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To the anon going to Tokyo! I’ll try to keep this as organized as possible. This will get long, so it will be under a read more. 

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A very upset Yosuke, where is his bro to hug him?

I’m way tired to draw anything super proper tonight

“Harajuku Girl”, Trademark Gwen Stefani

I don’t like getting involved in Cultural Appropriation arguments, because there are so many different views and no one ever agrees. But this case is a bit different from the usual “Can non-Japanese people wear kimono?” battles.

Gwen Stefani, a rich American celebrity, has trademarked the term “Harajuku Girl”. Why does that sound crazy? Because there are real Harajuku Girls in a real place called Harajuku, Japan. Harajuku culture has been around for decades - long before Gwen Stefani ever heard of it.

Does it seem a little strange for someone to claim the exclusive legal right to use the term “Harajuku Girl”, when the term has been around for decades, and it refers to a culture that she has never been part of? In addition, the trademark will likely be used to market goods that will, by their very name, misrepresent the real Harajuku culture to the world.

Not sure what it all means, but we deal with real Harajuku girls (and boys) every day, so thought I’d mention it at least.

anonymous asked:

i hope im not bothering you but would you happen to know where i can find cute pastel clothes please?,

(cont.) (still the same anon but for example, i saw on your instagram that pic of 3 pastel sweaters & i lov them so much especially the blue one do you remember where you got them??thank you i love your blog)

you’re not bothering me at all, don’t worry!! finding cute pastel clothes can be a little difficult but places like forever21 and h&m (where i got the blue sweater in the picture) are starting to sell more and more stuff like that!! especially online, where there’s a lot more to choose from! the depop app also has lots of cute stuff!! i’d recommend looking at depop and f21 specifically!

@fools_judge_street was the store x @Bape_us

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Kanye West Bapestas that were online exclusive in 2006.
(Back in the flash days)

This sort of takes us back to the Bape glory days.
How much are you willing to pay for these?


Harajuku Decora Transformation

In the new episode of My Harajuku Life, Erisa visits Rikarin in Tokyo during Spring Break. Rikarin accepts a challenge to transform Erisa into a real Harajuku decora using only items purchased at Harajuku shops - and with a budget of US$50. See what you think of Erisa’s decora look, and check out how much fun they had creating it!