us mail ship


I somehow accidentally ordered two !?
Since this one arrived in the mail a few months late the company won’t accept a return anymore, but it’s the exact same deck as in this post ~ unopened and still sealed! 🙊

$21 plus shipping 💐✨

rogueavenger  asked:

I’m sorry to bother you, I know you have a lot of requests waiting.. I was just wondering if you write for any other fandoms and if you don’t, would you consider it? I love your writing!!!

I don’t really have very strong feelers right now about another fandom, so for right now I’m just Voltron and Voltron only. But if another grabs me by the tits as tightly as this one has, I’ll let y’all know! (also thank you!!! ToT)

anonymous asked:

I wanted to order Reader's Pack but it says No Shipping options are available :'((( I'm from Middle East btw ;-;

The publisher does ship pretty much anywhere US mail can be shipped.  Every now and then, for some reason, the store system mistakes a valid address for an invalid one, though.  If that’s what has happened, they should be able to take your order manually if you write to sales (at) 4de dot com.
Very sorry for the trouble! 

I’m giving away these lovely stickers(the black and white fist is a temporary tattoo) to one of you for all being so great, I picked them up at cannabis events so their mostly weed related, hope you like them! 😊

To qualify for these stickers
-First you must like/ reblog to enter
-you must be following me @ahhdre (since this is a thank you to all who take the time of day to check out my blog)
- and have a US mailing address for shipping reasons :)
I’m going to let this run until I can pick a few favorites then randomly select from there

Say hello for a better chance of being noticed or if you have any questions!! ! Have an amazing day guys 💚