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Another tale about Steve's honorary mob membership, please? That was so good.

I have two asks like this so this one is going to be a flashback and the other will address what was asked specifically.  I’m so glad everyone liked that fill so much!


Steve really liked puzzles: crosswords and riddles and math.  He was good at them.  He was good at cyphers, too.  One of the doormen at the dancehall would hand him a slip of paper each week when he and Bucky went dancing; their orders for the week.   

Mostly, it was arranging pick ups and drop offs, a speakeasy placing an order and Steve communicating with the supplier to arrange delivery through Bucky, or taking empties back to the supplier for reuse.  They got a whole ten percent of anything they moved.  

Last month, they’d managed to pay rent and for all of Steve’s medicine with what they earned.  

Mostly, it was pick ups and drop offs.  Sometimes, it was collections.  This time, the note was for three collections: two speakeasies and one private purchaser.  

Steve groaned.  It was likely the private purchaser would cost them what they’d managed to save in the past couple of months on hospital bills for Bucky.  Private parties were never reasonable.   Speakeasies usually just forgot and were happy to pay for the trouble of providing some of the only liquor around.  Private parties were just entitled and angry.  


“What’ve we got?”  Bucky swaggered slow and loose beside Steve on their walk home from the dancehall.   

“Three house calls.  Two clean, one messy.”

Bucky tsked.  “Didn’t realize it was that late in the month.”  He smoothed a hand over his jaw; the last private collection had cracked one of his teeth and they’d only just gotten it fixed.  “We really gotta renegotiate our take on house calls, pal.” 

Steve nodded.  “Next month. We’ll have pulled the biggest numbers for six months straight by then and we’ll have something to bargain with.”

Bucky hummed.  “Just don’t make the deal without me there, ok? I’m your heavy, not theirs.”

Steve grinned, and tucked the week’s work into his pocket.  “Yeah, Buck.”

performance list (complete)

  • video montage of all 35 trainees
  • nayana
  • 10 out of 10
    • taedong / taehyun / hyeongseop / moonbok / gunhee / pwoojin
  • be mine 
    • lwoojin / donghyun / kenta / yehyeon / donghan / youngmin / sewoon
  • boys in luv
    • team 1
  • sorry sorry
    • team 2
  • (talk of ss team 2)
  • spring day 
    • seonho / baejin / jisung / kenta / lwoojin
  • downpour/sonagi
  • if it’s you
    • yongguk / seo sunghyuk / yehyeon / woodam / samuel + coach lee seokhoon
  • talk with if it’s you + sonagi + spring day team
  • coach lee seokhoon’s solo
  • animal kingdom
    • it’s a video talking about how to take care of the different animals/trainees on pd101; has a bit about dongho/daehwi relationship
  • get ugly
    • whole team
  • fear
    • guanlin / jonghyun / moonbok + coach cheetah
  • shape of you
    • taehyun / donghyun / euiwoong / taedong / donghan / kenta + coach kwon jaesong
  • video (101-second boyfriend)
    • sewoon playing the “honey voice” boyfriend, which means playing the guitar and singing Americano
    • woojin playing the “younger boyfriend” who has to go to taekwondo class after date
    • jisung playing the “wordy boyfriend who uses facial powder
    • minki played “best body boyfriend” using his gangster shoulders
    • haknyeon played “face genius boyfriend”
    • “manhwa-ripping boyfriend” –> goes to OLG stage
  • oh little girl (this and the following are all the original teams)
  • showtime
  • i know you know
  • talk
  • open up
  • never
  • video
    • looking at old photos and looking at comments about them
    • kim donghyun is a selca king
    • lee daehwi and his hand binoculars
    • ong apologises for creating such terrifying ppl for the innisfree pack
    • seonho says he will train up his abs
  • super hot
  • hands on me
  • talk
    • woodam sings his part in ‘mansae’
    • daehiwi (?) sings one line in ‘pwf’
    • comments from members
    • 20-second eye contact with fans
  • always
  • celebrity by psy (encore)
  • nayana (encore)


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empty nest | alfie solomons

the kids are all grown up and the solomons house is empty…for about two whole seconds

“It’s quiet. This house hasn’t been quiet since the day we bought it” Alfie noted as the two of you sat side by side at the bottom of the stairs.

It was quiet. Too quiet, in fact. Daisy was with Miriam at their house. Reggie was settling in to his new flat - assuring you both that it was a sound property investment that attracted him, rather than the proximity to the club he’d just bought. And now Hiram had packed up and headed off for a six month tour of some forest somewhere, unpronounceable names optimistically already labelled on his specimen jars.

