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A woman isn’t weak when she loves the world and cares so deeply for it, it hurts. A woman isn’t weak when she doesn’t hate men and any other living existence. A woman isn’t weak when she’s indecided and indetermined. A woman isn’t weak when she isn’t bitter and hateful.

A woman is strongest when her loved ones are in danger. A woman is strongest when she cries. A woman is strongest when she overcomes her fears. A woman is strongest when she fights.

Don’t write haters. Write women.


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The post about Melania using the First Lady position for monetary gain was obvious to anyone who understood that she & her husband are cut from the same cloth. The need by some to paint her as a victim in their marriage was always going to blow up in their face. Watching people feel sorry for her after the way they became a couple, while she cosigned Trump's sexism, birther bullshit, etc was another example of some people always finding a way to excuse some white person's problematic behavior.


You don’t own me part 5

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Excerpt: “Before we go in there you should know that you only speak when you are asked. Else I don’t want to hear any noise from you”, his tone was firm which should indicate you that there should be no backtalk. 

“What?! Am I a dog?”, you yelled.

“Act like one and maybe you’ll get a reward”, an evil grin spread over his face as he exited the car.

Word count: 2549 // Yaas my friends!

Warnings: Angst -  It’s slowly increasing!

Author’s note: I know that mostly after the third part or so the people loose interest in my stories but still there are a some of you who stayed with me!  @httpwyf​ , @dont-hyuck@vicassa@imbaekhyunstrash
@byunbunniess@literaltae@jookyunhoe@crovalkyrie​ I hope I’m not bothering you by tagging you. If so please tell me and I’ll stop ;)  
I’m very thankful to everyone else too! ♥

Even if this part wouldn’t be read at all I still feel like writing it because I do actually enjoy it! I see a lot of people struggling on here by the lack of response they get for they stories while they totally forget the ones who did read and liked it! I must admit that in the beginning I felt the same because it is hard. There are so many awesome writers out there so you always compare yourself. But actually there is no need because writing is  something just for me. It calms me down and I allows me to shut the world out for a little while. And that is what counts I guess. So yeah after telling you my little realization I hope you can enjoy this part :) ♥

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2013 vs 2015: Taehyung, just eat the other end already!!!!

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Hey can I request for an s/o who is from Niflheim, how would the chocobros react? Are they a spy? Generic citizen? Migrated from Lucis since its education system is better?

This has got to be the hardest one yet, I absolutely suck at politics in Eos, and went through like 4 scenarios with Noctis, but I think they came out okay. (Squints at Noctis’ story suspiciously) ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و



“Y/n did you get hit in today’s hunt?” Noctis called standing behind you.

You flinched, your hair was pulled into a ponytail as it was so humid that you couldn’t do anything with that friz of a mess. Yet it left your neck exposed, and he must have seen it.

“No, that’s old.”

Prompto tilted his head, “I don’t recall ever seeing it.”

“I normally wear collars, or my hair down. Let’s just stop talking about it.” You muttered, glancing away from the others to stare into the fire.

“It looks…”

You jumped from your chair as you felt Noctis’ fingers brush against the wound on the back of your neck. Knocking it over as you back away from the man, almost into the fire, if both Ignis and Gladiolus didn’t grab a hold of you in time.

“Y/n, are you okay?” Noctis asked.

You fidget with your hands, glancing toward Noctis before looking away, before sighing heavily, “No, it’s about time I told you.” You muttered, as you turned your back to Noctis, lifting your shirt to show the large burn upon your back leading to the  black mark on your neck, using your shirt to wipe away the make up, revealing a Niflhiem brand.

“I was…I was originally sent to you as a spy, when I rejected to harm your family, I was made an example of. I’m a trader to my home.” You stated head lowered, waiting for the others reaction.

“When did this happen?” Prompto asked.

“I was a kid.” You shook your head pulling back down your shirt, before turning to look to Noctis, lowering yourself to your knees, before lowering your head, “I do not have a home and I can no longer ask for you to turn a blind eye,” You moved your ponytail off your neck. “Noct,” You quickly corrected yourself, “Noctis, I’ll never be able to apologize enough, and I’m willing to take whatever punishment you see fit.”

Moments passed, yet the Prince did not move, only to do so, as you summoned a knife, bringing it to your neck. Only to have it fly from your hand by a swift slash of Noctis’ sword.

“Noctis, please!” You begged, “Allow me to die with some honor!”

“You gave your life to me.”

You froze, the night you finished your KingGlavie training, you made a promise to the man before you, that your life would forever be his. No matter what future they would come against, bringing your hands to your face, you couldn’t help but cry. “Noctis.”

A warm hand rested on your head, as Noctis knelt before you, “It’s fine.”

“Thank you…”


“I hate this place.” You muttered, rubbing your hands on your shirt. “Everything always felt so heavy.”

“Right, your  Dad is  from Niflheim.” Prompto stated, as you maneuver the group through old battle worn streets, avoiding MTs by moving out the marching zones. “You’re pretty good at this.”

“Had to be.” You called over your shoulder, ducking in an alleyway, “How else did you think I got out?”

