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this week was so nice!!! lectures will end in two weeks and I’m a little sad and also a little glad :DDD I’m gonna miss some of my teachers :’) I’m so tired of studying but I need to keep going :)) I’m really looking forward to the holidays because my dog is going to live in my apartment for a week while my family is on vacation and it’s gonna be so nice


Have some journal pages from October and November! Still haven’t found a firm style to stick to - I guess my style will be whatever stuff I have to hand at the time whether it be paint, magazine clippings or other stuff. 

More of my journal pages: 1 | 2 | 3


[ 9th February 2017 ] Honestly really feeling this spread bcos of the colour. The sunsets have been AMAZING here and you’ll find me outside my house at 7:30pm just admiring it.
Happy February!! 💙

Last night was the last time, I promise
All I feel for you now is hate
I use to be so kind, I swear I did
But you injected hate into my veins
And everything is red
I’ve made a nasty habit of punching walls whenever something reminds me of you
I would have punched a hole through the roof last night if I hadn’t have been so drunk I couldn’t even walk
I won’t call again, I promise
It always leaves me too empty
I hate when people refer to my drug addiction as “partying”. The party stopped long ago before the addiction began, it hasn’t been partying since the very beginning  of my drug use. I may be high, but it isn’t fun anymore, certainly no where near a damn party. I need to invade my veins with smack and my lungs with crack just to function normally enough to start my day.  My life is consumed by addiction. Partying is a part of most peoples lives at some points on weekends or late nights, addiction is such a massive part of my life that when the weekend ends and the night turns to day I’m still trapped in the brutal cycle of drug addiction, this is no fucking party, it’s a nightmare.
—  journal entry 11-13-16

I was an innocent.
I was innocent and you turned me into something the devil would be ashamed of.
I knew you only ever looked at me when I wasn’t wearing anything and it was only ever about fucking around and at the beginning that broke my heart but right now I miss doing inappropriate things with you.
Like dirty talking in church, or you whispering what you want to do to me whilst my brothers in the same god damn room.
When we were breaking down I asked you what it was you wanted and you replied “I guess you’re fun to play with” and that pretty much sums you up,
The last thing you ever said to me was “you dirty little girl” and I hate that I hate that I hate that.

I hate that I still want it back. I hate that I still want you when you only ever wanted my body.


((Graphic design is my passion))

So it happens when you have your exams next day and you try to learn with your friend around.

We are on our way to pass this semester, right, @kapeluszniczka?

((Update: Part II))


3.01 // 3.06


“my gender is a triangle”; 3am gender journals/comics… if my work resonates with you i encourage you to take some time to reflect/create your own work relating to your identity that expresses your own experiences and feelings in your own particular way.  this is my gender.  think about yours.
~~good vibes y’all~~

12/20/2016 addendum: my longwinded, liberal artsy, sociologically conscious, and purposefully didactic response to criticisms on this post can be found here.