“We did alright, didn’t we?” You asked, turning your head where it rested in your palm. Your elbow dug into your knees as you leaned onto it, tired eyes slowly blinking and retreating.

“I think so, yeah. I think we did…alright, you know? I mean, yeah, there was a little bit of-“he flicked his wrist from where it also lay over his own bent knees “trouble here and there, but that’s raising kids, ain’t it?”

“Our daughter did murder someone, I mean is that…that’s bad, isn’t it?”

“She defended herself” he replied, tone showing he didn’t think it was pertinent to your otherwise stellar parenting record.

“Our sons killed people as well” you added, slightly more to a whisper.

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This week’s behind the scenes sketch is from Ash’s Season 4!

Our artist comments:

For this EI, I wanted to capture the wedding clearly. Therefore, the most logical way is to have a frontal view of both Ash and MC. The dress that MC wears is beautiful, so a close up shot would be a waste and that’s why all 3 camera views are a bit farther away than usual. The background view of the ocean is also beautiful so it isn’t a surprise to show it as much as possible! …as for Seymour, he’s too cute, so it’s best to leave him out for the other two thumbnails otherwise he’ll grab all the attention!

Are there any specific EIs or titles that you’d especially like to see the production sketches of? Let us know!

Jokers Daughter Fic: The Outsider Pt. 4

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


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Gangsters in Pop Culture - Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel

  • “The Godfather” (1972) / Moe Greene- Alex Rocco
  • “Bugsy” (1991) / Bugsy Siegel- Warren Beatty
  • “Mobsters” (1991) / Bugsy Siegel- Richard Grieco
  • “Fallout: New Vegas” (2010) / Benny- Matthew Perry
  • “Mob City” (2014) / Ben Siegel- Edward Burns
  • “Boardwalk Empire” (2010-2014) / Benny Siegel- Michael Zegen

Born February 28, 1906, Benjamin Siegel began life in the poor Lower East Side on Manhattan. Sometime in his early childhood, he joined up with friends and fellow mobsters, Meyer Lansky, Charlie Luciano, and Frank Costello to help establish the Syndicate mob of New York City. In his 20′s, he along with Red Levine, Lepke Buchalter, and Albert Anastasia founded Murder Inc, the infamous contract-killer gang operating all over the nation as the Syndicate grew. After establishing his own presence in Los Angeles in the 1930s, Siegel began his dream of building up the emerging gambling city of Las Vegas, Nevada with the construction of the first luxury resort and casino on the Strip, the Pink Flamingo. He was murdered June 20, 1947 in Beverly Hills after the mob could no longer wait for him to pay back his debts for the Flamingo’s construction.

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Thank you for the story (: <3 I’ll tell you one in return. This probably isn’t even funny but it was a memory that was brought back when I was reading your story. I was commuting at the time, so this was around 6am and I was going to school. As I was driving, I spotted a spider crawling along my steering wheel. I was trying my best to not freak out until I pulled over safely. I took an exit and stopped at a gas station. This was a fairly nice part of town; nothing sketchy. (1/3)

I get out of my car and I’m using the light on my phone to look for the spider because it disappeared while I was trying to exit and park. As I was doing this, I noticed someone approaching me; some man. He asked me what I was doing and I told him that I was trying to kill a spider and I was just laughing because my nerves were kind of buzzing. I felt like the spider was on me. The man joked for a bit and then asked in a casual tone, “Here for meth?” I was really confused and I looked at him. He asked again, “Want some meth?” I told him no because I was literally just there to kill the dang spider. He thought it was code for meth. He told me that he thought it was a code and I see him freaking out in his own head. I’m just laughing it off and he didgetreallycreepy in the endbutI’llskip that partdsfghjk. Not exactly the most exciting story but yeah. I’ve been offered meth sdfghjkkjhgfsd (3/3)

SAKFJDHGSFDKHFJKL I’M SCREAMING????? and it was all because of a spider lmao 

good that nothing bad happened but wow this sounds like something from a movie 

New thoughts about giomis

Sometimes I remember how much giorno needed the encouragement mista gave him back in the white album arc, how much he changed his aproach to the other team members and how he acted upon them when they needed thanks to that.

At the same time, i’m caught thinking about how mista trusted and placed all of his bets and faith in Giorno, a boy he barely knew, but managed to spark a feeling of loyalty in him he never felt before, even towards bruno.