“You escaped?” Ignis inquired, as you nodded.

You braced your back against a building glancing around, before smiling, “Gladio, mind giving me a lift?” You called, as the large man gave you a boost up to a fire escape, lowering the ladder for the others to climb after you.

“Are you sure this is the best way to get through the city?” Noctis asked, as you pulled the ladder up behind Ignis.

“Only way without getting shot by MTs and having them call in reinforcements.” You explained, as you turned to the window of the fire escape you were on. Pressing your face against the glass, seeing the place abandoned. “And since this is a border town, we need to be as careful as possible, I’m still registered under my birth Father’s name, so if I get caught I’m screwed. Stand back.”

Summoning one of Prompto’s guns, you slammed the butt of the pistol against the window, creating a small enough hole to reach our hand in to unlock the window, before sliding it up as you crawled in.

“Dude, your girlfriend’s so much cooler than you.” Noctis chuckled, to Prompto, as you opened the Fire escape door.

“I know.” Prompto cooed, as they all entered the dark building flashlights coming on.

“What is this place?” Gladiolus asked, as you by passed a couple of desks.

“It was a car factory, but they closed it down, when they shut down the town. We’re going to head down to the basement and use the underground tunnels to escape. MTs, at least the defective ones around here dont fair well in water, makes them slow, and rusty. We can get to the base that has your Dad’s car that way.” You explain leading them through the dark hallways of the building by your flashlights.

“Any idea of how long that will take?” Noctis asked.

“No idea,” You replied, “The base they took the Regelia to is about 2 hours south from where I left. I traveled at night in the back of a truck to get here, and then hightailed it across the border.”

“Would this place have any blueprints?” Prompto asked.

You puckered your lips, “Maybe…They’d be in the basement if anything.” You reply opening a staircase, stating you were all on the 3rd floor, as your group managed getting to the basement door, finding it locked.

“We could break it down.” You replied, kneeling before the lock.

“What if there’s an alarm on the other side?” Noctis asked, no one really wanted to fight MTs in a basement of a old car factory.

Prompto placed a hand on your shoulder, “Why don’t you just pick the lock, sweetie.”

You flushed, “Because I didn’t want them to know that I can do that.” You muttered, as you removed a bobby pin from your hair.

“Have to state, a lot of your unsavory skills have come in a pinch today.” Ignis replied.

“Thanks?” You question, hearing the click of the door.

“Is everyone in Niflheim trained in this kind of stuff?” Noctis asked, as you all descended the stairs into the basement of the factory.

“I’m the only one, I know of.” You shrugged, glancing around, before pointing to a draining hole cover. “We get in there and we’re as good as gone.”

Everyone jumped as they heard what could only be MT footsteps echoing on the floor above you, and they appeared to be going toward the stairs.  

“Looks like we’re going in blind.” Noctis replied, as Gladiolus removed the cover easily, before being lowered in by the shield. Quickly followed by Ignis, than Prompto, who had called out to you to hurry up, as you ran over shutting the door, and busting the lock before rushing back over to Gladiolus, who lowered you down with the others.

“What did you do?” Prompto asked, as you all begun to looked around trying to get your bearings Gladiolus jumped down after you.

“Broke the lock.” You shrugged nonchalantly.

Gladiolus chuckled as he rubbed your head, “We should have had you tag along from the get go, you’re full of surprises. Where you been hiding this one Prompto?”

“Dude can you not.” Prompto groaned, taking your hand.

“What can I say, I hate Niflheim.” You laughed.


“Big sis!” Iris called, as she stepped around the MT, breaking it’s arm, before slamming into its back, while you rushed forward, slamming a fist into the husk of an android chest .

“Got ya!” You called, as Iris leapt off the magic soldier, you grabbed her hand, spinning her around, to kick at the other soldier attempting to attack you from behind, snapping its neck, as you tossed the younger sibling in the air, before delivering a well placed kick into its chest, as Iris landed beside you.

“Awesome!” Iris and you cheered , as you both double fived each other.

“You two want to save something for the rest of us?” Gladiolus chuckled.

“Ladies first, baby.” You wink to Gladiolus, only to gasp, as you quickly grabbed Iris, before throwing her to Gladiolus, shrieking as a bullet from a downed MT struck you through the chest.

“Y/N!” Gladiolus and Iris called, rushing over to you, as Prompto shot through the creature.

“Babe are you okay?”

You grunt, as you tried setting up to see where the bullet hit you only to collapse back to the ground, “Fuck, Gladdy which side?”

“Your right.”

“Bitch!” You barked, “Shoulder, Rib? My entire arm is numb on that half.”

“Upper shoulder.” Gladiolus stated, as he pulled out a potion, only for you to wave it away.

“Big sis, I’m sorry” Iris cried, as you reached up with your left hand, pushing her hair from her face.

“I’m fine, Iris, I promise.” You smiled, only for your right hand to seize up, as you grunted heavily. “I hate when that happens. Gladiolus, can you get Ignis, I’m going to need one of his daggers.”

