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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: The "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" universe is very fucked up when you think about it. When Mr. Herriman was no longer President of the house, he went out looking for a job, and saw a sign that said "No Imaginaries Wanted." In the episode with the mall, the Courtesy desk doesn't hold imaginary friends lost in the mall, but do hold lost human kids. Old Man Rivers also uses the word "imaginaries" in an almost derogatory way. Does that mean discrimination against imaginary friends is legal in this universe? Terrence creates an imaginary pizza friend just to eat him. In the episode where Mac and Bloo struggle to get to the Dinner Hall, they encounter a chicken leg imaginary friend, who hates talking about "Fat camp." The fat camp scouts were creating imaginary friends to eat them. In this universe, is that considered murder? In this universe, where imaginary friends are real, tangible beings, how did this effect the creation of human rights, with John Locke and the like? Is it legal to use imaginary friends as soldiers in warfare? Did that ever come up at the Geneva Convention in this universe? Did imaginary friends die in the Holocaust? Since there are so many imaginary friends, doesn't that mean this universe has to have more of everything, from food to airplane seating? Were imaginary friends ever used as slaves?
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After spending the whole day away from Chanyeol, the effects of his constant touch were beginning to wear off. A dull ache was slowly sinking into your muscles, like you’d just done a hard workout in the gym. It wasn’t too painful to bear: you hadn’t even noticed the aching while you were at the zoo with Talia. However, you couldn’t bury your desire for Chanyeol, your thoughts always falling back to him no matter what.

Lounging in your living room after your long day, you found yourself staring at your phone; wondering if you should call Chanyeol or not, wondering if he was going to call you or not. That morning, he said he would phone you after work but did he mean that literally or was it an invitation for you to call him? You didn’t want to interrupt him in a meeting or something like that.

You reached for your phone, spinning it around between your fingers in deliberation. Sighing loudly to yourself, you threw your head back in frustration. This is why you didn’t date.

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BSM Moment ~ Curtis Brothers

(Your like 8 years old in this)


It was a late Saturday night, around two o clock in the morning, and your brother Ponyboy was no where to be found. Both of your brothers were nervous wrecks, Soda had gone out to look for him or even someone from the gang multiple times but always came back empty handed and even more worried. Darry wanted so desperately to call the police but he knew all they’d want to do was throw us in a foster home.

You out of all of them had to be the most terrified, Ponyboy was practically your best friend. After your parents died you found yourself clinging to him the most out of your two other brothers. Darry and Soda have tried coaxing you into going to bed but you refused, you couldn’t sleep knowing your brother wasn’t there in the house with you.

You were sat on the couch in your pajamas, fiddling with your thumbs as you listened to the small hum of the TV playing in the background. Darry was sitting in his big chair, the one your daddy used to sit in all the time. You watched him as he flipped through the newspaper, a hard expression washed over his tense features.

He looked up catching you staring at him, he tried sending you a comforting smile but you just looked back down and sighed sadly.

“Hey, doll.” Darry said making you look back up at him. “Ponyboy’s gonna be just fine, don’t let your pretty lil’ head worry about it, darlin’.”

“Ok.” You mumbled.

You appreciated your brothers effort at trying to comfort you, but at this point nothing was going to work. You just wanted your brother home.

You looked over to your left the see that Sodapop had fallen asleep sitting up on the couch. His head was tilted back and his mouth hung open whilst he snored. You couldn’t help but giggle a little bit looking at him. Your big brother Soda was so silly without even trying to be, and thats one of the many reasons why you loved him so much.

You wrapped your arms around his right arm and snuggled into him, he stirred a bit in his sleep and you saw his eyes open slightly. He glanced at your small figure curled up on his arm and a small smile crept it’s way onto his face. He pulled his arm from your grasp and instead pulled you onto his lap to snuggle with you.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and buried you face in his chest, he placed a kiss on your forehead before falling back to sleep with you in his arms. Just as you were starting to fall asleep as well, the door opened slowly to reveal none other than Ponyboy himself.

“Pony!” You wailed and ran to him, jumping into his arms.

He quickly wrapped his arms around you and picked you up as he held you, all of your worries instantly washed away knowing that he was home and safe.

“Hey, buddy.” He mumbled into your hair.

You only squeezed him tighter, the last time you has seen him was early this morning before he went out to hang with Dallas and Johnny. Even though it wasn’t really a long time at all you still missed his presence around you.

“Hey, Pony. Where you been?” You heard Soda mumble sleepily.

Before he could answer Soda, Darry stood up and angrily slammed his newspaper onto the end table near his chair.

“Where the hell have you been!? Do you know what time it is!? It’s two o clock in the mornin’ kiddo!” He shouted at him.

