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H a p p y   2   y e a r s   g u y s ! ! !

I’m so proud of these 13 boys that brings light to my world!!! Lets continue to support and adore them no matter what. CARATs together with Seventeen, 수고했어!!!



Imagine this; Jung Daehyun and Moon Jongup officially saving 2017 with their Project album, releasing new songs as well as prior studio versions of their solos. B.A.P finally getting the recognition and appreciation they deserve, thus souring in the charts and continuing to make an impact on social justice as well as mental health issues. Me casually slidin’ Bang Yongguk a crisp™ ten pound note for a comeback of Bang&Zelo including a live version of Pray. All is right in the world.

Should I do a giveaway with all my old band merch?

thundercatsanddc  asked:

Can you draw Louis and Maite in 3B??

send me 2 characters & a pose

And so their legacy grew….