us international classic

2017-2018 Schedule

Challenger Series

US International Classic (Sept 13-17)

Lombardia Trophy–(Sept 14-17)

Autumn Classic–(Sept 20-23)

Ondrej Nepela Trophy–(Sept 21-23)

Nebelhorn Trophy–(Sept 27-30)

Finlandia Trophy–(Oct 6-8)

Warsaw Cup (Nov 16-19)

Tallinn Trophy–(Nov 21-26)

Golden Spin (Dec 6-9)

GP Series

Cup of Russia (October 20-22)

Shibutani and Shibutani 

Parsons and Parsons

Skate Canada International (Oct 27-29)

Hawayek and Baker

Hubbell and Donohue

Cup of China (Nov 3-5)

Chock and Bates

Pogrebinsky and Benoit

McNamara and Carpenter

NHK Trophy (Nov 10-12)

Hubbell and Donohue

Internationaux de France (Nov 17-19)

Chock and Bates

Pogrebinsky and Benoit

Skate America (Nov 24-26)

Shibutani and Shibutani 

Hawayek and Baker

Grand Prix Final (Dec 7-10)

US Nationals (Jan 4-7)

Four Continents Championships (Jan 23-28)

Olympic Winter Games (Feb 9-25)

World Championships (Mar 19-25)

Shoma Uno - “Let’s Talk With Kenji!” Interview

A fun interview from the off season with Miyamoto Kenji, published in Figure Skating Life Vol. 7 (Sept. 2016).


Kenji: Thanks for talking with me!
Shoma: Thanks for having me.
Kenji: Shoma-kun, your fringe is even curlier now, you okay?
Shoma: I’m good (laughs).
Kenji: Got a perm, huh, definitely a perm. I’m always annoying, aren’t I.
Shoma: No… 😬

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The strength to surpass yourself

(Shoma’s long interview published in Quadruple 2016 Extra. It took place after Worlds and before Team Challenge Cup.)

“I want to perform out there like I do in practices,” he said. Uno Shoma, who defends the importance of training, isn’t out for just one make-or-break competition. The 2015-2016 season, his first year as a senior, had both success and failures. He has grown a lot, both as a person and as an athlete. Following this interview, he competed at Team Challenge Cup, where he successfully landed a quad flip. Enough intensity is there to aim for the top again next season.

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Accepting all recommendations right now

md-a needs tips on how to be a normal human being and how to get to know her co-intern as a regular human being using appropriate questions and activities before her hormones take over and she blurts out something stupid like “you are smart and kind and snarky how do we jump straight to making out.”

And yes, the person in question is my wards team partner. Dammit.

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