Mista was so precious while encoraging giorno to use his stand in creative ways in order to help others instead of self sacrificing for the sake of a mission, as giorno was doing so far. Even in the face of a stand that completely counters both of their stands, mista’s guts and encouragement inspired giorno to not only act considering his allies actions, but also help them and believe that they will be there to fill in his own faults.

Giogio learned an important lesson of not only not carrying the weight of everything on his back, but also accept that others will try helping him and are willing to take some of that weight not out of obligation, but out of friendship and loyalty.

Different from bruno, mista had no previous motivations for simply trusting giorno and putting his faith on the new gang member. Bruno had his reasons and, even thought giorno wasnt aware of the whole picture since he doesnt know bruno’s backstory, he knew that the gangster had a grudge against drug trafficking. For giorno, bruno has loyalty to him but mostly because he was loyal to the cause they were fighting for.

Bruno has to keep his leader image intact through the whole passione vs. Squadra part of vento aureo to mantain the notion that giorno was just a new member of the gang and nothing suspicious was going on. Giorno picked the cover up right away and thought of many ways of having the rest of the gang to trust him. He tries hard to impress them, but it proves more difficult than it seemed and giorno notions of self preservation and self esteem dropped drastically.

He was casted aside, frowned upon whenever he came up with an idea and criticized for his plans or actions by the other members of the crew. It wasnt easy for giorno to earn their trust and the boy had never been faced with such a situation before. He never had to make friends because people around him had always been forced to accept him thanks to the mobster he once saved. He never had to activally earn someone else’s trust and he thought that he should commit the ultmost sacrifice in order for people to accept him in the gang. But of course, mista had none of that.

Mista is a very religious person, not in the following tradition sort of way, but more in the instinctive and emotional placement of faith sort of way. Mista believes deeply in destiny and fate, and he notices that giorno had a huge impact on fate thanks to the fact that things were set in motion ever since the boy appeared on their lives. Mista notices this early in vento aureo and takes an interest in, not only approaching the boy, but also seeing how far his “good mojo” would take the gang.

By the time the white album arc rolls around, mista is not only hyper aware of how many things happened to them ever since giorno appeared, but also that he needed someone to back him up during missions, and he would like giorno to be that person. If giorno died back in the white album arc, not only the things that were set in motion would lose its momentum, but mista would lose his only viable support.

Mista believed at this point that giorno was placed there by god to set things in motion, and he was betting that there was some kind of heavenly plan that prompt the boy to change things. Giorno’s fate had such an impact on things around him, that mista wanted to be part of it. With giorno dead, not only his propose would be lost but there would be a fatal blown on mista faith and beliefs.

Of course, since giorno is a rational guy, he never really understood the place where mista’s sudden loyalty came from. There was no logical reason for that to happen, since giorno always thought that whenever him and mista tried working together, gio would fuck up somehow and that should give mista a feeling of distrust, instead of the opposite. Giorno had a difficult time to understand mista’s reasoning, but he couldnt deny the fact that he was inspired by the gunner’s actions.

Giorno changes his approach to the rest of the gang because mista’s loyalty and brilliance illuminated his path ahead, and made giorno want to share the weight he carried with someone who wanted to help him achieve his dreams. For the first time, gio understood that his dreams were not worthy achieving alone and that he shouldnt try accomplishing them on his own when there are so many people around him feeling the impact of his fate in motion. Mista’s attitude made giorno feel more at ease with his decisions, since the thought that he was actually using those gangsters as a stepping stone for his selfish goals was really messing him up.

There is another relationship we see in jojo between a character who has a huge goal and is captivated by someone else who placed faith in them not out of self interest or common goals, but instinctive faith placement, loyalty based on friendship and a desire to be closer. The relationship in question is the dio/pucci relationship.

Araki confirmed them to be canon at some point, and i understand that dio was actually manipulating pucci into being useful for him to achieve his goals of becoming a god. But at the same time, there were scenes showing their interactions that… felt genuine. Dio told pucci that he’ve never felt that at ease whith someone else, simply for the fact that dio knew people wouldnt approach him out of emotion and faith placement. He knows he’s evil af, but also knows how charismatic he is and how easily he can manipulate people. But pucci, even thought he was being manipulated, made dio feel at ease because he noticed that pucci trusted him for pure instinct and faith placement. He believed dio and loved dio as he loved god itself. That felt too important for dio, because he never had someone like that in his life. Its no wonder that dio never used pucci as a subordinate and ended up developing a romantic relationship with him. He let himself trust pucci in a way he never ever trusted anyone so far.

