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The administration is acting like a caricature of the cruelhearted scrooges Democrats would like everyone to believe they are. The program that helps fund Meals on Wheels, Mulvaney said, is “just not showing any results.” I mean really — how many of those elderly shut-ins have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and gotten jobs? And as for after-school programs for kids, “There’s no demonstrable evidence,” Mulvaney said, that “they’re actually helping kids do better in school.” He said about climate change research that “we’re not spending money on that anymore.” As a result, even some Republicans are recoiling from the administration’s budget. Rep. Hal Rogers (R-Ky.), who used to chair the House Appropriations Committee, called the cuts “draconian, careless and counterproductive.”

Why liberals should be happy about Trump’s appalling budget proposal

I mean really — how many of those elderly shut-ins have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and gotten jobs? And as for after-school programs for kids, “There’s no demonstrable evidence,” Mulvaney said, that “they’re actually helping kids do better in school.”

Yeah, those elderly people who just want to have a little dignity, a little food, and aren’t able to get out of their homes for some reason or another … fuck those goddamn parasites, right, Mulvaney?

And hungry kids who are so poor they can’t get a good meal before they go to school? How are those little ingrates ever going to learn how to do high-frequency trading and get ready to argue about the carried interest deduction if they’re wasting all that time eating instead of watching Morning Bell on CNBC? Fuck those little shits, right?


Some more shots of Icon for Hire live in Louisville, KY at The New Vintage, on the You Can’t Kill Us tour!

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How the bois & Yui text

Shu: Uses emojis when he doesn’t want to spell out some words, lazy writing often where he doesn’t use punctuation.
Sends cutesy/very sexual/seductive texts to Yuma because he loves his boi. Likes the sunflower and yellow heart emojis the best.

Reiji: Very serious, uses proper grammar and punctuation. The mom-toned texter and is always on top of things. Rather would call than text.

Laito: Seductive texts all the time, sends photos of him in thigh highs or booty pics to significant other. He uses text-made emojis rather than the ones that come with the phone, or uses cute heart emojis.
Sends the moaning emoji a lot.

Kanato: 75% of his messages are in caps. Sends photos of teddy doing “aesthetic” things all the time, and uses candy emojis almost all the time. Uses “kms” or “KYS”.

Ayato: Sometimes uses abbreviations and emojis, sometimes uses good punctuation and grammar. Very fast replier and texter, he will answer so quick you’ll be shooken.
Is all sexual and cute when texting Ruki, and tries to use big words to impress the Mukami. Always says, “SEND NUDES” memes to Ruki and sends him cute selfies.
Sends offensive memes

Subaru: Surprisingly a calm texter, barely uses emojis and has good punctuation/grammar. Hates “lol”, “lmao”, and other abbreviations because sometimes he can’t keep up with the new ones this generation has these days. When angry, his messages are 100% in caps and exclamation points.
Is sweet and nice to Kou, often telling him that he’s thankful they’re best friends and that they can talk without being angry.


Ruki: Barely uses emojis. Grammar & punctuation on point, and hates to send abbreviations.
Sends pictures of his soup or his cat, Luna, to his brothers when theyre out of the mansion and about somewhere else. Sends cute and loving texts to Ayato, often sending him paragraphs beyond paragraphs on how much he loves the other. Sends photos of the outdoors at nighttime when the stars and moon are out.

Kou: Sends cat and flower emojis all the time, always seeming happy when texting people he admires a lot. Likes making little cat faces with text, often sending photos of cats he sees on the streets with “RUKI PLEASE CAN WE KEEP THIS WHAT THE FUCK”.
Sends voice messages of him singing about cats. Really cute texts, especially to Subaru about how much he loves him and how he’s his best friend.

Yuma: Sends eggplant and peach emojis to Shu on a daily basis with the three raindrops, or sends him long love notes that are 75% in caps because he loves him so much. Grammar and punctuation are slightly off, as he typed too fast and often messes up on spelling (has a lot of misspells here and there), doesn’t care enough to add punctuation as much.

Azusa: Uses periods a lot almost after every sentence “….”, sends knife emojis and “:D” when someone says they might injure him. Seems very calm and emo all the time.
Late replier because he’s often occupied by his knives.


Yui: Cutesy texts that have a bit of sass within them, and her punctuation + grammar is very good. Her texts are neat, making sure she doesn’t overuse words or emojis. She likes flower emojis and sweet memes.
Sends photos of animals she sees to the brothers with “can I have this” as a caption.


Carla: Very serious texting, uses no emojis and has good punctuation + grammar. Always seems mad and like he has no emotions.

