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Johnny Weir, US Nationals 2008 (Short Program)

Believe it or not, there will come a day when I have to give a Johnny Weir costume a thumbs down. Happily, today is not that day.

The program was Yunona I Avos, which I believe is a Russian rock opera about thwarted love? I speculate that the two halves of the costume are the two characters of the lovers merging, perhaps? 

Either way, I am in love with the jagged lines and intricate beading combined with some very subtle illusion and dramatic glove action. I’m only sorry I wasn’t able to find a good shot of the back.

(I’m also sorry that videos of this gorgeous performance reminded me of how idiotic commentators used to be about Johnny, like they just didn’t know how to respond to his skating so they’d blurt out ridiculous statements like “He’s a flamboyant character, but his skating is pure!” Trailblazers always have a rough time of it, I guess.)

Grade: A+

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As a child I loved fs but never was allowed to start lessons and therefore had to "get over it". I do know the basic rules but am completely lost when it comes to the skaters so could you maybe make an essential list of the vip ones rn please?

Sorry for the late reply! Here’s a list of some of the top figure skaters of the 2016-17 season. It doesn’t include everyone, naturally. A few top junior skaters who will turn senior in 2017-18 are included and marked with an asterix. If you’d like more detailed info on some of these skaters, you can browse through our competition previews! (Or read their Wikipedia bios.)

List updated after 2017 Worlds.

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2020 Olympics Team Members?

I did a little looking back at the junior podiums at US Nationals throughout the years and I noticed a very intresting trend I thought I would share with everyone. Turns out, of the past four olympic teams; one gymnast who made the junior podium during an Olympic year would make the team the following Olympics. Here’s a (slightly) more in depth look:

2000 US Nationals Juniors Podium

1. Kristal Uzelac- short lived senior career, ended up retiring from due to injury in 2002. Went on to compete in collegiate gymnastics for Penn State. 
2. Terin Humphrey- 2004 Olympic Team Member (2x Olympic silver medalist)
3. Tabitha Yim- Made a run at the 2004 Olympics but fell just short of making the team after injuring her Achilles tendon just prior to the last selection camp.

2004 US Nationals Juniors Podium

1. Nastia Liukin- 2008 Olympic Team Member (5x Olympic medalist, 2008 AA Olympic Champion)
2. Shayla Worley- Made a run at the 2008 Olympics but was forced to withdraw from the final selection camp due to injury. Went on to compete for the University of Georgia in collegiate gymnastics.
3. Jana Bieger- Named alternate to the 2008 Olympic team.

2008 US Nationals Juniors Podium 

1. Jordyn Wieber- 2012 Olympic Team Member (2012 Olympic gold medalist)
2. Samantha Shapiro- Senior career largely limited due to injury, retired from elite in 2011 and went on to compete for Stanford University. 
3. Cassie Whitcomb- After a somewhat short senior career, Whitcomb went on to compete for UCLA in 2012, and then retiring the following year due to injury. 

2012 US Nationals Juniors Podium 

1. Lexie Priessman- After a fantastic junior career, Lexie Priessman was forced to retire from elite gymnastics due to recurring injuries. She now competes for the LSU gymnastics team. 
2. Madison Desch- After three years of competing for the US as a senior (which included being named alternate to the 2014 Worlds team) Desch retired from elite gymnastics in early 2016 and has now started her freshman year at the University of Alabama. 
3. Simone Biles- 2016 Olympic Team Member (4x Olympic gold medalist)

2016 US Nationals Juniors Podium

1. Maile O’Keefe
2. Riley McCusker
3. Gabby Perea

If history repeats itself, which one of the 2016 juniors will be part of the 2020 Olympic team? 



Airborn (3/5)

To Pandera’s prompt: Ice skating. Part 1. Part 2.

Summary: Levi was a figure skater trying to get back on to his feet. Eren was his ex-rival. 

Notes: I do not know anything about figure skating, so there will be a lot of mistakes in this fic, I’m really sorry about that.

St. Paul is the US Skating National Championship in 2008.

Also, the fic will jump from the present to the past and past to present. 

Happy Monday guys!

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