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Hi! I love reading all your theories on SU and VLD and I wanna ask: any thoughts on Haggar? I didn't care about her at first but my interest in her sky-rocketed after the last few episodes of S2 where she was shown doubting and even opposing some of Zarkon's decisions (and having more emotions). I'm also embarrassingly strongly hoping for her to be Lotor's mother (as crazy and improbable as it might be)

Haggar is very interesting to me because if nothing else she’s basically the only individual that we see Zarkon near-unconditionally trusts. She got on my radar almost immediately for that reason because Zarkon fits a particular model of antagonist- it’s strongly established that it’s either his way or the highway (and by “highway” it means, get executed and/or loaded into a Robeast) and he basically can’t tolerate anyone, even the Black Lion, potentially contradicting him to the point that he’d rather deny that the Black Lion is a sentient creature with her own goals rather than admit that she’s someone with autonomy that chose to turn on him.

And then in the middle of that, you have Haggar- who Zarkon trusts, explicitly, who Zarkon lavishes with resources, who is able to do basically as she pleases. And it doesn’t even seem particularly one-sided, as Haggar is much like Zarkon- she’s haughty, she’s proud, she’s beholden to almost no one and rankles at the implication of being questioned, but with Zarkon and exclusively with Zarkon, she calls him “Sire,” she bites her tongue, she doesn’t directly argue with him at times. 

That said, it doesn’t seem like she was one of the older paladins or, like Zarkon, she would have kept her bayard. So far, Allura and Coran haven’t mentioned her role in history at all which is suspicious to me. It suggests she came relatively out of nowhere, but we do have some potential insight into how she and Zarkon might’ve started their partnership.

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Okay, one last bit of headcanon- I want to talk about Holy Fools, and the Gladekeeper version of this- Holy Beasts.

For context, a ‘Holy Fool’ in Christianity is basically a person who gives up all their worldly possessions to join a monastic order, or to live a religious life focused away from material things. There are a lot of details and variations, but that’s the prime core of it.  And the more I think about it, the more I think the Gladekeeper’s ideals are ripe for dragons to follow a similar path.

One part of Nature that I don’t see talked about much is this: “They prefer to be as wild and primal as the ancient forests they call their homes.” Nature flight is, to put it bluntly, technophobic, and there is definitely an idolization of the primitive and the ‘simple’ life. Now for most dragons, that just means living simply, trying not to mar the natural beauty around them, living in harmony with their natural surroundings. The extent of this- basically, how technologically progressive a clan is- varies. Some clans may go so far as to use green or ‘low’ technologies- solar panels, river wheels, small but useful tech that they can squeeze under their ideology on a technicality. Some allow only the most rudimentary of tools, preferring to live ‘traditionally’.

But then you have the Holy Beasts- and these are truly devout dragons, who by some fluke of fate have not been exalted, but choose to live life as an example of this particular philosophy, and essentially go ‘feral’, in order to truly live ‘as wild and primal’ as their home. You don’t meet many dragons who live like this, as they deliberately avoid other clans. Some clans may ‘adopt’ a Holy Beast they find living in their area, leaving offerings of food (and nothing else- it would be offensive to leave say, clothing or fire-making materials out for a Holy Beast) for them when possible. It’s considered lucky. The offering is supposed to be its own reward, but it is not uncommon for a Holy Beast to return the favor in times of trouble, either by joining in the defense of a clan or by offering small blessings when approached.

Sometimes, though, Holy Beasts may band together in small clans not unlike wolf packs or lion prides. Often, in these packs, direct speech is forbidden, or largely discouraged- many Holy Beasts who live on their own take vows of silence as well. Hatchlings born to these packs may never learn to speak themselves, but are considered doubly blessed by their circumstance.

The image is so obviously fake, made possible through the use of green screen technology, that PLL fans at New York Comic Con burst into fits of laughter.

As an executive producer for Pretty Little Liars, Lisa Cochran-Neilan has called for a reshoot of that part of the sequence and has shared with PLL fans that the scene is in the process of being redone.


Article on the reshoot of Spencer in Washington scene. (inquisitr)

I just want to know why they didn’t know it looked bad before they showed it. I mean they have eyes I’m just saying.