Shin: Semi-serious, misspells a lot and likes to send text versions of dog emojis. Texts Carla to tell him how much he praises him and how he’s so great. Sends texts to other families to annoy them/play threaten them.

“On line, 21 Apr 1968, Opn MENG HO 11, minutes before assault on Ky Son. Two ROK APCs and B21 in background. LT Hasty and Meerholz can be seen on Bootlegger. In ensuing firefight, crew wounded, Meerholz KIA, and LT Hasty fighting tank and earning Silver Star.”

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idk what kyman is but if it's that bad i don't wanna associate with people who ship it what fandom is it from

okay, so let me tell you about ky///man,,, like sure it comes from a fucked up fandom anyway (sp) but the thing about THIS ship its abusive. like really fucking abusive. cartman is anti semitic and calls kyle (who’s jewish) slurs all the time, like literally if there an episode in which he doesnt call kyle a jew in a bad way its a weird episode, he talks bad about kyles religion and constantly picks on him, dresses up as hitler and idolizes him and the nazi culture, forms his parties to destroy all the jewish people, and forces kyle to do awful and disgusting things with him, sexually harassed kyle (making imagination!kyle suck his balls in imagination land when kyle didnt want to and have everyone watch) and fart on his face and gave him aids and … theres literally a really really long list on why this ship is the most disgusting ship.

like, there are a LOT of disgusting ships around. like, i really hate rey/lo or jess/killgrave, but my hate for ky//man is just stronger. u wanna know why? because for, lets take rey/lo as an example, 90% of the fandom agrees its a fucked up ship. we all know its awful, theres just a small part of the fandom who ships it and the rest of the 90% just downwards knows its a horrible ship and talks about why its a bad ship.

let us take ky/man tho, its like, ,… i dont knOW 30-35% of the fandom ships it? maybe even more??? who knows. its a really damn popular ship. and people write fics like world war ii AUs??? which is just downright disgusting. and the thing is, when .e.g somebody calls out a rey/lo shipper, its not much they can do right. but nah the ky/man shippers ,,, dude they have like a fucking army behind them  and are like “let people ship what they ship!!!” and i have read so many ugly ass headcanons for this ship and form this fandom (like,,, imagine kyle being fucked by hitler uwuu) ????, and actually DEFEND the ship. as in saying its not abusive… honey,, nineteen seasons proof nineteen seASONS i could make a list of why this ship is disgusting and wrong and you would sit here until tomorrow

also the things that i hear as excuses like, “okay but ky/man isnt abusive, style is because of stans alcohol problem” okay but consider this: stan and kyle are childhood best friends?? whats wrong with one person of a ship having depression and alcohol problems? are you saying alcoholics arent allowed to be in a relationship jfc.. or things like “ky/man isnt abusive, creek is” like? okay, dude, honey, bruh, creek had two fights but those were just a fight…. no like i need much more time to describe why that is so wrong…


Keeneland by Victoria Warren
Via Flickr:
Keeneland racecourse, KY, 28th April 2016

common texting abbreviations

as suggested by unopenedsketchbook
feel free to add more!

wkwkwkwk - the most common form of typing laughter there is. There’s no limit to how long it can be wkwkwwkwkwkwkk. It originates from the sound of laughing “wakakakaka” but we simply shorten it to wkwkwk.

aq - fancy way of typing “aku” which means “me.” Sometimes it’s only q.

km - from “kamu” which means “you.”

telp - shortened version of “telepon” which can mean “to call”

tlg - from “tolong” which means “please”
there are many fancy ways to write (english) “please” btw. Ranging from plis, pls, to plz.

kpn - from “kapan” which means “when”

gpp - from “gak apa-apa” which means “it’s alright/okay”

blm - from “belum” which means “not yet”

dtg - from “datang” which means “come/arrive”

y - shortened form of “ya” which means “yes.” We’re so lazy to the point where we shorten a two-letter word into a single letter.

yg - from “yang,” a conjunction that means “that”

org - from “orang” which means “person”

qt - fancy way of typing “kita” which means “us”

ky - from “kaya,” slang for “seperti” which means “like (adjective)”

lg - from “lagi” which means “again” or “more”

td - from “tadi” which means “just now”

udh - from “sudah” which means “done”

cm - from “cuma” which means “only”

d - from “di” which means “in”
Yet another single letter.

the  symbol can substitute repeated words. For example:
Orang-orang = org”
Bobo (sleep) = bo”

we also use some english texting abbreviations such as otw, btw, and stuff like that.

TL;DR we pretty much abbreviate everything.


Get to Know Me Meme (Teen Wolf Edition) - Favorite Ships (1/7)