You jumped in surprise in your brothers arms, you hated it when any of your brothers yelled, especially Darry. You found Darry the scariest when he was angry, and lightly all he’s been doing is fighting with your brothers and you were getting sick of it.

To your dismay, Ponyboy put you down and headed towards the bathroom. Sodapop and Darry were hot on his trail while you just stood there near the door, trying to prepare yourself for the storm that was about to come.

“I fell asleep in the lot.” Ponyboy grumbled.

“You what!?” Darry yelled skeptically.

“I was talkin’ to Johnny and I fell asleep in the lot, I didn’t mean to.” He repeated.

You watched as Ponyboy tried to close the bathroom door but it was roughly pushed open by Darry.

“I can’t even call the cops because the three of you would be thrown in a home so fast it would make your heads spin!” Darry shouted while pointing his finger in Ponyboy’s face.

“C'mon, Pony. Let’s go to bed.” Sodapop tried. “You too, Y/N. It’s way past your bed time.”

Before you could even reply Ponyboy began to scream back at Darry.

“Look I said I didn’t mean to!”

“I didn’t mean to, I forgot! That’s all I ever hear from you!” Darry’s voice managed to rise even more.

You couldn’t help the tears that started to well up in your eyes. You were so fed up with this nonsense and you wanted nothing more then for your brothers to just stop.

“C'mon, Darr-” Soda tried to interject but was interrupted by Darry.


Darry was now screaming in Sodapop’s face, his face was beat red and you could see a vain protruding from his neck looking like it was ready to pop at any second.

“DON’T YOU YELL AT HIM!” Ponyboy yelled, trying to stick up for his brother.

You saw Darry raise his hands like he was about to hit your brother making you go into full on defense mode.

“STOP IT!” You screeched at the top of your lungs.

All of them froze, its as if they had forgotten you were even there. Slowly, all three of their gazes trailed to your small, trembling body. You had been bottling up all of your emotions for so long, and now you were finally going to explode.


All of their expression’s softened as guilt filled their minds. The last thing they wanted was to hurt you, and they hated that they constantly did this in front of you.

“Y/N…” Darry spoke softly, he tried making his way towards you but you backed away.

A pang of hurt pierced his heart, he didn’t want you to be afraid of him, or worse hate him. This whole night was a complete disaster and he honestly wanted to take it all back.


With that you ran past all of them and into your room, slamming the door behind you. You threw yourself onto your bed and began to sob into your pillow. Your mind was immediatly clouded with regret, you obviously didn’t hate your brother. You loved your Darrel Curtis to the moon and back, he was your hero. But the words had already left your mouth and it was too late, the damage had been done.

That night you cried yourself to sleep, you cried for your parents to come back. You cried for your brothers, hoping that they’d stop fighting. But most of all you cried for your big brother Darry, hoping that he’d forgive you for the cruel things you had said to him.

If you don’t know what BSM means it stands for Brother Sister Moment :)

I honestly don’t like the way I ended this I feel like its too sad :/ Someone comment or message me if you think I should do a part 2!

Clearly I’ll do just about anything for a few minutes of cuddles and attention… including taking photos with flowers and weird hat things attached to me!

Hola, I’m Havanna! I’m a petite tabico gal currently at Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia, PA. Some have called me a “brown, orange and black bundle of perfection,” and honestly… who am I to argue with them?

I’m about 8 years old and may appear shy at first, but I LOVE attention. Seriously, all I need is a couple minutes of pets and attention and I’m ready to snuggle in with you! I also love butt scratches and am a pro head-butter and biscuit maker.

The people at the shelter are great but I could really use a foster or forever home soon. Just take a look at my adorable picnic and beach photos and try not to fall in love with me! Now call 267-385-3800 or email so we can meet. If not, please reblog! 

Love ya,


River Phoenix, NATURE BOY by Dan Yakir (Sky Magazine, 1989)

On location in Tacoma, Washington, where he’s filming I Love You To Death with William Hurt, Kevin Kline and, oddly, Tracey Ullman. River Phoenix, at 18, is the perfect, quiet professional. An Oscar nomination for Running On Empty, in which he, coincidentally, plays the son of 60’s radicals, hasn’t made him any more impressed by Hollywood. In fact, he lives on the opposite side of the continent in Florida.

The veteran of The Mosquito Coast, in which he played Harrison Ford’s alternately confused and supportive son, and of the coming of age stories, Stand By Me and Jimmy Reardon. Phoenix was born by natural childbirth in Oregon and named after the river of life in Herman Hesse’s Siddartha. His parents were then missionaries for an organization called The Children of God and befitting the hippie legacy that inspired his upbringing (and that of his brother Leaf, and sisters Rainbow, Liberty and Summer), he is a vegetarian, an incurable romantic and something of an idealist.

