember all the brave servicemen and women who have been wounded or killed while serving in our armed forces.