As the others crowded around you, you hissed as you allowed Gladiolus to help you up to a sitting position, realizing that the bullet didn’t go through your shoulder as you removed your jacket. Wrapping your arms around Gladiolus’ shoulders, crawling into his lap to use a base while Ignis stood behind you. Reaching out to Iris, as you held the younger siblings hands tightly.

“I do apologize if I cause more discomfort.”

“You’re sweet to worry, Ignis, but it’s fine.” You replied, as you stared into Iris’ eyes. “Iris, don’t worry, I told you I’m fine.” Only to flinch as you felt Ignis remove the bullet, “That never stops hurting.”

“Babe, you’re not bleeding.” Gladiolus replied.

“That’s good, it means it didn’t hit a nerve, and we don’t have to waste a potion.” You replied, as you released Iris’s hands, reaching for Ignis dagger. “You mind lighting it?”


“I need to fry the wires and close the holes before I get dirt or water in it.” You respond.


You gave a soft huff, “I didn’t really want this known, but my shoulder is made of MT parts.” You explained.

“MT parts?” Prompto inquired, as you took the flaming dagger from Ignis.

A grunt of pain escaped as you burned the flesh close with the tip of the knife before repeating to the area Ignis had dug the bullet out, “That never gets easier, thanks.” you call to Ignis, your attention turning back to Gladiolus as he turned you to face him.

“Y/N, explain.”

“I…what’s the best way to explain this, when I was a little kid, I was abducted by Niflheim, as a kid with limited family, I was the perfect candidate to be used as a MT with a human base. We were suppose to be used as spies within the kingdom, but unfortunately for them it didn’t work, many of us were killed, the few of us that did escape, are stuck with these messed up parts.” You explained, as you rolled your shoulder, only to gasp as you felt Iris jump into your lap.

“Big sis! Are you sure that you’re okay?”

“I promise you, I’m fine, lucky it hit my shoulder and nothing else.” Only to gasp, as you ended up being stuck in an Amicitia bear hug. “Gladdy, Iris.”

“How much of your body is MT?” Noctis asked, as you peeked around the siblings.

“Only my shoulder. It shouldn’t cause any troubles since I closed it.” You replied, “I shouldn’t have kept it a secret, but people don’t really react to me stating that I have MT in me all too well. People can be harsh about it.”

“Y/n we would never think that, right Gladdy?” Iris cried looking up toward your boyfriend, as he turned you to him.

“Never.” He called, as he pressed his lips against yours.


“An airship? Really!” Prompto groaned, as the large aircraft landed before your group.

“Does it appear larger than normal?” Noctis called.

“Should we regroup and try to…Oh and they’re going head on.” You muttered, watching as the others rushed onto the field. Giving a sigh as you summoned a lance, following after them. Only to stop as you stared at the make and model of the MT. “Ignis!”


“These aren’t normal MT, they’re an order model remade with higher specs, so they’re going to be tougher to break through.” You call, as you vaulted over Gladiolus to strike an MT down.  Only for everyone to gasp looking up to see a Hurricane above.  

“This is the last thing we need.” Gladiolus groaned, as the large creature swept down, knocking quite a few of the MT out the way. Yet more still came from the airship.

“Everyone regroup!” Ignis called, as everyone quickly circled around each other.

“What’s the plan Specs?” Noctis asked, as the MT’s begun picking themselves off the ground.

“We’re out numbered, and that Hurricane is not taking likely to us being so close to it’s nest.” You stated, glancing around.

“Y/N is right, should we focus on only one enemy, we’re bound to leave ourselves open to the other. We need a diversion to escape the Hurricane’s area.” Ignis stated.

You guys glanced toward one of the MT’s that had gotten knocked over, its helmet missing, a you saw the serial number. “I can get us out of this.”

“How?”Prompto muttered.

“We’ll have 20 minutes to gain distances but that’s if this works.” You stated stepping away from the group as all the MT’s eyes went to you. “Commander override, hostile airborne, protect. Over ride 1-2-2-4-Alpha. Hostiles are retreating south, southwest ”

The red eyes of the creatures, staring at you before all saluting, as they all turned about face and ran off in the opposite direction your group was headed.

“Let’s go.” You call, your eyes locking with Ignis before you glanced away, too ashamed to look at any of them.

To keep everyone safe for the night, you all found a motel to crash in, you had opted to stay within the room to shower, while the others went to find something to eat in town. Only to be brought from your thoughts as you heard the door open, yet not the familiar noise of everyone.

“Ignis, I…”

“You don’t need to explain to me what happened.”

You sighed heavily, “I do, I was, how to put this, learnt, brainwashed, forcibly educated to become a commander for the MTs as my parents did. Top of my class, two years early. On my first mission, I…I froze, I called off the attack, self destructed my units. I became a disgrace, I didn’t know what to do, so I changed my last name and moved to the outskirts of Insomnia, I slowly attempted to forget my old life, but I guess…that was too much to wish for.”

You waited for Ignis to say something, yet instead found the man, moving to sit beside you on the bed, placing a hand over your own.

“Your past does not define who you are, my love, I love who I’ve met, and know.”

You moved closer to the man, resting your head against his shoulder, as his arm wrapped around you.