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Merkel says EU cannot completely rely on US and Britain any more
German chancellor tells election rally in Munich that Europe must take its fate into its own hands after ‘unsatisfactory’ G7 talks

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is tired of the UK and USA, deciding to encourage the EU to stand more on their own feet than rely on either the Americans or the British.
Angela Merkel shows how the leader of the free world should act | Suzanne Moore
There’s a statesmanship – a vision, a morality and a core – to her that was thrown into sharp relief by Donald Trump’s shambling visit to Europe
By Suzanne Moore

Increasingly she is in a class of her own and watching her, one thought comes to mind: this is what strong and stable actually looks like.

Suzanne Moore assesses German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s international statesmanship in light of Donald Trump’s recent  trip to Europe.

Today in history: January 17, 1893 - The sovereign government of Hawaii is overthrown and replaced by Sanford Dole (part of the family that owned Hawaiian Pineapple Company which later became Dole Food Company) & pro-annexation sugar interests.

U.S. marines land in Hawaii in support of the coup leaders to “protect U.S. interests.” Until the 1890s, Hawaii was an independent sovereign nation, recognized by the US, UK, France, Japan, Germany and other countries. After overthrowing Hawaii’s leader Lilluokalani, Sanford Dole declares himself Hawaii’s president & the new illegitimate government lobbies for US annexation of Hawaii. Voting rights are conditioned on new income and wealth requirements, stripping power from native Hawaiians, while Asians who had become naturalized Hawaiians were also stripped of the vote and U.S. citizens who weren’t naturalized Hawaiians were granted voting rights.

The US Senate Foreign-Relations Committee recommends annexation, declaring it, “a duty that has its origin in the noblest sentiments that inspire the love of a father for his children." In 1898, President William McKinley signs a joint resolution of Congress authorizing the annexation, consolidating the U.S. colonization of the Hawaiian nation. The struggle for Hawaiian sovereignty continues.

"The United States has conquered the indigenous peoples of North America, Hawai’i and Alaska. U.S. imperialism has taken their lands, suppressed their culture and carried out genocidal policies. Native American, Native Hawai’ian and Alaskan Natives struggles for sovereignty and national development (including control of land, natural resources and political autonomy) must receive the full assistance and support of those fighting for equality and socialism.” -from FRSO’s statement on national oppression

(image: U.S. troops in Honolulu to back up the overthrow of the Hawaiian government)

Via Freedom Road Socialist Organization (Fight Back!)

Will someone remind me what the hell is wrong with reasonably cordial relations with Russia? 

Other than the fact a certain group prevalent in the field of US foreign relations has ancestral reason to dislike Russia, I really don’t get why a relationship based on strength and mutual interests is uniquely impossible in this case.

(Photo: Joe Raedle, Getty Images)

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Obama’s new plan reveals divisions in Cuban-American community

The Cuban-American response to President Obama’s move to normalize relations with the communist country has been a mixed bag.

For those under 45 who, unlike their grandparents, don’t have memories of fleeing the country after Fidel Castro’s take over, the easing of trade and travel restrictions is a welcome change.

But the divide in response isn’t just generational, it’s regional. Fernand Amandi, managing partner of the polling firm Bendixen and Amandi International, says that Cubans in Miami tend to support more hard-line policies against the communist regime than Cubans in other parts of the country.

Approve or disapprove of the president’s announcement, most hope that this will eventually prove to be good for Cuba and its people.

What do you think of President Obama’s decision to resume diplomatic relations with Cuba? Were you surprised by the announcement?

Donald Trump just suggested shooting Hillary Clinton if she becomes President.

“If she gets to pick her judges – nothing you can do, folks.  Although, the Second Amendment, people.  Maybe there is. I don’t know.”

Y'all.  Did he really just suggest assassinating the President because of her Supreme Court picks?  Did he?  Or is he suggesting someone should shoot the judges she nominates?  Does it even matter at this point?

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I fear for this next election

The news are flooding in about the candidates and it’s a bit frightening how bad the outlook is. Let me break it up.

We’ve got hellspawn Trump pushing insane ideas like making Mexico pay for a wall on the border and killing an amendment to make children born in the US to undocumented parents automatically illegal. The first one is never going to happen. I mean seriously. Look at that. Just look at that idea. How do people even think that it is possible??? The second is a frightening possibility because the overpowering majority of Republicans are racist as all hell and any excuse to get rid of illegals will make them hard without realizing the effect of what it is they are actually doing because OMG YES GET RID OF THOSE FILTHY DEGENERATES (that hurt to write, I’m so sorry). But he is pushing for any form of publicity he can get because in the long run, people will see and hear his name more than anyone else and there is an entire category of voters who will vote without any idea of who they are voting for, knowing only the biggest name out of the list in front of them. Another category will vote out of spite for the opposite party in a “lesser of two evils” way as it appears to them. Also can we mention his utter disrespect for women, horrifically racist comments (that drug addict and rapist speech, to name one), and hasn’t actually held political office that I’ve read about? It is scary how many people are behind him and willing to have a president like THAT in office for a minimum of four years unless he fucks up enough to convince Republicans to agree to impeach him. I’m impressed with his publicist who got him the bald eagle photoshoot, even though the design looked like a badly photoshopped middle schooler’s homework assignment. And way to go placing all his helmets and whatnot. Painful. But people fall for that shit so yay, go feed that part of the media! Bald eagle in the photo? ALL THE PATRIOTISM! Totally ignoring that he offends 98% of the people he speaks to so I don’t want to even think about what will happen if he ever handles foreign matters. You can read more about his most recent escapade here and decide for yourself: link. And he seems to forget that deporting undocumented people will reveal a lot of jobs that people don’t want to do but undocumented people (is there another term? Illegals sounds off and I don’t know if this is the official term) have been working hard at to build themselves up for their families’ futures. And frankly, you try finding a massive amount of people who would eagerly work inhuman hours for well below minimum wage if it means they can get two feet under them and work for what they want.

We have Clinton on this side. Well…I haven’t seen a single scrap of positive publicity for her. At all. I don’t have high hopes for her. It would’ve been awesome to have a female president but this just isn’t the year. Sometimes, political suicide might be better just so that people can put their votes to good use on Sanders, who is one of the most positive candidates I’ve seen in a while.

Sanders! He’s pushing great platforms, has a life-long history of supporting and acting on his words and for his cause, and is touching subjects others avoid. He’s not getting the publicity he deserves, though, because channels are just straight up ignoring his speeches and refusing to attend his events. The main way he’s getting his platform out is through the internet and Twitter, effectively reaching the younger crowd. This post sums up his platform so far: link. Yes, it has some issues that will need some maneuvering to fix (like finding funding for medical staff if healthcare is free and funding for teachers if education is free) but he is taking rational steps that others haven’t touched before. He also supports the gender, sexuality, and racial equality movements and speaks out about the injustices, something he has done his entire life. He even marched with MLK and has maintained his views. Why aren’t more people supporting him?

All in all, I really hope people come to their senses and vote the right way because this election sounds like it will change the US and foreign relations as we know them. A lot of political issues are peaking and we have a brutal, selfish, racist, sexist extremist on one side and a rational candidate on the other side who has been supporting the same ideals his entire life, with political experience (unlike Trump, who is a businessman). Was that last phrase unfortunately biased? Absolutely. But sometimes, nothing else works to make people realize what the stakes are in something as big as electing the leader of a country THAT THEY LIVE IN for the next 4-8 years.