Even thought giorno and mista are not at all similar characters to dio and pucci, the mechanisms of their relationship are almost the same. After the white album arc, not only did giorno felt needed by the other crew members, but he also grew attached to mista. They end up pretty close to each other, with giorno not completelly aware of why he felt so at ease with mista and mista knowing exactly why he felt so safe around giorno.

Mista was the first one to pledge loyalty to giogio after he became a don, but the act itself was really unecessary, since it was pretty clear how loyal he was to giorno. The power ballance shifts for one that placed giorno as his superior, a dynamic they didnt know how to act upon because they saw themselves as equals. I doubt giorno ever let mista call him boss when they are alone and they would go on missions together, even thought giogio shouldnt risk his life with the dirty work, for the old times sake. Also because they work pretty damn well together and gio would never forgive himself if his second in command ( dont try denying that giorno personally places mista this high in passione’s hierarchy ) and best friend died during a solo mission.

They have all the reasons to be smithen by each other during vento aureo and i wouldnt be impressed if araki actually confirmed them. He made them kinda obvious but well. You can interpret their relationship anyway you want, but always keeping in mind about how healthy they are to each other.

“The first image refers to pedophilia in the Vatican. Second child sexual abuse in tourism in Thailand, and the third refers to the war in Syria. The fourth image refers to the trafficking of organs on the black market, where most of the victims are children from poor countries; fifth refers to weapons free in the U.S.. And finally, the sixth image refers to obesity, blaming the big fast food companies.
The new series produced by Cuban artist Erik Ravelo was titled as "The untouchables”, are photographs of children crucified for his supposed oppressors, each for a different reason and a clear message, seeks to reaffirm the right of children to be protected and report abuse suffered by them especially in countries such as Brazil, Syria, Thailand, United States and Japan"


Gangsters ! Jimin

• uses knives to fights

•when he kills, he would stab his knives into his enemies chest then swirl it around while the sound his enemies shouting and grunting for him to stop would fill the air before pulling them out, as the now lifeless body fall with loud thump then he would lick the tip of favourite knife with satisfaction.

•alway has cuts on his lower lip

•always has a cocky smirk on his lips when he fights because he most likely to win

•wears leathers jackets all the times

•he hates Namjoon so much because he had you first

•killed his own father because his father beats his mother

•has insomnia at night because he would has nightmares of his father coming to kill him

•like only you could make him sleep at night

•found your old high school principal and killed him for hitting on you

•he would come up behind you and grab your boobs and whisper “mine” in a deep voice

•when he first told you he loved you it pretty cute ???

• it was a Sunday night, he had a cigarette hanging loose from lips, watching your move to the song crybaby by the neighbourhood with giggles leaving your lips making him cock a half smile. Then you stop dancing and crawl over to him with red cheeks and a toothy smiles, he blow the smoke into your face slowly then softly mumble I love you

•he would get a job at a huge company because he wants to take care of you

•he cooks for you everyday because you’re shit at cooking

•when he kisses you after work either it’s the company or with the gang

•he would grab a handful your hair, pulling your head back and then smash his lips against yours

•his sleepy kisses would be cute and light

•he would cup your face with both of his hands then press his lips so gently that it feels like feathers tickling at your lips

• sex with him would be so rough and kinky

• he would have tied you the bed before smacking his member into you then grinding his hips against yours while bitting at your exposed skin

• he would groan a lot of swears

• always winking at you for no reason

• would grab your ass in public for everyone to see you’re his

• would always and I mean always leave notes by your phone to tell you were he is.

• would get embarrassed when you ask him to sing for you but he does it anyways

• he would stay up late to clean the house so you wouldn’t have after work

• him getting ‘angry’ when wear his favourite leather jacket and it looks better on you then him

• has a whole journal of reason why you’re perfect

• has a wallet sized picture of you in his wallet to look at when he’s over seas

•hates taking pictures together but you somehow got one with him and he somehow got it and set as his look screen .

• he would call you diamond princess cause you’re worth more then any diamonds and more royal then any princess he has every hear.

• once you got send to the hospital and he had a huge fit at the hospital which lead him to break a doctors (aka Jackson) nose and kick a hole into the walls making him get kicked out.

• only smiles for you and no one else

• makes fun of you when you make weird noise you like he would never let it die

• on your birthday he got enough money to buy you two couple rings and that’s the most important things to you two

• he would wear it during fights to give him more strength

• you watching him box at the gym

•morning showers together

• him taking care of you when you’re sick and not leaving until you’re fully well

• just hearing the first letter of your name makes him fuzz inside so don’t break this dude’s heart

Nette ~ lol I hope I fuck up your bias list