You grew up under rather unique circumstances. Do you feel different, enclosed in your own little universe?
[Chuckles] “That’s something I’m afraid of. I don’t want to separate myself from the rest of the world. If the world’s not doing too good, I’m a part of it - I’ll be happy to take the blame. I’m along for the ride. But yeah. I feel different in a lot of ways because my beliefs aren’t very typical. In fact a lot of people I talk to disagree with me.”

What do they disagree about?
“About the nuclear arms race, prejudice in South Africa. A lot of people I hang out with agree, but it’s obviously not of universal appeal; otherwise things would change. But I don’t think things can change overnight; a slow evolution has to take place. One of my beliefs is about harmlessness to animals. I don’t believe in eating meat or using any animal by-products or contributing to suppressing animals - or people either”. 

“One thing I’d like to do when I have the money is to buy thousands of acres of Brazilian rainforest and make a national park, so no one can bulldoze it an put up a McDonald’s. I guess people find security in a Big Mac, but that’s our oxygen! In fact, McDonald’s claim they don’t use cattle reared on cleared rainforest land. And it’s a chicken shit approach - the mass slaughtering of animals.”

You sound like an idealist, but we’re living in a materialistic world.
“Yeah, I try to stay away from that. I don’t feel that I am attached to material things, though I have all the comforts that a lot of people don’t have. I have the modern conveniences of a blender, a toilet, a shower. A lot of people have to do their thing in the gutter.”

But you have much more than that at this point!
“At this point, yes I have an automobile, a nice guitar - actually, a few of them, but they are not really extravagant. But, you know, up to three years ago, we, this family, were worried about paying the rent. It was after Jimmy Reardon that we first had financial stability. That’s when we bought a car that wasn’t old or used. One of our biggest dreams is to own a ranch, to have a base camp, where the kids can grow up in a nice setting. But right now we don’t really have enough money to buy the place we want.

I’m not into the whole clothes thing: I live pretty simply. I feel there are different stages in one’s life, and I might at one point decide to devote myself to a more spiritual road, giving up all material possessions … Just moving out to the jungle some place and living like an ape man for a while. That’s something that fascinates me.”

You’ve done that, haven’t you?
“Not really, not out of choice. And it was more like a desperate situation. My parents did that, though. They dropped out in the late 60’s and lived by faith throughout the 70’s.”

How difficult was that period for you? Did you feel resigned to being there with them or did you rebel?
“No, no, no, we were always really tight and together in the beginning, you’re just born into that reality and you accept it. I’m very thankful for my early childhood and growing up in the situation that I did in South America living around people who were really humble with a lifestyle that called for a lot of faith, without money. You couldn’t be an asshole in that situation. You had to work with the people to survive. I learned a lot being very young, and I hope I don’t lose that. Obviously I’ve lost a lot of my innocence. I was very naive when I first came to the States, and when I first came to Hollywood. But I guess I could look back years from now and see myself as very naive. It’s all relative.”

It’s a strange coincidence that in your new movie, Running On Empty, you play a kid who has a deep conflict of interest with his parents. In Little Nikita, too, there’s an almost unbridgeable gap between your character and his parents.
“Yeah, a victim. That’s something I want to get away from. But the two movies are really different. Running On Empty is about ex-radicals who blew up a napalm lab during the Vietnam War, and since then they’ve been running from the law, not for selfish reasons, but because of the kids - they wanted to raise us themselves, not to have us grow up in foster homes or in an institution. The thing is that we’ve had to live completely underground, moving often, using different names - always having to lie, in order to live a whole life, they have to lie for Danny, my character, and he has to lie to himself, suppressing his true feelings.”

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Character Tag Lines

Nate: Let’s go break the law. Just one more time.

Sophie: Ex! Why does nobody ever say ‘ex’?

Hardison: It’s because I’m Jewish, isn’t it?

Eliot: It’s very distinctive.

Parker: I thought everyone could do that.


“I remember a day I spent with Mrs. Kennedy…Everyone we came into contact with that day, from office workers in her husband’s office to the cabdriver who drove us to a foster home, seemed to respond to the quietly dressed senator’s wife. There was nothing high hat about her–we perched on drugstore stools at lunchtime and had hamburgers.”

–Frances Leighton, reporter

“Running On Empty is about ex-radicals who blew up a napalm lab during the Vietnam War, and since then they’ve been running from the law, not for selfish reasons, but because of the kids - they wanted to raise us themselves, not to have us grow up in foster homes or in an institution. The thing is that we’ve had to live completely underground, moving often, using different names - always having to lie, in order to live a whole life, they have to lie for Danny, my character, and he has to lie to himself, suppressing his true feelings.“ - River Phoenix