us fiscal policy

thispersonisillogical  asked:

Hi, Wil! You're very politically minded - something I appreciate - and I was wondering if you knew at all about what Brownback is doing in Kansas? It's where I live and he is literally fucking destroying us with Republican fiscal policy and no one is noticing. We have several school districts that might not be able to open in the fall.

Brownback’s Kansas is a disaster, and it’s exactly what happens when the Republicans get everything they want, and get to test out all their discredited theories about economics.

The fact that every single Republican at every level of government isn’t being consistently questioned about that is journalistic malpractice.

Can you imagine how aggressive the political press would be if a Democratic state like, say, Vermont, was run according to all the liberal principles of equality, single-payer health care, and progressive taxation, and was as epic a failure as Brownback’s Kansas is?