us national soccer team

Alex “BAMF Baby Horse” Morgan

Alex was named to FiFPro Women’s World XI.

Alex was the ONLY US player to be chosen.

Alex was voted for this by over 4100 players in 45 countries.

Alex is considered 1/11 BEST players in the world by her peers.

Alex was voted for this two years in a row.

Alex is not overrated.

Alex is not just a hot body.

Alex is not just a pretty face.

Alex is not just a princess.

Alex has fought tooth and nail, blood sweat and tears.

Alex trained constantly.

Alex healed and pushed.

Alex fought mentally emotionally and physically.

Alex deserves every single award, record, title, and praise.

I made a scientific discovery

  1. the soccer uswnt wished the hockey uswnt good luck before the gold medal game and the hockey uswnt won gold
  2. the hockey uswnt wished the soccer uswnt good luck while attending a match of the She Believes tournament and the soccer uswnt won the cup

Coincidence? I think not.


  • Both uswnts are stronger when they join forces.
  • This is the real meaning of One Nation. One Team.
  • If Hilary Knight and Alex Morgan were to high five the universe would implode from the sheer power of two mighty forces coming together and Leslie Jones would be cheering the entire time

A HUGE first for Sports Illustrated. 25 covers in all for the USWNT - one for each player, their coach & a group shot. (x)